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Left Bank Jazz Society Concert Listings - 1964 to 1989


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we're seeing a split of sorts with Mike posting things that are not strictly speaking discographies on jazzmf.com and jazzdiscography.com posting more discographies by others like Mike Weil's discographies or a very nice Jimmy Gourley discography that recently appeared... very happy about all this new activity!

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19 hours ago, mjzee said:

Fascinating stuff.  I notice this:

4/3/66 Pepper Adams, Carlos Ward, Morris Goldberg, Abdullah Ibrahim, Donald Moore, Mel Lewis

I had no idea Carlos Ward was around in 1966.  I guess this is where he and Ibrahim started working together.

yeah, he was. Worked with Karl Berger, Sunny Murray, Grachan Moncur III et al. in the mid-60s.

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16 hours ago, GA Russell said:

I hope one day we will see a list of the LBJS's Washington concerts!  I went to a few.

Unfortunately, they did not keep Yearbooks so making a complete list is hard to do. I do have some scrapbooks with some concert dates, but not a week-to-week listing like Baltimore.

I would love to find out more, they are even more elusive than the Baltimore cats. What shows do you remember?

The only Lee Morgan Left Bank CD is from DC, not Baltimore. The only DC gig released. The Baltimore Morgan tapes are AWOL. They claim Dorn kept the tapes. Highly unlikely.


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9 hours ago, bertrand said:

I would love to find out more, they are even more elusive than the Baltimore cats. What shows do you remember?


Bertrand, I remember three.  I think all three were the spring of 1970.

Art Blakey, Horace Silver and Roy Haynes.

The Haynes was shortly before his Hip Ensemble album came out.  Carl Schroeder on piano for sure.  Maybe George Adams on tenor.  A goofy guy on bass.  Only a quartet.  Their contract called for a quintet, but the fifth guy didn't show, so the promoter reduced the fee, so Haynes was a little bit in a bad mood.  Great, great show.

The Blakey set was boring, with everyone going through the hard bop motions which I felt was common at that time.

The Silver set was better, but still not all that great.

I don't remember any of the Blakey or Silver personnel.  As I recall, they were both trumpet, tenor, piano, bass and drums quintets.

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