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  1. but her harmonic conservatism doesn't come off as any real contrast to the others; it's just conservatism and, like that piece just above, it's dull; sounds like road-company Weil.
  2. Swing Bands: Who should I listen to next?

    just to mention, my collection That Devilin' Tune, 4 volumes of 9 cds each, is probably the most comprehensive you will find in one place with a variety of bands like these, small and large groups. .
  3. well, even straight-ahead players can have that edge. It is sometimes a bit disconcerting when they start to settle down.
  4. well, I don't know. Very few of that generation wrote for large groups. Hemphill (who was later of course) wrote in a very loose-jointed way, and some of the things I have heard of Shepp have a nice mix of organization with chaos. Braxton (also later) was wonderful on the Arista big-group stuff, he really found a way to combine techniques. And Some of Gil Evans' later things are nicely integrated; George Russell too. So I don't know. I just find her orchestral work to be surprisingly dull. ok article, by the way, but if one more writer uses the words 'deconstruct' or 'deconstructed' in the usual incorrect manner, I may have a fit. Iverson does this early on. The word(s) have nothing to do with changing and re-constituting forms, as is usually assumed. and this bugs the crap out of me: "Bley’s harmonic palette is generally simpler and leaner than most advanced jazz harmony. In addition to the Beatles, Bley told me about loving American music like bluegrass and gospel. For an avant-garde composer, rock, bluegrass, and gospel are easy meat when making a mash-up. Any melody or gesture will work against these triadic textures, just like Charles Ives sending a cheerful marching band through a dissonant symphony." utter crap, if you know anything about these forms, and typical of jazz snobbery (and he does not even realize he is being a snob).
  5. one thing I find a bit strange about her writing - and I like some of her compositions and her piano playing - is how little harmonic tension there is in her orchestrations, at least the ones she wrote after the 1960s. Given the musical environment from which she comes - that '60s, ESP ethos - I find her writing shockingly conventional. Even the Liberation Music Orchestra - just too.....oddly conventional.
  6. wow. Glad it got there.
  7. it is yours - $48 total, thanks! got it, thanks, will try to mail it tomorrow -
  8. so here's what happened; I was perusing Frog's web site, and I came to a page saying "this is the new Frog Blues and Jazz Annual." So I ordered it - and guess what? It was last year's, which I already have. Someone there never fixed the web page. I realize I should have noticed, but still, they should have noticed...well, anyway I have two of these now, it is brand new, and they are not responding to my email, so I guess I better just sell the thing. It has excellent articles, graphics, and the CD is terrific. $40, a very good price, plus media shipping, figure $8 in the USA. CD is still sealed. my paypal is here's what it looks like:
  9. Ornette Coleman, May 1968

    I recall exactly - he described how it was his job to follow Ornette, and to play a bass line that followed the melody that Ornette was creating. Pretty basic, but wondrously accomplished by him in that group.
  10. Ornette Coleman, May 1968

    I saw that basic band at Slug's in '69, with Haden on bass and Billy Higgins. It's so deeply etched in my memory, a very formative experience, particularly for Haden having sat with us between sets and explained the music.
  11. Still More CDs for sale:

  12. Idea for Mosaic

    just a thought; I don't really believe it's particularly expensive to create a new CD master for manufacture. I doubt if it's over $200-$300, but I could be wrong.
  13. Bob Wills Tiffany Transcriptions V. 1 $8 Don Ellis Autumn Wounded Bird $12 Sun Ra Atlantis Evidence $12 Stuff Smith/Dizzy Gillespie (2 CDs) Verve $10 Art Tatum The Standard Sessions 1935-1939 Transcriptions Venus $10 Sonny Sharrock Ask the Ages (Sealed) $10 prices do not include shipping; my paypal is
  14. Selling CDRs on eBay. Legal?

    the plant that was making the Taiyo Yudens was bought by somebody else, and blanks with the same formulation are still being sold under the Taiyo Yuden imprint.
  15. FS: A Few More Cds

    only if you wear red tonight -