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  1. previously unreleased Bud Powell

    this looks like it - or some of it - I love Bud, but I will pass on this - the ESP has abut 345 hours of Birdland. And he plays well here, but it's not premium Bud.
  2. It's a rare Berg Larsen Hard Rubber, restored. I have so many damn pieces that it's time to divest, and I don't play a lot of tenor these days anyway (and still have about 10 others, Links, Bergs, Personaline, Brilharts...) Refaced and restored by Greg Wier, whose piece are the only ones I will play. He is the best, I repeat, best in the business. his description of this: "RARE VINTAGE 1940'S TO 50'S "LONG BOAT' or EXTENDED TABLE SLANT SIGNATURE BERG LARSEN HARD RUBBER TENOR SAXOPHONE MOUTHPIECE. IT HAS BEEN PROFESSIONALLY OPENED TO .100" or LINK #7 FACING ON MY GAUGE AND PARTIALLY RESTORED AND CLEANED UP. A STRONG AND POWERFUL TENOR SAXOPHONE MOUTHPIECE WITH EXCELLENT PROJECTION AND TONE QUALITY. THE SLANT BERG LARSEN SIGNATURE APPEARS ON THE TOP OF THE SHANK WITH THE REG DESIGN INDICATION AND A PATENT NUMBER ON TOP. ON THE BOTTOM IS THE 80 ORIGINAL FACING INDICATION. NO EXTRA ENGRAVINGS TO INDICATE THE MODIFICATION DUE TO RARITY OF THE PIECE. IT FEATURES THE SMALL BULLET CHAMBER DESIGN WITH STRAIGHT SIDEWALLS, A MEDIUM RAISED BAFFLE AND LONG BODY DESIGN. MADE FROM EXCELLENT HARD ROD RUBBER. TOOTH INDENTION ON BEAK. NICE MEDIUM OPEN FACING WITH EVEN INSTANT RESPONSE FROM TOP TO BOTTOM." buy this and you will sound like Coleman Hawkins and Sonny Rollins wrapped up in one. You have my personal guarantee. But it will go on Ebay in a few weeks - $200 plus shipping.
  3. CDs for Sale

    Duke Ellington V. 1 1926-1929 Mrs. Clinkscales to the Cotton Club 4 CD JSP Box $15 plus shipping Duke Ellington V. 2 1929-1940 The Cotton Club to Sweden 4 CD JSP box $15 plus shipping Bix Beiderbecke with Jean Goldkette's Orch. Retrieval $7 plus shipping Bix Beiderbecke Story 4 CD Proper Box (great sound, probably 'cloned' from somewhere) $15 plus Shipping Bix Beiderbecke and the Wolverines 1924-25 Timeless $7 plus shipping Duke Ellington and his mother called him Bill.... Bluebird $7 plus shipping Duke Ellington Far East Suite Bluebird $6 plus shipping Duke Ellington Early Ellington 1927-1934 Bluebird $6 plus shipping Roy Eldridge Live at Three Deuces Archives of Jazz $6 plus shipping Serge Chaloff Fable of Mabel 1201 Music $6 plus shipping Serge Chaloff Boston Blowup $6 plus shipping Count Basie Complete Decca Recordings GRP 3 CDs $15 plus shipping Complete Lester Young Keynote $5 plus shipping Budd Johnson and the Four Brass Giants $5 plus shipping shipping for single CDs $4; contact me for shipping on larger amounts my paypal is
  4. I am having trouble following this discussion; are we talking about the BG Columbia and Okeh sessions? btw, not necessarily relevant here, but I just cannot listen to post-1935 Benny Goodman any more. It took me a while to figure out why, but his sound drives me nuts. It just doesn't fit the music, and to my ears it's like fingernails on a blackboard. It's too sweet and sentimental. And it just diminishes any band that plays with him. I'll take Shaw or Hasselgarde.
  5. previously unreleased Bud Powell

    I would be very surprised, but who knows? There's lots of Birdland airshots floating around.
  6. Joe Fields RIP

    I worked for Don at that time. The plan, as I recall it, was that they would share royalties even before the money was paid to recoup the sessions; in other words, he would share the debt with musicians instead of making it all come out of their end before showing any payments, as most (if not all) record companies do.
  7. Carmen died some time ago. A wonderful, wonderful man.
  8. aloc

    he did leave, as I recall, because a few people (for reasons I will never understand) objected to his threads. Jerry is a great guy and posts on Facebook.
  9. btw, I don't think their problems are being caused by the Gazette. My only issue with them is the screwed up sound on the Dial and Savoy collections.
  10. I was wondering why I kept meeting Eastern European girls named Larry. all seriousness aside, I just ordered the Strata East. I am something of the musical equivalent of Mailer's 'Left Conservative." I love, from the clips I've heard, how these players were coming to terms with the 'freedom principle' while still retaining a feel heavily rooted in song form.
  11. Joe Fields RIP

    Fields and Schiltten had a a cataclysmic split over ethics.
  12. Clifford Jordan-Strata East Mosaic

    my sense of this set is that it is incredibly important, historically and musically - like an assembly of musicians who had gone through the crazy musical changes of the 1960s and who were reevaluating everything about what they had learned. I plan on getting it. From the clips I have heard, there is some amazing music.
  13. Joe Fields RIP

    would be very interested in what you have to say. A record producer I used to work for was not a big fan.
  14. Joe Fields RIP

    think again.
  15. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    sorry, reflex action; a long time ago Armen stood me up on a gig I had booked; very important gig; and almost got me fired from it. Fine pianist, but when I called him to ask WTF he was completely indifferent.