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  3. Nice article. ');doc.close();})(); Inside Sonny Rollins’s Jazz Archive, Headed Home to Harlem - Inside Sonny Rollins’s Jazz Archive, Headed Home to Harlem ');doc.close();})(); Inside Sonny Rollins’s Jazz Archive, Headed Home to Harlem - By GIOVANNI RUSSONELLO May 29, 2017 The saxophonist Sonny Rollins, perhaps jazz’s most respected living improviser, is also one of its most relentless seekers. But that’s well known; what’s not as widely recognized is the diversity — and the depth — of his inquiry. Yes, there’s his herculean practice regimen (upward of eight hours a day, even into middle age) and the yearslong sabbaticals he took from performing to hone his craft. But Mr. Rollins, 86, has also maintained a vigorous, syncretic spiritual practice, and he has written hundreds of pages of personal notes over the years — reflecting on music technique and the music business and expressing social laments. He even started writing an instructional saxophone book but dropped that project. These are among the insights to be gleaned from Mr. Rollins’s personal archive, which the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, part of the New York Public Library, has acquired. The center will process the archive and eventually make it accessible to the public. “I felt that if any young musicians or people were interested in my life and my career, this should be available,” Mr. Rollins said in a recent telephone interview. “I’m an introspective person,” he added. “I always liked to improve myself, and I always liked to learn.”
  4. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Terence Blanchard Featuring the E-Collective, Recorded Live at the 2017 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (Munck Music)
  5. Roger Moore 1927 - 2017 R.I.P

    This guy
  6. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Wooden Joe Nicholas (American Music)
  7. Sonny Rollins

    "... hundreds of recordings from Mr. Rollins' rehearsals and practice sessions ..."
  8. Yesterday
  9. Sexiest album covers

    Gee, I'm more concerned about Mr. Christmas, Inc. "Dat's a nice tree yuz got dere. But Mr. Christmas, see, he don't like da decorations ya been using. Mr. Christmas tinks it would be much more festive for every one if you used some decorations purchased from Mr. Christmas, Inc. Yessir, nice tree yuz got dere -- be a shame if somethin' wuz to happen to it . . . "
  10. Roger Moore 1927 - 2017 R.I.P

    A question for all those who did not like Roger Moore as James Bond. Say you were Cubby Broccoli -- Sean Connery has made it clear he will not be doing any more Bond movies. You tried casting an unknown in the role and that was resoundingly rejected by the public. (It's been many years since I've seen OHMSS, but I recall thinking George Lazenby was not that bad at all.). If not Roger Moore, then who would you have cast as James Bond in 1972? Would you have tried to groom another unknown in the role? What other "known" actors would have been available? Michael Caine? He'd already done three Harry Palmer movies and probably was not keen to be tied to another spy film series character? Another British actor? Oliver Reed? Michael York? Albert Finney? An American actor affecting a British accent perhaps? Maybe you could have persuaded Dick Van Dyke to take on the role and revive his British accent which was soooo beloved by film audiences. But seriously, if not Roger Moore, then who? (My own preference would have been for Christopher Lee to have been the original Bond instead of Sean Connery. I think he would have been quite good in that role, but by 1972, he would have perhaps been a bit too old for it.)
  11. Sexiest album covers

    It's Crown, Jake. Forget about it.
  12. I ordered the Lester along with the Louis Armstrong (#257) and Gerry Mulligan LP set on the 4th of May as well. I was charged several days later. Right around that time it appears they ran out of Lester sets. That's apparently due in June. Hoping for something soon. I love Mosaic Records, but their shipping and communication thereof is woefully inadequate for 2017. I ordered the Hines as soon as it hit running low a couple of months ago. Glad I did as the progression from in stock to running low to last chance to OOP seemed pretty quick. I finally got to listen t it a couple of weeks ago and I was really very happy with what I heard. Not what I expected and I mean that in a good way. Very nice set and a very nice surprise for me.
  13. Mozart Symphonies Box Set

    For some reason Hogwood repelled me in Mozart.
  14. Sexiest album covers

    shadows are suspect.
  15. Disc 7. Sometimes I just have to have me some Bird:
  16. Pop Vocalists, Standards Singers

    Maybe this? HAve not read this one, but did read his Sinatra bio, and was both pleased and frustrated, happy and miffed. But it sure sounds like something you might be interested in?
  17. Sonny Rollins

  18. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Alan - excellent and appropros...disc 2 is a paradigmatic study in how rehearsals/outtakes should be done, love Outskirts, Early, and especially the mercurial Jam to close; with the remaster, the thing has already paid for itself, but then throw in a fantastic Fall '73 show with a slew of terrific, unreleased stuff, and this is a collection cornerstone (check that triumvirate of Jess/YDLM/LesB on #4). Nice shout out!
  19. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Louis Hayes - Serenade for Horace
  20. Sexiest album covers

    Isn't the head photoshopped (or just cut and pasted) onto the body on that Mexicali Brass album cover?
  21. Sonny Rollins
  22. Name Three People...

    Oney Judge Jus†ice Just-Ice
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