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What Mosaic set have you listened to the most?

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IIRC I saw Bill Barron at The Montmartre in Copenhagen a couple of times in the summer of 1964.  Yes, he was good but at the time he didn't seem to me to be that distinctive though I was probably too enthralled by Coltrane at the time to be very  perceptive. 

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Over the long term rather than immediately after purchase , I'd think that Herbie Nichols , Lee Morgan and Konitz/ Marsh probably would be the top three.


Least played would be Herman Columbia, Basie Verve and Basie Live Roulette. You might think I don't like Basie, quite the contrary but a little goes a long way.

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There was a time I played the Nat Cole set most. . . so much to go through and I loved it. Still do, just don't play Cole as often.

This year I've been hitting the Armstrong ones hard, and the Condons. 

My first was the Blakey and it has gotten a lot of play over the years.

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In terms of the music, definitely Andrew Hill, though that was one I assembled from the individual BN CDs.

In terms of the big black boxes, probably Elvin Jones, followed by the Farmer-Golson Sextet.

In terms of Selects, probably Hutcherson, Andrew Hill (not solo), and Akiyoshi.

It is true, I don't really listen to these (and the others I own) as much as I expected when I bought them, but I do bring them out from time to time.

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