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Which Jazz box set are you grooving to right now?

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Miles Davis - The Complete In a Silent Way Sessions

Miles Davis - The Complete In a Bitches Brew Sessions


Miles Davis - The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions


Miles Davis - The Complete Fillmore Sessions 1970

(not sure I'll make it through all of them, not even sure I have each and every one, but this is glorious stuff!)

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The 2009 Black Jazz records 20 cd Japan ed.box.

I had this very expensive Japan edition because I'm a kinda compulsive/obsessive for completist compilations (I know, I'm in good company here). I decided after some readings stating short lived Black Jazz as very close to Strata East (wich I long love) and some YouTube tastes of their records (by Eric Reed, Henry Franklin, Walter Bishop mainly).

As many of the Japan reissues this is really an accurate and satisfying edition ( :huh: japanese-only booklet apart).

Billie Holiday 'Complete Verve', discs 7 and 8

Webster - Rowles - kessell - Edison...

1957 LA sessions masterpiece

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guess you'd better get the RCA box now, Bentsy... or else you'll roast in hell :crazy:

I'm not a huge fan of vocal music. I like Sam Cooke but I feel that 4 CDs are quite enough for me.

Okay, fair enough then... me, I've got the old 4CD set and will skip the new albums set (which is fairly cheap though).

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