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BFT 97 reveal

king ubu

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So, there we go... the idea was to present jazz from Germany, recorded in the sixties mostly, with some later tracks included. There are a few big names in here - Albert Mangelsdorff, Klaus Doldinger, the Kühn brothers (Rolf and Joachim), but the secret star here was alto saxophonist Ernst-Ludwig "Luten" Petrowsky, a musician I first heard about ten years ago when I discovered the amazing Zentralquartett (w/Ulrich Gumpert, Conrad Bauer and Günter "Baby" Sommer). He pops up here playing hardbop, freebop, free jazz, and improvising on soprano with a pipe organ...

Some of the albums are classics, most notably of course the Mangelsdorff one, but "Yogi Jazz" was another big discovery for me. So was "Katzenvilla", the free album by Joe Haider with the rhythm section that accompanied Mal Waldron on ECM's very first release (Isla Eckinger and Pierre Favre).

Other cuts come from compilations and are played by bands I know nothing about...

Here's a site dedicated to Helmut Brandt, the amazing baritone player on #5:



01 - BABS (Werner Pfüller) 2:14

Werner Pfüller Quintett: Werner Pfüller (t), Helmut Meyenberg (ts), Harry Nicolai (p), Hans-Joachim Scheuner (b), Wolfgang Henschel (d)

Berlin, October 18, 1961 (Amiga 5 50 143, 7" EP; also on: "Jazz", Amiga 850 009, LP; "Jazz auf Amiga 1947-1962 5", Amiga 850 856, LP)*


02 - OPUS 90 (Günter Fuhlisch) 3:21

Rolf Kühn feat. Klaus Doldinger: Rolf Kühn (cl), Klaus Doldinger (ts), Ingfried Hoffmann (org), Herman Schoonderwalt (b), Cees See (d)

Studio Hamburg, Oktober 1-3, 1962 ("Rolf Kühn feat. Klaus Doldinger", Brunswick 87 911, LP; CD: Universal, 2009, "Most Perfect Sound Edition")


03 - DER BLUES IST DER KÖNIG (Klaus Lenz) 2:11

Quintett 61: Klaus Lenz (t, ldr), Peter Baptist (tb), Heinz Schröter (ts), Gert Lübke (b), Udo Reichel (d)

Berlin, April 3, 1962 (Amiga 5 50 189, 7" EP; also on: "Modern Jazz Studio Nr. 1", Amiga 850 023, LP)*


04 - BLUES-MARCH (Manfred Schulze) 8:03 (solos: Petrowsky, Katzenbeier, Schulze, Lenz, Winkler/Sommer)

Modern Jazz Big Band 65: Klaus Lenz (t, ldr), Günter Gocht, Heinz Becker, Bojidar Hristoff, Herbert Rößner (t), Hubert Katzenbeier, Karl-Heinz Fabian, Peter Baptist, Ali Schilling (tb), Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky (as, ts), Klaus Smesny (as), Heinz Schröter, Jens Glevke (ts), Manfred Schulze (bari, arr), Armin Batist (p), Ulrich Türkowsky, Horst Krüger (b), Günter "Baby" Sommer, Wolfgang Winkler (d)

Live, Theater der Freundschaft, Berlin, January 22, 1965 ("Modern Jazz Big Band 65 mit Manfred Krug", Amiga 8 50 057, LP)*


05 - PONT À MOUSSON (Brandt-Ohlsen) 3:32

Helmut Brandt Combo: Conny Jackel (t), Helmut Brandt (bari), Ludwig Ebert (p), Klaus Gernhuber (b), Hans-Dieter Taubert (d)

Berlin, February 28, 1957 (Amiga 5 50 132, 7" EP; Amiga 159596[?], split 7" EP, first half by Gustav Brom)*


06 - EINE LAPPALIE (Walther) 2:33

Manfred Ludwig-Sextett: Heinz Becker (t), Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky (as), Wolf Hudalla (bari), Siegfried Labrot (p), Ulli Türkowsky (b), Wolfgang Winkler (d)

Berlin, December 2, 1964 ("Jazz mit Dorothy Ellison und dem Manfred Ludwig-Sextett", Amiga 8 50 047, LP)


