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  2. Whims of Chambers--Paul Chambers

    When he did do the leader dates, he was with Miles, as well as heavily recording with Coltrane, Burrell, Adderley, Lee Morgan, Red Garland, etc.
  3. Do You Tape Seam Splits?

    Actually I've repaired (taped along the seams) PERIOD inner sleeves here and there that feature ads for other records from that period. (This sort of sleeve just adds that final period touch to an original IMO.) Provided, of course, the inside of the sleeves hasn't become all abrasive with age. Though in some cases I've then inserted one of these plastic inner sleeves rounded at the bottom. There must be a reason (or a bonus) why people hang on to these original sleeves, or else where wouldn't be so many eBay sales descriptions where they drool about the presence of the "original inner rice paper sleeve" (even if it's one that has NOTHING printed on it).
  4. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Synchronicity! Such wonderful recordings!
  5. Whims of Chambers--Paul Chambers

    My guess might be. . . well I won't say it but it's been "problematic" in many jazz careers. His was an amazing talent.
  6. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Went ahead by one minute ;-) .... indeed funny ....
  7. Whims of Chambers--Paul Chambers

    I can only guess touring and recording in other bands and whatever was going on in his personal life as the reasons that limited his time/availability for leader dates.
  8. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    NP: Beck, Mathewson, Humair - Jazz Trio (Dire) from discogs: Originally recorded at Fontana Studios in Milan, Italy in January 1972 and subsequently released on the Italian Dire label on LP the same year. Recorded during a tour of Italy with Phil Woods, the European Rhythm Machine, consisting of Gordon Beck, Ron Mathewson and Daniel Humair, recorded this entire album in the course of one morning. The album features two long compositions, "Suite No. 5," composed by Gordon Beck and performed in three movements followed by the track, "All In the Morning," composed by Gordon Beck, Ron Mathewson and Daniel Humair and performed in two movements. R.I.P. Ron Mathewson
  9. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I knew this was going to happen. I just need to hear that Basie groove. Chose this one, and there may be more. . . . Count Basie/Joe Williams "Just the Blues" Roultette Records/Warner Japan cd This most recent series of Routlette Records reissues from Japan sounds fantastic.
  10. Do You Tape Seam Splits?

    Somebody liked my idea for this thread and started a sister thread over on the Hoffman forums. It somehow veered into how they repair *inner* sleeves. Repair inner sleeves? WTF? I have never, ever considered repairing an inner sleeve. It's called trash. Recycle? Sure. Repair? No. I bought a couple of packs of MoFi inner sleeves years ago and I will swap those in for a real bad inner but that's the most I'll do.
  11. Do You Tape Seam Splits?

    That's true, but somehow I've found this to be less of a nuisance (or obstacle) than having the LP slide away from the edge of the outer sleeve oncle it's shelved. That makes things even more unreadable.
  12. Whims of Chambers--Paul Chambers

    Yes, he died very young, but he also didn't record an album as a leader after age 25.
  13. I've got mono.

    I have two arms setup on my turntable but even with two TT you'll need two phono stages to avoid swapping cables. I had exactly that until my most recent upgrade to a phono stage with two inputs. Granted, I needed a SUP to use the MM input but both arm / cart combos sound great after dialing in the phono settings for each cart.
  14. Do You Tape Seam Splits?

    I was just playing a Donald Byrd LP ("Byrd In Flight") and it has a "J$4.99" price sticker from Plastic Fantastic with a phone number of (215) 525-ROCK. I'll leave that one on. The problem with having the opening point up is that the edge you'll be looking through to see the spine will have the melted seam of the poly sleeve in the way. I have a tough enough time viewing these worn spines without having a plastic rib in the way.
  15. Black Jazz & Tribe Records

    I'm a bigger fan than you of Black Jazz, especially the Doug & Jean Carn albums, but also several others. I have them all except for the Cleveland Eaton and the Gene Russell titles. Have never heard the Eaton. The Russell titles are pleasant but nothing meaningful.
  16. Whims of Chambers--Paul Chambers

    On the very long list of jazz artists that died way, way, way too young.
  17. Whims of Chambers--Paul Chambers

    What !! I never realized that.
  18. Do You Tape Seam Splits?

    Fun? I find it a necessary chore to tidy up the items somewhat (cleaning CD cases or replacing broken ones). Compared to that, taping and repairing covers definitely is more fun. (Though I'd understand any onlookers wondering what I am doing ... though not my son ... at age 20 he has become a vinyl junkie himself ). As for removing stickers, this is the main reason I've borrowed the hair dryer of my better half ever so often through the years ... Though I tend to leave really old stickers from long-gone record shops (that sold the item when new) in place. They're part of the history of the record and in some cases (with local finds) part of the history of local commerce.
  19. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Yes. Now playing Jimmy Rushing "Goin' to Chicago" from Lonehill Jazz cd Alto Saxophone, Clarinet – Ben Richardson Bass – Walter Page Drums – Jo Jones Piano – Sam Price Tenor Saxophone – Buddy Tate Trombone – Henderson Chambers Trumpet – Pat Jenkins Vocals – Jimmy Rushing
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