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  2. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Great, though a lot of the material I had allready on individual albums. I bought it mostly for the 1965 "My Favourite Quintet" which was unavailable since I remember.
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  4. Cannonball's Place In The Pantheon

    I always liked this album that Cannonball produced, although the title makes no sense
  5. CONTEST - 2021 Grey Cup

    Winnipeg - 55
  6. Bobby Hutcherson "Total Eclipse"

    I always get sad seeing that cover, knowing that he was afflicted with emphysema over his last years
  7. CONTEST - 2021 Grey Cup

    Here we GO! Bombers - 60
  8. What Are You Watching

    Last night: L.A. Confidential one of those films that once you start watching it, you can't turn it off.
  9. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Ray Barretto - The Rhythm of Life (Fania, 1982)
  10. Stephen Sondheim RIP

    It doesn't matter at all to me, but if Sondheim's songs don't work well as jazz vehicles that may say something about SS's songs. My sense is that they don't work well as jazz vehicles because his songs tend to lack memorable melodic meaning, that they're basically just words strung over chord changes.
  11. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Ray Mantilla Space Station with Bobby Watson - Dark Powers (Red, 1989)
  12. It's that time of year again! It's time for the annual Grey Cup contest. Past winners have included Noj (twice), indestructible, Bright Moments, brownie, paul secor, Soulstation1, danasgoodstuff, B. Clugston (twice), ejp626 (twice), BFrank and kh1958. ***** The rules: 1) Pick the winning team. 2) Pick the number of total points scored by both teams (aka the tiebreaker). Since approximately half of us will pick the winning team, picking the total points is necessary to win the contest. Your total points prediction must be a number which is a multiple of five (5). The winning tiebreaker will be the one closest to the correct answer. If two are equally close, the winner will be the lower pick. If two people pick the same thing, the first to make the pick will be the winner. ***** The prize: If you live in the US, you will have your choice of a) a $17.00 Mosaic Records Gift Card (which represents one CD of a Mosaic box set) or b) a bundle of jazz books. If you live in Canada, your prize will be a Canadian football book. If you live anywhere else, I will paypal you the $17.00, and it will be up to you to decide what you will spend it on and in what currency. ***** The contest deadline: Sunday Dec. 12, 6:00 pm eastern ***** The Grey Cup Final: The Grey Cup is awarded to the world champion of what I think is the greatest game in the world, Canadian rules football. That is to say, the champion of the Canadian Football League. The Grey Cup was first awarded in 1909. They have played for it every year since then, except three years because of World War One and last year because of the covid virus. Therefore, this year's game will be the 108th Grey Cup Final. Fans from throughout Canada will attend the game. This year's game will see the Western champion Winnipeg Blue Bombers face the Eastern champion Hamilton Tiger-Cats. This will be a rematch of the last Grey Cup Final (2019). These were the two teams picked by most pre-season pundits to play for the Grey Cup. Winnipeg was the only team in the league which was consistently good. They lost their last two games (of 14) playing their subs, having clinched first place in the West. Through the first 12 games, they were 11-1. In that span, they outscored their opponents 116-6 in the fourth quarter! Pre-season pundits wondered if Hamilton might go undefeated, but they had a disappointing season until the end. Including two playoff games, they have won six of their last seven. (By the way, the Hamilton Tigers were founded in 1869, the same year as the Cincinnati Red Stockings.) The location of the game is chosen years in advance. This year's game will be played in Hamilton, so the Ticats will have the home field advantage. Eastern Canada fans always root for the Eastern champion, and Western Canada fans always root for the Western champion. I expect that many in the stands will be cheering for the Bombers, but undoubtedly the majority of the crowd will be loudly cheering for the Ticats. The Tiger-Cats last won the Grey Cup in 1999, and they are now in the league's current longest drought. ***** The game will be carried live in the US on ESPN2, starting at 6:00 pm eastern Sunday. ESPNews will carry the pre-game show at 5:30. You can listen to the game here: (To listen to the game, you will need Windows Media Player which you can download for free. So you might want to plan ahead if you don't already have it.) ***** You can study articles analyzing the upcoming game as well as articles about the season as it unfolded in the CFL thread which I will update throughout the week. Good luck everyone! ***** Here's my pick: I'm going to do you a favor. Because Winnipeg was the best team the entire year, I going to go with the Ticats. Hamilton - 50
  13. Stephen Sondheim RIP

    Jazz, Sondheim, why do either need the other, they shouldn't, they don't, what is this narrative that insists otherwise?
  14. Stephen Sondheim RIP