07 - CARAVAN (Juan Tizol-Duke Ellington) 9:11

Joki Freund: Joki Freund (ss,arr), Emil Mangelsdorff (fl), Wolfgang Dauner (p), Eberhard Weber (b), Karl Theodor Geier (b), Peter Baumeister (d)

Walldorf Tonstudio, Frankfurt am Main, November 20, 1963 ("Yogi Jazz", CBS BPG62273, LP; also on: L+R 41.008, LP, 1981; CD: L+R 710320, 2008)

note: Weber has the high/solo voice, Geier the bottom one


08 - TRAUMA (Joe Haider) 4:29

Joe Haider & His Orchestra: Benny Bailey, Karl Barthelmes (t), Rudi Fuessers, Horst Gmeinwieser, Hermann Breuer (tb), Olaf Kübler (ss, ts), Hans Hermann (as, ts), Joe Haider (p), unknown (g), Isla Eckinger (b), Kurt Bong (d)

Union und Trixi Studios, Munich, November 1968 (Joe Haider / Karel Velebny: "Fascination", Wewerka INMUS 20020, CD, 2000)

note: prob. "Hans Hermann" indicates Heinz von Hermann

*) these tracks can also be found on:

"Jazz in Deutschland - Aus dem Amiga-Archiv, 1947-1965" (Hansa Musik/BMG 74321433802, 5CD, 1996)

further detail on this box to be found here: http://www.ostbeat.de/JazzInDeutschland.htm

Edited by king ubu
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09 - BALLADE (Hubert Katzenbeier) 4:02

Hubert Katzenbeier: Hubert Katzenbeier (tb), Konrad Körner (fl), Hans Schätzke (b), Wolfgang Winkler (d)

Amiga-Studio Berlin, October/November 1972 (Friedhelm Schönfeld/Hubert Katzenbeier: "Jazz", Amiga 8 55 307)


10 - THREE JAZZ MOODS (Albert Mangelsdorff) 6:13

Albert Mangelsdorff Quintett: Albert Mangelsdorff (tb), Günther Kronberg (as), Heinz Sauer (ts), Günter Lenz (b), Ralf Hübner (d)

Walldorf Tonstudio, Frankfurt am Main, June 6 & 7, 1964 ("Now Jazz Ramwong", CBS 62398, LP; reissues: Amiga 8 50 041, LP; L+R LR41007, LP; L+R CDLR71001, CD; "Abstractions", Wewerka/INMUS 20001, CD, 2000, contains a significantly longer version of the title "Blue Fanfare")


11 - ARABIA ROCK (Joachim Kühn) 7:11

Rolf & Joachim Kühn: Rolf Kühn (cl), Joachim Kühn (p), Günter Lenz (b), Ralf Hübner (d)

Trixi Studios, Munich, October 1966 ("Avantgarde", Wewerka/INMUS 20022, CD, 2000)


12 - MY LITTLE DARLING (Joe Haider) 9:24

Joe Haider Trio: Joe Haier (p), Isla Eckinger (b), Pierre Favre (d, perc)

Horst Jankowski Studio, Stuttgart, October 12, 1971 ("Katzenvilla", Intercord 28772-2U, LP; also on: Ego 4013, LP; CD: JHM Records 3622, 2000)


13 - LADEGÄSTE (Wauer-Petrowsky) 4:38

Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky Trio & Günter Wauer: Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky (ss), Klaus Koch (b), Günter Sommer (d, perc), Hans-Günter Wauer (Ladegast-Orgel)

Live, Dom zu Merseburg, September 27, 1977 ("Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky", Amiga 8 55 621, LP)


14 - NUR ALS GAST? (Eberhard Weber) 5:36

Ensemble Studio 4: Hans-Joachim Graswurm (t, flh), Hubert Katzenbeier (tb), Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky (as, ldr, arr), Eberhard Weise (p), Klaus Koch (b), Wolfgang Winkler (d)

Berlin, April 19, 1969 ("Jazz mit dem Ensemble Studio 4", Amiga 8 55 187, LP)


15 - METAMPORPHOSEN III (Hannes Zerbe, nach "Eisengiesserei" von Alexander Wassiljewitsch Mossolow) 4:21 (solos: Breuker, Mayes)

