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Lloyd Price, RIP


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From the thesis:

Patton also took on a musical responsibility in Price’s band.  Though the personnel on Price’s records is never listed, Patton recalls: “I’m on the majority of Lloyd’s records...with ABC-Paramount.”[1]  Furthermore: “We [Price and Patton] collaborated on a lot of tunes, “Personality,” “[Where Were You On Our] Wedding Day?,” “Stagger Lee,” “Have You Ever Had The Blues?”[2]  The collaborations were often  un-credited, and at times, Harold Logan, Price’s business partner who was not a musician, would receive song-writing credits.  “The story was that Lloyd got all the credit, you know...we were just the band.”[3]  For the record, Patton was credited, along with Logan and Price, for “Where Were You On Our Wedding Day?”  Ben Dixon remembers, “John was a great writer in that vein....John Patton knew how to write hits.  In fact he wrote one called ‘Where Were You On Our Wedding Day?’ which sold about 800,000 copies I think.”[4]   Later on, in 1961, after leaving Price’s band, Patton got a job as a staff song-writer for Scepter Records, a label that was oriented towards the pop side of rhythm-and-blues and included such acts as Dionne Warwick and the Shirelles. 

So the story is consistent with that Patton told me. I think he suggested he was the sole composer of Personality, but we will never know for sure. At least he shares the writing credit on the other piece. I have yet to find if there s a copyright on Personality at all, and I have not checked BMI either.

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