    Terry Gross played three interviews she did with Sondheim on Fresh Air this week The first one was a general interview about his entire career, done in 2010. Gross asked him how jazz influenced his music. Sondheim's reply was that he never listened to jazz; as a kid or even now. Gross was astounded, and asked him why. Sondheim said he only listened to music from movies and musicals, and the only jazz he would hear would be if it was part of a show or movie. He then said that he didn't like improvisation. he said he was trained by Milton Babbitt to work things out very precisely, and that was the opposite of improvisation. He was surprised that Babbitt liked jazz, because it was the opposite of how MB worked. To his credit, SS said that he thought Raksin's theme to The Bad and the Beautiful was the greatest movie theme ever written. The second interview Gross played was one that focused only on lyric writing. That's where he reamed even his teacher Hammerstein. His main complaint was that lyrics should advance the plot, and too many lyricists just played word games. Then he played recordings of examples of how he did this in his shows, and most of the recordings were done by mediocre singers who were better actors than they were singers. Surprisingly, he said Ethel Merman was a better singer(!) than she was an actor, so he tried to have her mostly sing in "Gypsy" rather than act. I found myself nauseated by most of the music from his shows, and yet "Cleo Sings Sondheim" is one of my favorite vocal albums. The reason for this is that all SS cared about were his shows. The fact that Jonathan Tunick wrote exquisite arrangements of SS' songs, and CL sand the schlitz out of them. I wonder what SS thought of that album. I wonder if he even listened to it... As far as using SS tunes as vehicles for jazz improvisation, they tried that on the album Color and Light: Jazz Sketches of SS, a collection of various artists' jazz interpretations of SS' tunes. I've done some of his tunes as jazz vehicles, and they work, if you choose the right songs.
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  16. Sexiest album covers

  17. What Are You Watching

    Money Heist - season 5, episode 6
  18. the Todd Haynes Velvet Underground documentary
  19. Fats Sadi's Combo - s/t {Vogue, Japan 1997 RP] purchase from earlier in the year inspired by the European modernism thread
  20. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    DIW-850925 - one sided 7" 33 with "The Lie", a bonus track to the original lp.
  21. December 12, 2021: Jackie Venson, Mowawk Austin, Austin January 14, 2022: Jackie Venson, Brauntex Performing Arts Center, New Braunfels January 15, 2022: Joey DeFrancesco, Parker Jazz Club, Austin Jackie Venson, Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe, Galveston January 26, 2022: Brubeck Brothers, One World Theater, Austin February 5, 2022: Dee Dee Bridgewater, Jo Long Theater, San Antonio February 18, 2022: Christian Sands, Jo Long Theater, San Antonio February 19, 2022: Jackie Venson, Dosey Doe, The Woodlands February 23-24, 2022: Pat Metheny, One World Theater. Austin February 25, 2022: Pat Metheny Side Eye, Cullen Theater, Houston February 26, 2022: Pat Metheny Side-Eye, Majestic Theater, Dallas March 22, 2022: Buddy Guy, House of Blues, Dallas March 24, 2022: Shabaka Hutchings & Knoxville Symphony Orchestra, Trefoil (Ambrose Akinmusire, Kris Davis, Gerald Cleaver), John Medeski, Theon Cross, Dan Weiss Starebaby, Big Ears, Knoxville, Tennessee March 25, 2022: Sons of Kemet, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Kris Davis' Diatom Ribbons, Ron Miles Quintet, Julian Lage Trio, Andrew Cyrille and Ambrose Akinmusire, Craig Taborn Trio, Lakou Mizak, Leyla McCalla, Pedrito Martinez Group, Mdou Moctar, Aurora Nealand and the Royal Roses, Jeff Parker and the New Breed, Big Ears March 26, 2022: John Zorn, Andrew Cyrille and Marc Ribot, Jason Moran, Angel Bat Dawid & SisTazz of the Nitty Gritty, Nubya Garcia, Christian Scott, Jamie Branch, Joshua Abrams, Harriet Tubman, Leyla McCalla, Myra Melford Snowy Egret, Ches Smith We All Break, Yasmin Williams, Big Ears March 27, 2022: John Zorn, Bill Frisell Trio, Marc Ribot, Ambrose Akinmusire Quartet, Ocean Pope and Immanuel Wilkins, Miquel Zenon and Spektral Quartet, Big Ears April 23, 2022: Joel Ross, Cullen Theater, Houston April 29-May 1, 2022: New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival May 5-8, 2022: New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival May 13, 2022: Artemis, Cullen Theater, Houston June 20, 2022: Kevin Eubanks, Meyerson Symphony Hall, Dallas
  22. Sexiest album covers

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