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  1. Hazel Scott on 2 grand pianos

    are we arguing about whether or not she was a good pianist? She certainly knew how to play the piano, but creatively she was pretty much on the same level as Liberace, Ferrante and Teicher, et cal -
  2. Last round for Savoy

    yes and no - what I WAS able to hear were the classic noise reduction distortions that happen when trumpet (and other brass) is over-processed - a kind of harsh, guttural,"chchchc" sound that shouldn't be there no matter what the format.
  3. Last round for Savoy

    my only comment is that you are better off assembling it from the various reissues, many of which are in excellent sound. There is a fair amount of audible restoration distortion on the Mosaic samples I have heard. And a lot of it is easily available elsewhere.
  4. Mosaics you’re still on the hunt for

    well, I'm would trade my kids for the Benedetti; wait, no, I have that one, but I can't sell it. Doesn't anybody want it?
  5. Fats Waller JSP Vol. 6

    Larry - just for the record - the problem wasn't "no noise" which, when the Wallers were done, was very non-invasive. And a lot of the BMG reissues of the Waller Victors are fine. Where they tended to mess up was the equalization - which is actually fixable even on a consumer level with basic units (though of course you should not have to do it) - I know I mention this frequently, but there's a lot of misunderstanding of this aspect of restoration. And John R.T. was a genius at it. He also had access to a lot of masters and test pressings which, fortunately for us, were "liberated" by various people from various Victor vaults, from what I have been able to gather.
  6. I used to think that about George; and yet he created some of the most perfect guitar parts ever. And listen to the rooftop concert. John I think was one of the greatest rock and roll singers ever.
  7. I love her singing. Sue me. Hold my family hostage. Steal my identity. Call me irresponsible.
  8. this is a decent and worthwhile set; I am boycotting all Phil Schapp productions moving forward. Buy it, I need the cash; but be aware that it will take you about a month to figure out which sessions are which because nothing in the notes is in the same order as on the CDs. I am just getting too old for this crap.
  9. in excellent shape, all intact. $135 plus shipping in USA - let's say $17.50 priority fully insured. My paypal is
  10. I am changing the way I record; this is a nice, hand-held, portable thing with 8 track capability, 6 analog, 2 digital. I actually have 2, and they can be cascaded/synced together for 12-16 tracks. Records beautifully; the built in pre-amps on this model are pristine; can record live, interviews, music, etc. Pro level sound, 24/96 capability, (though I would recommend 24/44 or 24/48). Phantom power. With Manual and power cord. I have 2. $300 plus shipping conus for one. Order them both and I will sell for $525 plus shipping. They will go on eBay in a week or so.
  11. Don Joseph "One of a Kind" LP- worth getting?

    on the other hand, he apparently did some horrible things, from what I have found out; even with our current sense of separating the artist from the deeds, I find it hard to listen to him.
  12. Dodo Marmarosa – On The Coast 1945-1947 & 1952

    great stuff; some beautiful Dodo though, as I mentioned elsewhere, I don't particularly like the notes and would question his judgement on early bebop piano. But essential for the music (and some very nice Jackie Mills, though also some really bad Jackie Mills, who seems to get carried away on the first session).
  13. yes, this particular music; what I meant was that I have other Bird sources with him playing as well as this. That are absent any Schaap-isms.
  14. Allen, are you serious about wanting to unload the Benedetti set? If so, what $ amount would you accept?