Hannes Zerbe Blechband: Harry Kuhn, Reiner Auerbach (t), Jochen Gleichmann (t, flh), Wolfgang Stahl, Reiner Hoffmann, Egon Hellrung (frh, Jagdjorn), Martin Mayes (frh), Hermann Anders, Bernd Swoboda (tb), Dietrich Unkrodt, Pinguin Moschner (tuba), Willem Breuker (ss, as, cl, bcl), Manfred Hering (as), Helmut Frosthoff (ss, as), Manfred Schulze (bari, cl), Hannes Zerbe (p, arr), Dieter Keitel (d)

Amiga-Studio, Berlin, January 9-15, 1984 ("Hannes Zerbe Blechband", Amiga 8 56 043, LP)



Ulrich Gumpert Jazz Werkstatt Orchester: Jochen Gleichmann, Klaus Richter (tp), Conny Bauer, Sieghart Schubert (tb), Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky (ss), Manfred Hering (as), Helmut Forsthoff (ts), Manfred Schulze (bari), Ulrich Gumpert (elp), Gert Lübke, Christoph Niemann (b), Günter Sommer, Wolfgang Winkler (d)

Kammerspiele des Deutschen Theaters, Berlin, April 4, 1972 (Conzert „Jazz in der Kammer Nr. 48“) ("Retrospektive“, Amiga 8 55 549, LP)

note: probably this is a shortened/edited performance

*) these tracks can also be found on:

"Jazz in Deutschland - Aus dem Amiga-Archiv, 1947-1965" (Hansa Musik/BMG 74321433802, 5CD, 1996)

further detail on this box to be found here: http://www.ostbeat.de/JazzInDeutschland.htm

Here's the cover of that box:


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Wow - Interesting BFT! I see why I was so in the dark, but I want to go back and listen again and learn something.

And in a time-honored BFT tradition, I missed a track I have in my collection. I have a U.S. Pacific Jazz pressing of Now Jazz Ramwong, but I haven't heard it for awhile and didn't recognize it. At least I said positive things about a track featuring one of my favorite trombonists.

Thanks for this BFT.

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I recognised the track by the Kuhns from the 'Forum West' but otherwise drew a complete and utter blank !

Will definitely have another listen or three. Some very interesting music on this BFT and lots of new artists/tracks to get acquainted with ! :tup


Those are highly recommended for those who weren't around when they appeared and were discussed here! There must be some earlier threads... if it has to be just one, go for "Forum West", it's excellent, track by track!

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The slightly annoying thing about the second is its inclusion of several (two or even three) tracks from Dusko Goykovich's "Swinging Macedonia", which is (rather easily, I should think) available on Enja. Other than that, it's a pretty great follow-up!

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No surprise that the one guy I knew in the test was the one I salivated over. I just discovered Manglesdorff in the past few years. This was a good workout for the ears. Thanks!

You're very welcome! Your replies showed great... uhn, dedication... you really *did* listen!

Mangelsdorff is - of course! - the man in German jazz! His two albums "Tension" and "Now Jazz Ramwong" are full of wonderful, fresh music.

You might also enjoy the entire album by Joki Freund (it was reissued in 2010).

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Good thing I stayed out of that BTF 97!

I did note the idea behind it was an European basis. The only player I identified was Mangelsdorff but could not trace the recording!

Another very interesting BFT from Ubu!

Thanks brownie!

As usual, I was more interested in reactions and opinions and thoughts than in who could pin down which player... I *was* happy though, that Benny Bailey was recognized!

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Wow .... fantastic job. I'm speechless. Although I grew up with the West German players from this BFT around, I must admit I didn't listen to them that much, as I liked the groove of the US players much more. At least my reactions to certain players in this compilation were consistent to my reactions when I saw them live back then ...

That East German drummer Wolfgang Winkler is somebody I will watch out for, certainly.

Many, many thanks for this great compilation! Hard to be surpassed, great conception.

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Glad you liked it, Mike and Adrian!

I ran it as a two disc version (a whopping 160 minutes) on another forum several months ago and thought I'd condense, skip some tracks, replace one... of course there's stuff that is missing at the later end (Brötzmann, Schlippenbach, Carl etc.) but I didn't want it to get too multi-faceted, style-wise (and with Petrowsky, Gumpert and Zerbe, there's some avantgarde in here, and lesser-known stuff, too, at that).

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