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  2. All 21 disks are present in my unnumbered set. Though I haven't played them or even removed them from the sleeves yet. My set was direct from Importcds.
  3. Lee Morgan Complete BN 50's, disk 3
  4. 2017 NFL Season

    I thought the Bears would be pretty good this year, but have to admit that they're exceeding my expectations.
  5. I got the replacement set already ... unbelievable! Everything seems to be there. I checked each cover to make sure there was a disk inside, AND that it matched. As to CJ's comment, the slip covers ARE very loose and the CDs can fall out easily. BTW this box IS numbered (3286), unlike the previous one. Maybe THAT's why the disk was missing?
  6. 2017 NFL Season

    Bears continue to surprise - at least me!!
  7. Perry Robinson (1938-2018)

  8. Today
  9. Perry Robinson (1938-2018)

    In a nutshell, Perry Robinson's clarinet playing and music approach were simply too modern for the average Spanish jazz critic or aficionado in 1960. Just as an example, Club de Ritmo #167 [March 1960 issue] holds a review of the 3rd Gala Internacional del Jazz at the Teatro Calderón in Barcelona. It was a morning concert starting with Tete Montoliu Y Sus All Stars group, followed by the Barney Wilen Quartet with Kenny Clarke and Oscar Pettiford (though bassist was finally replaced by Paul Rovère). A jam session with Barney Wilen, Tete Montoliu, Kenny Clarke, Paul Rovère, 'Vicho' Vicencio and Perry Robinson closed this concert. This is an excerpt of the aforementioned review by Jorge Vall Escriu (quick and raw translation is mine): "(...) The announced feature was a group led by Barney Wilen and including Kenny Clarke and Oscar Peterson. That was enough to immediately prompt us to reserve our tickets, given the undisputed quality of the latter two musicians, but... (there is always a "but") ...after too much advertisements and publicity, we had to bear with a group led by Spanish pianist Tete Montoliu for the whole first set, and to be sincere, it was way too long. To be noted is the current bad shape of Tete Montoliu, who is becoming an imitator of lowering profile pianists, as is Vicho Vicencio who, despite his nice tone, does not have enough tecnique and strength for the so-called "modern jazz"; on top of that, his numerous mouthpiece clangs didn't go unnoticed. And finally, better not talk about Perry Robinson's clarinet, given that, if you could write one single paragraph on him, it would not be about jazz. He would rather dedicate his time to become a snake charmer (...)". "(...) And as the top of the ice cream, a jam session with TM, Kenny Clarke, Paul Rovère, Barney Wilen, Vicho Vicencio and, to no surprise, Perry Robinson, which resulted in a sort of coffee, milk, sugar and sault... (...)"
  10. Paris Smith's New Composers Ensemble - 53rs St Ghost [Jazzaggression Records]
  11. Perry Robinson (1938-2018)

    Here we go...
  12. 2017 NFL Season

    True but the Steelers lost to the Raiders so I think you have to slightly devalue the Bronco win, not to mention their coach looks lost. I think the Browns have a shot this weekend.
  13. Lyons book has been claimed. Others will be donated to Better World Books in a few days if no takers.
  14. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    One of my favorites from "Gator."
  15. Perry Robinson (1938-2018)

    Please do -- some of this is recollected in The Traveler. Would love to hear him with Tete (and apparently on at least one occasion, Kenny Clarke).
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