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So, What Are You Listening To NOW?


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The 12th Annual John Coltrane Memorial Concert (WeJazz). Leonard Brown on tenor & soprano; Billy Pierce on tenor; Bill Lowe on trombone; Frank J. Wilkins on piano; Larry Roland on bass; Tim Engles on electric bass; Keith Copeland or Syd Smart on drums & Sa Davis on percussion. I was at this performance. It was memorable for the music as well as for the day of the recording: Sept. 28, 1991 - the day Miles died. So even though it was a memorial for Coltrane, they opened with a Miles tribute that year. I remember they introduced Coltrane's first wife, Naima, in the audience. It was a very emotional night and performance.

Wilkins, Frank - 12th Annual John Coltrane Memorial Concert - Amazon.com  Music

Surprisingly, this is available on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/12th-Annual-Coltrane-Memorial-Concert/dp/B00000ICKR

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3 hours ago, ghost of miles said:

Michael Cuscuna’s favorite album from Dexter’s late-1970s Columbia run:



Cuscuna is right. I would even go further and say it´s one of the ideal all acoustic albums from that comeback of straight ahead jazz in the late 70´s . Every aspect of it: The cover photo, the design, the liner notes, the choice of tunes, and above all the musicians. I hadn´t heard so much Dexter before I saw him live at that period. 
Here he is still in top form, you couldn´t thing it all would come to an end very very soon after it. Here his kind of more relaxed "behind the beat" playing is not as obvious as later, when things started to become a mess. Well I heard him again in 1980, still with Eddie Gladden, but Kirk Lightsey on piano and John Heard on bass, which still was a good and long performance. I had not heard about Lightsey before, but he was very articulate on piano. But as much I love drums and drum solos, an almost 20 minutes drum solo by Gladden on the always present "Backstairs" was a bit too much. 

Once I heard a tape that someone had made from Vanguard in July 1978 where the band played most of the material of "Manhattan Symphony", with "Dolphin Street" which was not part of the album, with a ballad on each set, one of it the "Times goes By" and the other "More than you know". And on Cables´ bossa "I told you so" there was a fantastic bowed solo by Rufus Reid.

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15 hours ago, JSngry said:



Not really sure that Leonard Feather's production choices are the best, but there's not a whole helluva lot of Vi Redd on record, so....oh well. She definitely brought the flayva. Maybe there's a lost set of tapes of her doing a club date or something. I would love to hear her like that.

I don't know this at all. Did she do much else?

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2 hours ago, Rabshakeh said:

I don't know this at all. Did she do much else?

She did a thing called Bird Calls on UA (,I prefer), and a Marian McPartland all-female project in the 1980s.

She also in the person who first played "I Remember Bird". 

A unique voice, she was. Perhaps a yon to Clean head ,Vinson's yang?






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This morning's listen: Spalding's Songwrights Apothecary Lab (SAL) from last year. Man, she takes her witchcraft super seriously. Ok, cool, and it's good that her creativity was supported and all because she's got to have 10 tons of confidence for this type of originality. Kudos to all that. She loves some word play for sure and the listener can sense the spilling over of intelligence on this album. Helluva bass player and composer. Formwela 8 is really the only track I enjoyed here though and it's a simple vamp with some chanting. The rest is outside of my scope but I can appreciate it. I'd definitely go see her live. Why the hell she's on the Concord label I have no idea, but I guess there's some partnership with UMG there at least in distribution. It seems like UMG should make a play to poach and put her on Impulse! or something else in their stable. 

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