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Universal France Reissues

king ubu

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Our friend D.D. has posted this over on AAJ:

28 budget price 24-bit remastered reissues in digipaks:

1. Stephane Grappelly - Improvisations

2. Django Reinhart- The Great Blue Star Sessions 1947-53

3. Sidney Bechet - l'Album Souvenir, 1949

4. Dizzy Gillespie - The GReat Blue Star Sessions 1952-53

5. Chet baker Quartet

6. Miles Davis - Ascenseur pour l'echafaud

7. Art Blakey - Les Liasons Dangereuses

8. CHarls Mingus - The Great Jazz Concert (1964)

9. Michel Legrand - Jazz

10. Rhoda Scott - In New York

11. Gil Evans / Laurent Cugny - Rhythm A Ning

12. Gil Evans / Laurent Cugny - Golden Hair

13.Stan Getz - Anniversary

14. Stan Getz - Serenity

15-16. JJ Johnson - Live at V.V. (2 volums)

17. Kenny Barron - Other Places

18. CHarlie Haden Quartet West - Always Say Goodbye

19. CHristiane Escoupe - Holidays

20. John Lewis - Private COncert

21. Dee Dee Bridgewwater - Love and Peace

22. John McLaughlin - Que Alegria

23. Abbey Lincoln - A Turtle's Dream

24. Helen Merrill - Brownie

25. Bheki Mseleku - Star Seeding

26. Randy Weston -Saga

27. Hank Jones - Upon Reflection

28. Hank Jones - Sarala

Some comments and questions I posted:

Thanks for posting the list, D.D.!

There sure are some nice things here!

And maybe the fact that some of these double up recordings recently in the Jazz In Paris series is the reason that those are harder to find now?

I have the Merrill, the Weston, one of the Getz and one of the H. Jones discs, the Barron, and an ooold CD of Legrand Jazz (a true masterpiece!).

Will have to get the second Getz, the Mingus, the Lewis.

The Davis, Blakey, Grappelli, Django, Chet Baker and Gillespie stuff is all available in the Jazz in Paris series, I guess? I have the respective CDs.

Are those J.J. discs the "Standards" and "Live at Village Vanguard"? I only have Standards (it good, but not a favorite of mine).

I found those to be available at amazon.fr, for around 10 Euros, the Mingus for 18, which seems quite alright.


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As I said in the Eric Dolphy thread, this reissue has 2 unissued tracks. One is "ATFW" (stands for Art Tatum Fats Waller) which is a kind of introduction featuring Master Jaki Byard at the piano. The other is "So Long Eric", which is 20-minute long. This is a legal carefully remastered 2-CD set including pictures shot on the spot in its package.

Edited by Vincent, Paris
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The Dizzy Gillespie 'The Great Blue Star Sessions 1952-1953' is a 2CD that has exactly the same 37 tracks that were in the 'Jazz in Paris' volumes 52 (Cognac Blues) and 84 (Dizzy Gillespie and his Operatic Strings Orchestra) except the sides are in chronological order and the packaging is different. Mastering comes from the same people who worked on the Jazz in Paris CDs.

The Mingus 2CD (The Great Concert) has all the tracks available from the April 19, 1964 Mingus concert at the Theatre des Champs-Elysees in Paris. The earlier issues (from the original America 3LP edition onward) had a 'So Long Eric' version from the April 17 concert at Salle Wagram (that's the concert where Jonny Coles collapsed on stage).

As Chuck Nessa already stated, the 2CD reissue adds the 'A.T.F.W.' piano feature for Jacki Byard and the 'So Long Eric' 21'47'' version from the Theatre des Champs-Elysees concert. These two tunes started the concert. They could not be included in the America issue because the tapes suffered from technical problems that have been resolved for this reissue.

The April 17 Salle Wagram concert was issued on two Esoldun CDs ('Charles Mingus Live in Paris' and 'Meditations') that were published with the help of the governmental archival organization INA (Institut National de l'Audiovisuel) and later withdrawn after Esoldun was hit by a fatal lawsuit regarding copyrights ownerships.

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28 budget price 24-bit remastered reissues in digipaks:

6. Miles Davis - Ascenseur pour l'echafaud

ubu or others: has this title been issued yet over there? i only see the old polygram 1988 issue on amazon fr & that thing still sounds iffy after all these years. looking for this in a newer issue with ALL the cuts. I know that this has been discussed elsewhere & the optimum version was the uni japan issue but that was a very limited edition & has since gone way oop. any links would help as i've scoured the choices i can think of. thanks

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'Ascenseur Pour l'Echafaud' has been reissued a number of times (in the original configuration or with the added alternates) over here. This is still one of the most constantly selling jazz album and it is maintained in the catalogues.

One of the most recent reissue was as volume 3 of the 'Jazz in Paris' series. This had the tracks from the original 10-inch LP Fontana release. The original 10-incher was reissued in its original format last year.

I have not yet seen or heard the latest Universal reincarnation but doubt that it adds anything soundwise to the previous releases.

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French Import ban? OH NO! I hope that doesn't last long!

The Japanese reissue of last year or so is fantastic; the best sound I've heard yet, and complete. Doesn't have a few of the photos in the earlier Fontana release, but that is its only real fault. . . . superb sound.

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Yea Lon that one was the one to get. It was a "very limited" edition according to both DGA and Hiroshi.

Surprised about the 'ban'. What was that Steve Lacy quote about French Jazz being like American Champagne that shrugs used? ^_^ We've seen what can happen when you mix politics and jazz,,, someone always gets banned!

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Ascenseur in its Jazz in Paris reincarnation seems to be quite rare, too. At least in my JiP catalogue this one is not listed (together with vol. 8, Chet Baker's wonderful "Broken Wing").

There is a french release (with some ??-bit remastering sticker on it) widely available here. I only have the 80ies CD so far. Maybe it would be time to update. Though I would have to keep the booklet. Would be hard to live without the photos! (Is the one with Miles & Jeanne M. also in the booklet? That's my favorite)


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The Mingus GREAT CONCERT arrived a couple days back (Amazon France is amazingly fast!). I don't have the prior release to compare, but the sound quality is pretty outstanding. They did "sonic restoration" on the first two cuts, including the opening Jaki Byard piano solo (Art Tatum Fats Waller or ATFW)...apparently the microphones had been placed poorly and the sound was pretty bad. Not sure how they did it but it ends up sounding quite good. The rest of the cuts' original recording sounds superb, really, for the era.

One small typographical error - the closing MEDITATIONS ON INTEGRATION is listed as being in the 2 minute range instead of 20 minute range on the inside sleeve (although the error is not present elsewhere, like on the disc).

The music is OUTSTANDING. Of this European tour, I only had Volume 1 of the 2 Enjas previously, and I have to say I think this concert captures the group in finer form. The interplay between Jordan and Dolphy is nothing short of breathtaking, and Mingus is in his best and most creative driving, cajoling, threatening mode.

Edited by DrJ
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Very cool that the original cover for this session is finally being used. Too bad that a Complete Chet Baker Barclay Recordings package couldn't be put together. Volumes 3 and 4 from this series are exceedingly rare.

Wouldn't they make up a very nice Mosaic Select ?!?


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