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Which Jazz box set are you grooving to right now?

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Art Pepper Complete Galaxy Recordings.

My jazz epiphany began with middle-period Art (the Aladdin recordings, in particular, which remain favorites of mine to this day), but it took some time to warm up to his Gotterdammerung period of the '70s. Nevertheless, I took the plunge on the noah's ark collection and am now a thorough convert with no regrets!!

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Ayler - Holy Ghost

The final discs with the Saint-Vence material and the fascinating interviews... and the airport tape - wonder what had happened there? anyone knows?

And what about that "Ed Sullivan" gig they act like it was scheduled to take place the next day?

And wtf is Mr. Heidecker? Heineken?


The Complete Count Basie Vol. 1-10 1936-1941 - LP1

Wow, never seen this one. Gonna have to keep a look out for it.

There's a second one that seems to pop up even less often... between the two of them you get what Sony failed to bring forth again in 2004 for the Basie centennial.

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From Spirituals to Swing (Vanguard), disc one. Mitchell's Christian Singers, who have about seven and a half minutes of music here, are one of my favorite gospel groups of all time. And that's based on only hearing these tracks and six more minutes - I have one worn 78 by them, on the Perfect label.

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