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  2. Top dollar sounds tempting but this is some very, very good music. Can’t part from them, sorry Eric but good luck with your quest
  3. Benny Golson

    I saw him live one time at Sweet Basil in 1997.
  4. Catesta?

    People are too prickly, and ought to develop a thicker skin. If one or more of the people — even mods — around here are an ass on occasion (and even a big pain in the ass now and then), that’s just the way it goes. People (imho, too) easily bent out of shape, are likely to find plenty things not to their liking where ever they want to find them. Have I gotten rubbed the wrong way by stuff here on occasion? Sure. Did I let it piss me off enough to want to jump ship? Well, doing so would have been more to my own detriment, than to anyone else here. I do have some sympathy for those who have felt aggrieved here and there — but they (like me) shouldn’t let it get to them/myself. Life’s a lot easier when you don’t let stuff drag you down. In most cases — especially in terms of online discussion forums — it’s just not worth getting worked up over (even when you think or know you are in the right).
  5. found the other Schoenfeld (split) LP earlier today and have it lined up for later this evening... Houston Person - Stolen Sweets now playing another of today's acquisitions... the cover is, well, very much of its time but with an organ band built around Sonny Philipps and Jimmy Ponder what could go wrong I thought...
  6. Shipping to US only First three discs are $3.50 media mail additional discs $.50 each Now *****Free shipping on orders $70 or more***** Payment is via PayPal. If interested, please respond in thread and then PM. CDs graded NM- Unless otherwise noted, all CDs are house in clear plastic sleeves with inserts . The jewel case line usually but not always is folded in half to fit in the sleeve, so it will have a crease, not that noticeable, but mentioning it so no one is surprised. Thanks JIM HALL By Arrangement Telarc Jazz CD-83436 $8 Chet Baker / Jim Hall / Hubert Laws - Studio Trieste KICJ 2175 JAPAN/OBI $40 Dedications & Inspirations Telarc CD-83365 $6 Dialogues Telarc CD83369 no rear insert $6 Jim Hall Trio - These Rooms CJ 2297 $20 Jim Hall & Joey Baron - Conversations digipak ArtistShare AS0111 $30 Jim Hall, Geoffrey Keezer* - Free Association ‎(digipak) ArtistShare AS0030 $18 Jim Hall, Joe Lovano, George Mraz, Lewis Nash - Grand Slam Telarc CD-83485 $6 Magic Meeting ‎(digipak, Ltd) ArtistShare 0002 $25 Panorama - Live At The Village Vanguard Telarc Jazz CD83408 $7 Textures Telarc Jazz CD-83402 $6 Freddie Green - Mr. Rhythm KOC CD-8587 $12 Grant Green Reachin Out BLCD 760129 no rear insert $10 Grant Green Easy 942 311 025-2 $14
  7. Catesta?

    Maybe the wrong thread, but Jim R hasn't posted in three years. I miss his contributions.
  8. Catesta?

    Welcome back! Again!
  9. Mark, curious about your view of how Kenny Dorham fits into the early days of bebop?
  10. Name Three People...

    Willie the Weeper Keeper of the Flame Ralph Burns
  11. Today
  12. Catesta?

    I'm another one, though I still occasionally lurk and post here, but I keep my posts at a minimum. There are more who left because of you, but I'm not going to name names, I only speak for myself. That's all I'm going to say about it.
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Arthur Doyle Plus Four - Alabama Feeling (Ak-Ba, 1977) Saturday night good times.
  14. Catesta?

    I've heard from at least one other prolific poster that you were why he left.
  15. I have the 70s pressing. I feel another Tone Poet on the horizon
  16. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Hmm. I have NY mono and stereo copies. Where does it end.. Nearly forgot the Conn CD and LP as well.
  17. Found an original pressing of Got a Good Thing Goin' in the cut-out bin of a department store back in the 1970s.
  18. Old Grey Whistle Test Spoof on Rutland Weekend Television

    Thought so. I have a copy of his bio somewhere on the bookshelves. An entertaining read.
  19. Pet peeves

    Another pet peeve: When a CD is mastered (especially classical CDs) and there's too great a difference between the softest and loudest passages. For example, I'm experiencing this repeatedly with the Warner Barbirolli box. Much of the performance is impossibly quiet (unrealistically so for a concert stage), and then it gets very, very loud. It just comes off as annoying, almost an affectation. This wasn't as big a problem with LPs, since mastering was always a little louder on the soft passages to compensate for surface noise. But with CDs, I sometimes find myself having to ride the volume control, paying more attention to the mechanics rather than simply enjoying the music.
  20. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I attended the recording session.
  21. The Tone Poet All Seeing Eye sounds fabulous; much better than my blue 1970s era pressing.
  22. Yes, it was Reading. Radio Thames Valley or similar
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