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  2. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Some while ago I was listening to this and now to to this So Quebec from the beginnings of BN and the early sixties, I think. And he performs in both with the same emotion and forcefulness.
  3. Charlie Daniels, R.I.P.

    Oh, I always thought it was "the Devil Went Down on Georgia" - that made sense to me.
  4. Album Covers in BLUE

    Almost blue .....
  5. Internet Outage(s)?

    All good in Buffalo. We had land lines and cellular with Verizon in Michigan and then they unloaded the "land line biz" to Frontier. Things started heading south then.
  6. First off, I think the topic needs to be changed to "open an organissimo group", not a "forum". Facebook does not support forums. And for those unaware of how groups work, they can be as active or inactive as one wishes and you'll only hear about it if someone posts there. and as mentioned, posts are not easily grouped together or searched. Facebook is the opposite of a forum. For instance, I'm a member of the "JC" group, which is a private group made up of former members of the Jazz Corner forum. Every now & then, someone will post something there and all of us members get notified. When Ron Thorne died, I posted this there and it allowed me to let a lot of people who used to interact with him on the Jazz Corner to hear about it. Secondly, no one needs permission to start a group. Mike, or anyone can start up a Facebook group and no one can force anyone to join it. BTW - if someone was a member at the Jazz Corner and wants to see if someone you knew is on this Facebook group, check it out:
  7. Humorous (?) review of new Eric Wyatt album

    Going through boxes of unshelved stuff trying to cull JUST a little bit and found two Eric Wyatt albums in CD-R form that a friend sent me at least a decade ago,. One is called Family Business, the other one A Covert Operation, both obviously very self-produced and both pretty much invisible on The Internet Of Today. If these would have been label-produced, I'd probably have let them loose, but they're so raw and burning and edgy (and obviously self-produced). James Spaulding guest on two cuts of the former (and is intense on one of those two), Robert Glasper is on both, playing very well indeed, and the notion that this guy is not in anyway a kid now, nor was one then...the two are going on the shelf and not back in the box. And then I'm probably gonna be done with Eric Wyatt, but that's ok. Now I know who is is, can give him props, and no longer think of some ex-Wynton pianist when I hear his name (who would that be, anyway?).
  8. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Currently listening to this via YouTube - much better than I expected!
  9. Organissimo group on facebook?

    I'm open for suggestions of any other internet platform or medium to have a means of communication outside this forum in case of an unexpected shutdown. But using Jazz Talk is not a good idea, I think, as there always is some kind of competition between two forums. Perhaps setting up an emergency mailing list is an alternative? Again, no competition intended, and I only got the idea as many board members are already there. Without a clear vote from here I'd never start such a thing.
  10. I voted NO. I wish there was an emphatically no button. I mostly lurk here and occasionally post. I've gained so much information from this forum I would hate to have its existence challenged by what Facebook has become. I don't do social media and have no interest is starting. I'm familiar enough with Facebook to know that it would be tough to go back and revisit older posts for retrospective info and comments. I really like the community that has been established here. It seems like someone comes here to talk about jazz with a few other threads that broaden the scope. I would hate to have this forum whither away and be replaced by a platform in which jazz and music are not the focus. I like the no politics approach here as well. Sorry, but I would not enjoy knowing who likes or hates Trump or Biden, who supports Brexit, BLM, believes in climate change, Confederate monuments or any other political issue. I like and enjoy the respite from that and focus on music. I like that all the information is here. I don't have to check here for an album review and then have to go to Facebook to see if there are any comments there on the same topic etc etc etc I understand the intent and idea was benign. Once in a while, the board goes down. Personally, I can survive. An alternative site - Jazz Talk - has been proposed. I think that's all that is needed.
  11. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Better to look like a dope than to be one.
  12. Today
  13. Happy Birthday Stereojack!

    Happy Birthday Jack! 🎂🦍🌈
  14. Ennio Morricone (1928 - 2020)

    My favorite Morricone period is roughly late-60s to about mid-70s. There was a definite drop-off after he stopped working with Bruno Nicolai, although there are some great scores afterwards. Morricone's sense of development is fascinating. During his Bacharach-influenced period, some of those tracks sound like a usual Bacharach-esque progression slowed down to a glacial tempo. It has a mildly unsettling effect, because you lose track of where the home key is when slowed down so much. I also feel that the Morricone's thematic development is telegraphing something on a subliminal level that you can't quite grasp, like you are looking at individual pieces of a puzzle and then seeing the whole image only much later. I listen primarily to film music, and I am constantly awed by Morricone.
  15. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Only 41 and in great physical shape only to be killed by "the flu": The people ignoring stories like this are dopes.
  16. Album Covers with Bare Feet ....

    8 ½ Souvenirs: Happy Feet. RCA Victor 09026-63226 [1998]
  17. Ennio Morricone (1928 - 2020)

    Morricone always turned out interesting scores, whether he was writing for a low budget Giallo or a huge production Academy Award winner. Along Herrmann and Raksin, he was one of my faves At 90,he was still doing world tours conducting his film scores up till last year(!), and apologized on his web site for having to cancel last year's tour because of ill health! I was surprised to find that his 'serious',non-film music bore no relation to his film music. RIP, Maestro!
  18. Sexiest album covers

  19. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I lack the perspective to be able to do much more than "appreciate" this one. although I certainly DO appreciate it. However, as with so many things, Stan Kenton should have been getting THIS guy to write for him in the 70s. It's really interesting writing in more than a few spots. But the the solos happen, and that's where I drift off. Again, I lack the perspective to really get it then.
  20. Charlie Daniels, R.I.P.

    So, what was the big deal about The Devil going down on Georgia, anyway? That kind of thing happens all the time, and not just in the American South.
  21. Internet Outage(s)?

    Yeah, seems to be a Frontier-only thing. Frontier has been rumored for a few months now to be on the verge of filing for bankruptcy. apparently their deal with Verizon hasn't been the cash crop they had hoped for...
  22. Organissimo group on facebook?

    Ok, do you get members here to get on that page? What if their existing FB account is uber-private (such as it is)? Would people have to then create a new FB account, probably using their real name (or existing board name), either way, you got people entering into the Facebook ecosystem just to keep up with the board if there's ever an outage? And if it IS for members only, this Facebook site, how do prevent people from picking a random member (or other) name? What's the vetting/verification process going to be? Am I who I say I am? What kind of confirmation of identity are you going to require? You do not - can not - create any kind of a Facebook account without entering into their ecosystem, if just can't be done. Some people (many people) don't mind doing that, but some do. Seriously, Facebook is not your friend, they make it easy for you to put it all out there, but that's why they make it so easy for you - so they can take it. It's a good concept, just not for Facebook. Doesn't anybody have some kind of home page or an unused blog set-up, something they can set up to make announcements and allow for comments? That seems so much more non-intrusive a process than does Facebook...and to answer the question about how will people know to go to that site if there's an outage, well hell, how will they know to go to a Facebook page? Are you going to contact each member personally? It ain't 1998 anymore, the internet is no longer free, and is really no longer your sincere friendbuddy, unless your good friendbuddy from back in the day is now your crack dealer and you his ho, and I know that shit happens, but...
  23. Charlie Daniels, R.I.P.

    RIP. This is the track that always hit me:
  24. Internet Outage(s)?

    No issues around here (New Jersey).
  25. Sexiest album covers

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