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  2. It will be my first time, I was still moving into the house when it happened last year, but this year's lineup is much more to my taste. September 1-2, 2018 Gates open at 3pm on both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, September 1st, you can enjoy the music of Gregory Porter, Lee Ritenour, Jazzmeia Horn, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Coltrane Youth Jazz Workshop. On Sunday, September 2nd, you can listen to sounds of Pete Escovedo Orchestra Featuring Sheila E, Dianne Reeves, Ravi Coltrane, Coltrane Allstar Band, Jackie Venson, Michelle Coltrane.
  3. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    I got an email too, but the Herman is listed under "backordered items." I wonder if this means they've decided to proceed with it. Yup! Just checked the Mosaic site - it's now listed under Upcoming Releases.
  4. JOHN COLTRANE/Chamber's Music (Sonnet records, holland)-

    That's weird in that Cuscuna is the producer of this cd. OTH 1956 makes more sense to me now that I've listened to the cd.
  5. 2018 #CFL

    I have added to the Week 10 picks above. ***** The Riders have brought back Rob Bagg. They also released Trent Richardson, which will allow him to sign with the AAF. ***** There are fires in BC causing smoke problems in Edmonton! Saturday's game against the Als is expected to be played on schedule. ***** San Francisco has re-signed Dexter McCoil. ***** Johnny Manziel suffered a "delayed onset concussion" last week, so I don't expect him to play Saturday. ***** The Bombers have placed Weston Dressler on the six-game list. ***** The Eskimos have released Sam Giguere, and reactivated Adam Konar. ***** The Argos have cut Taylor Reed. ***** The Redblacks cut Loucheiz Purifoy, and he promptly signed with the Riders. ***** The union has some beefs with the league. It believes that the teams should not be releasing players because they have been charged with a crime. It also disputes the Riders' version of Rob Bagg's situation. Bagg was a training camp final cut, and had an injured ankle at the time.
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  7. Sidney Bechet - Blue Note Mosaic

    Hi Dana, any interest in selling? Thanks Bob
  8. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    So, I just got a shipping notification on the new Mosaic Woody Herman box and am I ever taken aback! I wasn't expecting to hear from them for six months on this one.
  9. Afro-Blues Quintet (+1)

    Thanks, this is the bit I didn't find online, especially that Bloch replaced DeAguera. I could hear the change but couldn't find a personnel listing for the later recording. I quite like the Afro Blues Today LP and the way that most tracks fade support the idea of them being excerpted from longer takes.
  10. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Brahms - Piano Quartet No.2 - Derek Han, Isabelle Faust, Bruno, Giuranna, Alain Meunier
  11. Name Three People...

    Fritz Lang Shorty Long Mike Longo
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Thelonious Monk - Les Liaisons Dangereuses 1960
  13. JOHN COLTRANE/Chamber's Music (Sonnet records, holland)-

    These sessions are listed in the Cuscuna/Ruppli BN Discography. The "High Step" session is listed as April 20, 1956, and the JazzWest session is listed as March 1956.
  14. Aretha Franklin, RIP

    Recorded at her father's church in 1956 when she was only 14 years old. Put out by Detroit record store owner and recording producer Joe Von Battle, whose recordings of her father's sermons had made him a significant recording star (which is why the Rev. gets cited on the label of this record). It was also issued on this J-V-B LP. The single was also later picked up by Chess subsidiary Checker, and much later reissued on this CD of Aretha's earliest recordings.
  15. That one I read a while ago and I liked it very much.
  16. Joshua Redman - Still Dreaming

    Hm, okay ... maybe I'll get a chance to sample it someplace. Thanks all!
  17. The 5 trio tracks were included in the "Toshiko Akiyoshi - Six Classic Albums" set from Real Gone.
  18. JOHN COLTRANE/Chamber's Music (Sonnet records, holland)-

    I just noticed that only 2 Trane discographies I've got access to list this date as being from 1956 not '55 as the cd notes say. Is there a definitive discography?
  19. Aretha Franklin, RIP

    Sad seeing Stevie talk about another fallen peer of his passing away 😢
  20. Joshua Redman - Still Dreaming

    I may check this out!
  21. Woody Shaw "Tokyo 1981" (Elemental Music)

  22. Hi all. I'm looking for this particular Toshiko Akiyoshi compilation CD (single disc), and because the title seems to simply be "1961" -- I'm having a devil of a time finding listings for it on Discogs, or on very many of the usual places I search for used stuff on-line. The only copies I can seem to find are a little too rich for my blood (about $45 from Japan). Can anyone find any less expensive options? Here's some references to the disc that I have found... I'd love if anyone has any leads, thank you!!!
  23. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Superb music .... great sounding edition ....
  24. McCoy Tyner- lets hope hes ok

  25. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Indeed! Two recent acquisitions (I have and love Destination...Out!, but strangely never got around to Evolution and One Step Beyond: quite a power trio). Bley and "Blood" are great (with young Altschul at times approaching self-combustion
  26. Joshua Redman - Still Dreaming

    Flurin, knowing a bit about your tastes, I don't think you will like it. It's too similar to Old and New Dreams - to a point of intentional copy (drums sound is very Blackwell, and Redman plays a lot of his father's licks), but the writing is definitely not on the same level. Well played, of course, but very safe. Sounds quite contrived and forced to me.
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