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  2. Careful, it's a slippery slope. Don't go to the clearout record sale this time, and it could snowball. Pretty soon you will not buy any new albums at all, until you have heard all of the albums you already own at least once. The horror! The horror!
  3. Concord Acquires Savoy, 429 Records

    If a corporation sits on a pile of music that the general public neither knows or cares exists, what will incentivize them to stand up and look what they got? Nothing? I was trying to explain this to a guy at work a few weeks ago, why "people" want to own mountains of shit they have no intention of using, and the best I could put it was that it's not really a bet on the bulk gaining value through intrinsic worth of some other antiquated notion, but more like a hedge that one day, one hipster with beaucoup money is going to for whatever reason want to pull something out of of their ass for a film or a commercial or something and then they can say here's your ass right here, pull away big boy, here's what it'll cost you, you gotta pay to pull, and then they'll get some money. Cigars will be lit, whores will be screwed, satan gets paid, and then, they all laughed when I sat down to pay, well, who's got the last laugh now. Or, like some hipster with a buttload of money and even more of a mission is going to want to pay those big bucks to own it so they can give it away in perpetuity, egotism via philanthropy and/or vice versa. But no, they're not buying it to use it, what is this, the 20th century? No, they're buying it so when somebody else wants it, they'll be the ones who can sell it.
  4. Just heard that my latest shipment including the James P. set has shipped.
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  6. Name Three People...

    Figaro Kimiko Date Orange Bloviator
  7. More music that they can sit on and do nothing with, at least as far as the general public is concerned.
  8. The Turrentine is on back order IIRC.
  9. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    The Olympics: All-Time Greatest Hits (DCC)
  10. Album Covers with Surrealist Art

    Elephant Tree
  11. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    More music from a certain Hungarian guitarist: Attila Zoller - Dream Bells (Enja) with Frank Luther (b) and Sonny Brown (d); recorded live at the Domicile in '76.
  12. Album Covers with Surrealist Art

    Deseo Del Muerte "Un Deseo Del Muerte" (self-released) 2017
  13. So is everything they offer now in print?
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