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  2. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    It's been known for some time that asymptomatic carries are a big part of the problem, but I'm not sure anyone has really put a number to it yet. There is some research that seems to indicate 40-50% of people are essentially asymptomatic but potentially contagious. If true, that means there is almost no way to really get a handle on this without truly widescale testing. We're certainly not there yet, though in Ontario they are finally hitting their internal level of 20,000 tests a day and the number of new cases is heading down slowly. Personally, I'd like to see much more randomized testing and eventually an attempt to test anyone who is being called back into work by Sept.
  3. Some more sales, still available: All prices include media mail postage within the US. these are mostly NM or NM- If interested please PM me. John Coltrane on Impulse, Japan issues. 12 dollars each. Live at Birdland UCCU-6163 Ballads UCCU-5605 Duke Ellington & John Coltrane UCCU-99046 A Love Supreme UCCU-5606 John Coltrane, Impulse Japan, 10 dollars each including media mail postage within the US Crescent MVCZ-10058 20 Bit K2. Impressions MVCZ-10086 20 Bit K2. Miles Davis Sony discs Miles Davis Quiet Nights. SICP 4018 10 dollars Miles Davis Bitches Brew SRCS 9714/5. 22 dollars Miles Davis Bitches Brew. SICP 10089/90. 30 dollars (hybrid SACD 2 disc set) Blue Note USA RVG Edition cds. Lee Morgan Vol. 3 6 dollars Dexter Gordon Dexter Calling 6 dollars Freddie Hubbard hub-tones 6 dollars Hank Mobley Work Out 6 dollars Hank Mobley Peckin’ Out 6 dollars Sonny Rollins A Night at the Village Vanguard 10 dollars Blue Note Japan cds Introducing Johnny Griffin UCCQ-9420 UHQCD 13 dollars Miscellaneous jazz discs Edited Thursday at 1:23 PM by jazzbo Quote Edit Hey,
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  5. Whom Have You Discovered Lately

    Don Byas ! The 45-ish NY sides, the 50-ish Parisian sides, all new to me and just great !
  6. Previously unknown Charlie Parker radio interview

  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Hank Jones Trio: Live At Slukefter, Vol. 2
  8. I don't suppose anyone here has any interest in hearing what apparently is a previously unknown phone interview with Charlie Parker that aired on the radio in 1954. Nah, didn't think so ... but here it is anyway.
  9. Dollar Brand ‎– Blues For A Hip King (Sun) Mal Waldron, Sonny Grey, Alain Hatot, Gus Nemeth, Kenny Clarke ‎– Skippin' (Mercury Japan) Nancy Wilson & The Cannonball Adderley Quintet (Capitol, mono)
  10. Whom Have You Discovered Lately

    For me it's the MJQ. No, not Milt Jackson and the boys, I'm talking about the Manhattan Jazz Quintet. The Personnel has changed a bit over the years but originally David Matthews on piano, George Young(I had never heard of this guy)on saxophones, Lou Soloff on trumpet, Eddie Gomz on bass and Steve Gadd on drums. They have an extensive discography dating back to 1984. Their cd's are expensive but I plan on getting them all. Very refreshing discovery for me. Great hard bop music, great arranging, original ideas
  11. Musicians as drivers

    I'm not sure to what extent Barney Wilen himself was involved in auto racing, but one of his albums, "Auto Jazz: Tragic Destiny of Lorenzo Bandini", was directly related to the sport. Here's how Da Bastids described the record: "One of the wildest albums ever recorded by French tenorist Barney Wilen -- a mix of avant jazz and sound effects, set to wax in tribute to Lorenzo Bandini -- a famous Italian racer who died tragically during the 1967 Monaco Grand Prix! Wilen was an automobile enthusiast in the late 60s, and happened to be recording the race on a Nagra for himself -- but, after witnessing the death of Bandini, Wilen decided to incorporate his tape of the race into an extended performance dedicated to the late driver. The sound is quite unusual -- much farther out than any of Barney's other albums -- and the tapes of the race are joined with free-flowing tenor, and piano -- plus bits of organ and prepared piano as well -- all played by by Francois Tusques along with Wilen, with support from Beb Guerin on bass and Eddy Gaumont on drums. The real star, though, is Bandini's Ferrari, which races in and out of the jazz playing, coming to a mournful end with the termination of the piece. The album's a totally unique recording -- and stands as one of the most unusual moments in the history of Wilen's career, and the legendary MPS label."
  12. No, he does not deserve that in a civilized nation. There are other non-violent and legal ways to settle this. And making an emotionally charged video is no amnesty for his assault. The way some folks can sanctuarize their vehicle is insane. And their easy target to their unjustifiable violence is often cylicsts who dare touching their cars even though if they had respected their safety distances while driving fast, nobody could touch their car in the first place.
  13. Fred Neil Bleecker & McDougal. Reissued by Run Out Groove.
  14. Miles Davis Last Word: The Warner Bros. Years

    I recently got the OTC Complete Session and that led me to listening to The Man With The Horn and You're Under Arrest, both of which I had on cassette and enjoyed them for what they are. But it got me wondering what I was missing post Columbia since the only album I had heard was Tutu, Doo-Bop (haven't heard it in 20 years, am curious how I will feel now once I get to it) and the Quincy collab. I was able to purchase this set at a very reasonable price and have been working through it this weekend. I have been pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoy this era of Miles, though the Marcus Miller imprint is very evident it works extremely well.
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  16. you break someones car window you deserve an ass whooping
  17. 42nd Street. The mother musical of uncounted others.
  18. Lesser-Known Leaders with Well-Known Sidemen

    I thought the point was that the leader was a guy you'd barely or never heard of and where the gap in quality between the leader and his sidemen was vast. Neither element was in play with Woods and Kloss. Fine player.
  19. The new string quartet box by Quatuor Ébène looks promising and is getting excellent notices. If I add a "modern" set it's likely to be the Ébène.
  20. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    My card was charged. Waiting on a shipping notice. The Gazette said they were shipping the Desmond sets now I hope that doesn't put mine on the back burner. I think it ships fairly soon after they charge the card thought, correct?
  21. Sure. But didn't the OP ask for "where the sidemen are bigger names than the leader"?
  22. Lesser-Known Leaders with Well-Known Sidemen

    I have those Bob Kindred CDs and do enjoy them. It was about 15 years ago that I saw Bob Kindred play at a Jazz Party. I was not familiar with him, and was surprised by his wonderful tenor saxophone playing. His playing was very much in the style of Zoot Sims and Al Cohn. I wondered why he had recorded so little as his playing was at a very high level ?
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