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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Disc 3: I keep pulling up album covers from Discogs and finding bargains. Someone is selling this for $45. That's a deal. It's a good opportunity to hear Teagarden with his underrated working group at length. I really like Don Goldie, whose tone was outstanding.
  2. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I pulled out this one and will bring out Facing You soon: Recorded while Jarrett was battling with CFS. It was a melancholy listen for a few reasons. It made me think of Gary Peacock's passing and Jarrett's current health issues. The mood took me to thinking about the friend who was with me the only time I saw Jarrett or Peacock at the penultimate Standards Trio show. She has since ghosted me. On to closing the night on a happier note: Disc 3: I forgot that Art Taylor was on the quartet session with Hank Jones and Kenny Burrell. I don't know if I have anything else with Taylor and Jones together.
  3. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Disc 3: Someone has this on Discogs for $30. I paid $40 last year and that was a bargain.
  4. Happy 95th Birthday, Terry Gibbs!

    96! I hope he had a good birthday. I'll spin some of his music later.
  5. Happy 95th Birthday, Terry Gibbs!

    Terry Gibbs is 95 today! I hope that he is enjoying his birthday and his well-deserved retirement. I am listening to his excellent Feelin' Good: Live in Studio and I'll be spinning some more of his music later.
  6. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Disc 2. I asked my daughter what she wanted to listen to and she said Duke. Afro-Bossa!
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I am winding up a crappy day with a ray of Ornette sunshine.
  8. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I am thinking of Keith Jarrett after reading the sad NYT story. This is still probably my favorite Standards Trio album and the first one I heard.
  9. With Gary Peacock's passing, I found myself listening to most of my Standards Trio albums and being thankful I saw their penultimate concert. I still hoped (and hope!) to see Keith Jarrett again one day. I think of musicians like Frank Foster, Rahsaan Roland Kirk and Eberhard Weber (to name a few) who have been silenced by strokes. Here's wishing Jarrett the best.
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I think this is only my second time listening to this. I am buying less and diving deeper into my collection.
  11. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    The likely sketchy disc has 4 tracks not on the DVD, including a Stan Getz guest spot. It is prime Griffin, so the 4 bonus tracks are a welcome addition.
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Disc 2: This set has become one of my favorite Mosaics.
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    My second listen since buying it last year. I forgot the personnel and was not surprised when I found out that Jack Walrath was the one playing some damn good trumpet. I'll be playing this one more for sure.
  14. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    That's a lineup worth hearing. Davis is a fine player and a super nice guy. Now playing: Such an underrated date.
  15. Toshinori Kondo (1948-2020)

    Ah, man. I really like him on the five Die Like a Dog discs I have. Thank you for the music, Mr. Kondo, and rest in peace.
  16. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Great minds think alike. A couple of years ago, I bought 50-60 albums at a library sale. I probably bought 10+ albums apiece by Chet and Lee Konitz, so I made out like a bandit. Despite having wanted to hear this one for years, I think I may have forgotten to listen to it until now.
  17. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    If anyone is interested in this one, the eBay seller who is selling multiple copies at $7.91 (including shipping) accepted my offer of $6.50 last week.
  18. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Ah, I was reminded of when I saw Hans Koch, the saxophonist here, in Cleveland. I asked how much a CD was and he asked if I was a rich man. From my hearty laugh, he said $10. I gave him $15.
  19. The USPS SUCKS

    A tale of two packages from New Jersey: One is a wallet game, likely packaged in a small, padded envleope. It arrived at a Philadelphia facility on Sunday morning, about 7 miles from where it was shipped. It stayed in Philadelphia until yesterday evening and arrived in Akron at 2 this morning. It will likely arrive tomorrow. A CD arrived at the post office on Wednesday, ended up in Indianapolis(?) yesterday and is in Cleveland now. It should arrive tomorrow as well. In other USPS news, my daughter loves the mailman and treats him like her own Mr. McFeely. She shadows him on his route from when he is across the street, to the corner and then to our house. When it hits the dead of winter, they'll both be sad about not seeing each other.
  20. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Elmo Hope led to this. Russ Freeman reminds me a lot of Hope.