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  1. I am a little shocked at the reaction here as I found this incident to be absolutely disgusting. This is child abuse and is not at all amusing. How would you react if it was a young girl? And if the drummer was my kid Hino would be in the hospital right now.
  2. thanks - they are sold -
  3. I gotta leave the country Wednesday for 2 weeks, so whoever wants 'em first gets 'em. As for shipping, I'll estimate what is probably high, $50 insured, and will refund the difference if there is a difference (or request above that, but these days, shipping prices have changed so much, I have no idea). But unless people want to wait 3 weeks or so, I will need a decision so I can pack 'em this weekend -
  4. not a problem, Scott, I can use all the help I can get.
  5. I am using bare wire - they are excellent, I just have 2 pairs of Omegas I use. If you do want 'em, let me know asap.
  6. breaking down my mixing studio, since I am not doing a lot of work these days. New these are $499 at Crutchfield. They are like new, work beautifully. $200 plus shipping in the USA, will have to get a shipping quote when you order. my email is, paypal is same. Only gonna hold these for sale until next Monday, as I am planning on donating them if nobody here wants them.
  7. Chicago Jazz Fest 2017

    Carl Sandburg? Oi, worst poet with a reputation. Other than that, I am jealous of those of you living in Chicago.
  8. I like Ethan, personally and musically; but if he brings up a subject, and argues for it in questionable ways, than how can anyone complain if others like ourselves argue back?
  9. Jet Blue and Mosaic

    except they keep flying me to the wrong place.
  10. actually, Joe, I'm just pulling your chain. Nothing wrong with your opinion of the Bad Plus (i saw them once in concert and it was like watching an annoying cartoon; though I think Ethan is a terrific pianist). I actually think people tend to to think 'criticism' is bad until they find something that really bugs them, like Donald Trump or Kenny G.
  11. Jutta Hipp

    Feather also, in Art Hodes telling, was responsible for killing a recording session planned for Hodes and Lester Young together. Feather disliked that whole old-school sound. Not a good guy.
  12. why the negativity? I thought this was verboten from your point of view.
  13. Jutta Hipp

    Feather was not a nice guy; I had one weird conversation with him and he was extremely nasty. Others have confirmed this aspect of his personality. As a composer he was beneath contempt. Check out the session he made with Hot Lips Page; only Feather could take Page and make him dull. He also wrote a lot of god-awful blues (had one hit, as I recall). I did talk to Hipp in the '90s when I was working on my '50s book. Unfortunately by then I was living in Maine, so I was unable to maintain contact (Marian McPartland had given me her number). She was very nice and seemed completely fine with her decision to abandon jazz. As for her playing, for me the best work is the earlier, proto-Tristano style. Later on, to my ears, she became just another pianist, which is unfortunate.
  14. Is this legit?

    I once wrote a blues which I thought was really slick, but then I realized it was Pompton Turnpike. I did the right thing and tossed it in the garbage.
  15. Is this legit?

    she's a thief. Plain and simple.