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BLINDFOLD TEST #7 sign up sheet

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As BFT # 6 is well under way I am just taking the charge to allow enough time for all participants to hit me up for #7. My e-mail is a new one and I'm going to give it a shot for this test as a start: please use e-mail function

I will probably go ahead and burn all and mail the stateside discs myself unless Texas has an out cropping of more than half a dozen members. I do welcome some distribution from across the sea ... I know that there are a few in the Black Forest that might help snuffle out the post girls, and the UK as well. Any offers tendered - I will count on the advice of the experienced for any tips.

As for the disc, a solo, I can only ask that you listen to it as you would a complete piece, start to finish. I know that I have a habit of occasionally skipping around in between cuts (possibly my short attention span lisdexic thing) when digging into a BFT but I've selected a whole bunch that are, for the most part, hardly longer than a few minutes each. I hope it works for yall.

Please e-mail me so that I may put you into the address pool!



Sign Up as Confirmed w/ address (I have the following on the mailing list via e-mail):




king ubu

rockefeller center


tom storer

eke bbb



nate dorward


joe christmas




jim dye

big al


dan gould



conn 500

upright bill


peter johnson


john b

stefan wood






tom in ri



euro bold sent and domestics to go out on friday the 13th!

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Just an update-

I now have 28 on the list so far and from the looks of it BFT #6 will be "officially" answered by the first of next week.

I will try my best to get the European mailings out by then and follow up with the stateside distribution. I know there is much discussion after the facts have been revealed, as there already has been much great reception for Randy's discs, so hopefully a week's lag won't be to long. Any comments welcome.

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