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  2. Claire Daly - Rah! Rah!

    This is what Claire told me: "This CD was on my old website and I hand drew the covers, but the guy who produced my first 2 cds (Donald Elfman) listened to it and offered to put it out."
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  4. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    does stand the test of time vey well. Classic ...
  5. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    bought it for 50 cent in good condition for the mono experience. SAVE the music !
  6. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    In the early morning .... :
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    incredible fascinating good produced album.
  8. Glad to have sparked some conversation about the long, lost Muse catalog. I wonder if it will EVER get a reissue treatment? I got the Woody Mosaic box, of course and there are some Mark Murphy compilations released on Savoy (streaming, anyway. don't know about CDs). I'd really like to get hold of some of the Earland stuff. I still have a few on vinyl, but don't have a turntable setup anymore. Another solid one was Roy Brooks "The Free Slave" which I found several years ago on 32Jazz. Killer lineup with Woody Shaw, George Coleman, Hugh Lawson and Cecil McBee, includes the great tune "Will Pan's Walk" (a/k/a Wilpan's Walk). If Mosaic was in better financial shape, I would try to convince them to release other Muse sets. But at this point I doubt they would be interested.
  9. *** SUN RA Corner***

    Sun Ra, Haverford College 1980, Solo Piano. This is download only, but rather pleasing and perhaps unique, a solo concert by Sun Ra performed entirely on Fender Rhodes piano. A Walt Dickerson performance at the same concert rounds out the program.
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Ray Brown Trio featuring Gene Harris, Soular Energy (Concord)
  11. Miles Davis & Bill Evans

    Hindemith's "Craft of Musical Composition" books were pretty stupid, but when the American composer John Cacavas studied with him privately, he said to Hindemith, "Maestro, I worked through all of your 'Craft' books, but they don't show me how to compose music on the level of Mathis der Maler, The Four Temperments, The Viola Concerto, etc.... Hindemith answered him with words to the effect of, "Do you really think I'd reveal the secrets of my greatest works for a puny four dollar book?" Hold a seance, and ask Glenn Gould what he thought of Hindemith's music.
  12. Miles Davis & Bill Evans

    I was talking pianists.
  13. Gary Burton. I know we've often suggested a box set of his RCA recordings, but how about one of his ECMs? Dates in a great variety of styles, a who's who of sidemen, and many of these albums are currently either out of print or only available on downloads. I know Mosaic has never done an ECM box, but maybe Cuscuna should float the idea with Eicher; he might get a kick out of it. 16 albums are probably a lot, so remove the Corea duets (Crystal Silence, Duet, Zurich) which have their own ECM box. The albums are: Seven Songs for Quartet and Chamber Orchestra (ECM, 1973) The New Quartet (ECM, 1973) Ring (ECM, 1974) with Eberhard Weber Matchbook (ECM, 1975) with Ralph Towner Dreams So Real (ECM, 1975) Hotel Hello (ECM, 1975) with Steve Swallow Passengers (ECM, 1977) with Eberhard Weber Times Square (ECM, 1978) Duet (ECM, 1979) with Chick Corea In Concert, Z├╝rich, October 28, 1979 (ECM, 1980) with Chick Corea Easy as Pie (ECM, 1980) Picture This (ECM, 1982) Lyric Suite for Sextet (ECM, 1982) with Chick Corea Real Life Hits (ECM, 1984) Slide Show (ECM, 1985 [1986]) with Ralph Towner Whiz Kids (ECM, 1986)
  14. Joe Segal has passed at 94

    I began going to the Showcase in the mid 60's when I was still in high school. He had all ages matinees. Mother Blues, a nightclub rented him some space. I got to be a regular at his various locations. God bless him for bringing a lot of incredible music to Chicago.
  15. MLB Season 2020

    Apparently the Blue Jays are pretty happy with the upgrades in Buffalo. Looks like they are wrapping up the first game now: 4-4 tie going into the 10th inning, so a pretty exciting affair to inaugurate the new digs.
  16. My wife's Corona Pie

    She's that too sometimes.
  17. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Ambrose Akinmusire - On The Tender Spot of Every Calloused Moment Another outstanding release from Mr. Akinmusire.
  18. Larry Novak R.I.P.

    coincidence department: Trenner, an excellent pianist, had been living in this area for years and just died about a month ago.
  19. Antone's records Mosaics

    Great prices indeed on all of those. Somebody should especially grab the Chu Bery set. It is an excellent set and not a common one to find. It took me many months (and more money) to find my set.
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