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  1. Teddy Wilson Mosaic?

    thanks for the tip; just ordered the 10 CD box off ebay for $25.
  2. Teddy Wilson Mosaic?

    pray that they don't use the same guys for sound who messed up the Dials and the Savoys (which has really gross amounts of distortion even on the samples on their web site) - yeah, I know we're tired of hearing about this, but this is a serious malfunction (if you disagree with me talk to Doug Pomeroy, who was so upset at the Dial sessions that he wrote Mosaic a letter).
  3. Jerry Lewis films

    that's from a play written by Gore Vidal. Though completely altered, of course.
  4. Who are you just discovering?

    well, I have a lotta new stuff. Time to spread it around a bit. As for Bill Barron; nice, nice, nice man. I didn't get to know him real well, but there was a time I had just listened to the Savoy recording where he was up against Booker Ervin, and I told Barron how even a thing it was, that he had really played beautifully and matched Ervin; he was so flattered he got completely flustered. The only other time this ever occurred with me and a musician of that generation (or near-generation) was when I played Al Haig the recording of Bud Powell saying he was a "perfect pianist." This left him beyond speechless. oh what the hell; to make Chuck happy: we recorded this last year; these are some of MY 'new discoveries' - Nicole Glover on tenor; Lisa Parrott on baritone; Nicole Davis on trumpet; Ray Suhy on guitar (and passing through is me, on alto); and drummer Carolyn Castellano; this is an excerpt from the suite:
  5. Jerry Lewis films

    isn't that Bob Gordon on bari?
  6. Who are you just discovering?

    Love Bill Barron. Biggest regret: we were rehearsing to record together when he got sick. A similar thing happened with Jaki Byard. Do I discern a trend? Anybody here want to record with me? Funny thing is that I find Kenny Barron....un-moving. He plays great but the music leaves me inert.
  7. Jazz Oracle

    well the point is, if they want to issue it on something as cheap and perishable as a CDR, it should be very cheap; maybe $5. And I do think we have a choice; with certain labels (like Document) you have to find older issues of CDs. With Acrobat we need to spread the word AND send them emails of protest. The reality is that replication (non CDR) is extremely cheap these days; they are not paying for musical rights, and they can issue real CDs and probably break even with sales of 50.
  8. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    every pressing on that label that I ever had sounded like that. I just ordered the CD after I saw your post. We will just have to hope.
  9. Jazz Oracle

    Beware: Acrobat is using CDRs only these days.
  10. Jazz Oracle

    yeah, I usually buy used on these labels because it is less likely to be a CDR. Frog has been using CDR's too; also Acrobat, which is doing all kinds of Chess and Savoy reissues. When I do get a CDR, I always return it.
  11. Jazz Oracle

    that I want.
  12. Oscar Peterson -- further thoughts

    thanks, didn't know that that was how it emerged.
  13. Oscar Peterson -- further thoughts

    actually I do get OP. I just don't like it. But I understand your point. by the way I love Kenton, but his daughter's allegations about sexual abuse are more than a little bit troubling.
  14. Oscar Peterson -- further thoughts

    Joe, I never said my taste was better than theirs. But if I think I am right, I say so. I mean, would you be bothered if someone said Russ Meyer was the equal as a director to Orson Wells? You wouldn't question their taste? If you are casting a movie, would you cast someone who you thought was the worst for the job, if that actor was popular? more likely you would let your own taste supersede popular opinion, if you thought it was best for the film. as for the analogy.....millions of people got great pleasure from being able to vote for a candidate whom they thought was revolutionary....who just happened to be a guy with orange hair. Should we just let them enjoy his presidency? as for OP; I do think he is destructive for jazz. He creates a false and dangerously corrupt sense of what is art in the music. If his sound is heard as the ideal, deeper musicians suffer.
  15. sounds like a lot of fun. I tend to enjoy gossipy jazz books. Nice antidote to publicist press releases.