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  2. Help me get the Music Matters Jazz Blue Note series extended!

    I had to return at least 3 titles(and a few of them more then once) because of noisy pressings.
  3. Wes Montgomery and Clark Terry

    I just interviewed Harold Mabern earlier this month and he toured Europe with Wes Montgomery in 1965. They appeared on television broadcasts for the BBC and also in Belgium. I think those may be available on grey market European DVDs.
  4. RIP Chuck Barris

    AH! I knew the "in the butt" reference from that show, but was either unaware that Barris had created it, or had simply forgotten. How's life in Plant City treating you? We only lived there shy of two years, but found it pleasant enough. Being in such close proximity to Tampa/Ybor City/Disney World/Orlando/etc was a great perk.
  5. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    The Milcho Leviev Quartet - Blues for the Fisherman (Mole Jazz LP)
  6. Album back cover art ....

    from the album Joe Pass "Intercontinental" (MPS Records) 1970
  7. Do you listen to jazz on the radio?

    My discovery of jazz coincided with the launch of "Jazz FM" here in the UK, around 1993/94. The daytime programming was distinctly lacking in jazz, but the evenings were pretty good, especially "Dinner Jazz" (you can imagine what it was like!). After a year or two it rebranded to "JFM", which meant less jazz, then I think it was taken over and rebranded "Smooth FM", which was as bad as it sounded. Still, for a year or two, you could actually hear jazz on the radio. Jazz FM's slightly older cousin "Classic FM" is still going, playing Classical music's greatest hits and adverts for very middle-class folks on rotation. As far as I know, BBC radio still plays "Jazz Record Requests" for an hour a week, the other 167 hours being strictly classical music.
  8. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    !!! .... (IMO) one of the best Niels-Henning ├śrsted Pedersen performances ever ....
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  10. Who are you just discovering?

    Ray Bryant. Horace Parlan. Cedar Walton. It's funny because Blakey's Drum Suite was one of the first jazz album that i really got in to. Ditto with Mingus Ah Um. Free For All was also a big hit for me when i heard it much later (and i loved Walton on other Blue Notes, particularly Donald Byrd's Slow Drag). For some reason i never really checked out their leader dates. I think i must have heard something of Walton's which put me off checking out his leader dates further, but anyway those first 3 Eastern Rebellion albums are so, so good. Now that i think about it, i remember getting one of his quartet dates on Steeplechase and really liking it but having to bin it because it had a catastrophic scratch. I wonder why i never sought more of his stuff out... Ray Bryant... i had previously checked him out a bit on Spotify but didn't feel the need to buy an album. Recently got the trio albums on Epic and Prestige from the fifties and they are so good. Dude has such an amazing feel. I also have the Con Alma album on Columbia which is also excellent. Those three albums sit in my collection as favourites. I've actually been trying to get my head around why Bryant was not a bigger name, especially having been on Columbia. I have my half baked theories but can anyone provide any insight? Horace Parlan... i've only gotten started by getting Us Three, an outstanding trio record.
  11. Which albums is Pele looking at?

    I don't speak Portuguese (or Spanish), but there's enough of an overlap that I can reasonably suspect that it says King Pele, the new star of Brasil. Edson Arantes do Nascimento, of course, was his birth name. Mendes...have not hear the Pele album, but the New Brasil 77 one is kinda cool in a "crate digger" kind of way. It's got some real dogs and some real gems, and/but also overflowing with "period electronics", but the gems are truly gems, including this one by Clifford Coulter, who did a few sides for impulse! back in the day. But if you miss Lani Hall, you're not alone.
  12. Which albums is Pele looking at?

    Nah, I just recognized Agostinho's face, and the Maysa was in my "Os Discos Da Bossa Nova" book. Now, the third one is going to be driving me nuts until I solve it, like that mystery Steve McQueen LP...
  13. Album covers with neon lights on buildings.

    Cannot see a cover....Is it this one?
  14. Album covers with doors

    Can't see a cover. Are you looking for this one, Tom
  15. RIP Chuck Barris
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