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  1. Charles Mingus’s Secret Eggnog Recipe Will Knock You on Your Ass

    that's actually a ripoff of a WC Fields line - "You're drunk." "And you're stupid. When I wake up tomorrow I'll be sober."
  2. Opinions sought: Acrobat Records

    the ones I have seen in the last few years are all CDRs - when I wrote them an email to protest this they warned me not to say anything in public or they might take legal action! this is really slimy; I won't pay regular CD prices for a CDR.
  3. Complete NORK 1922-1925 on Rivermont

    the new transfers are spectacular, in my opinion.
  4. Sonny Clark Trio on Time 2 LP reissue news

    was visiting a friend the other day whose aunt, it turns out, went to elementary school in PA with Clark. There is a pic online of a class - might be kindergarten -and her aunt is there, and Clark is the only black kid.
  5. James Scott - Ragtime piano rolls

    yes, Eskin did the Lamb CD. And if Montgomery and Tichenor did the rolls, that's good. Another thing to beware of are some old piano rolls supposedly made by Joplin himself, but which were not.
  6. you and me both; one of the things that distinguishes those '60s ESPs is exactly that, blood and guts. I don't hear it much these days, but then I am far from the epicenter. Actually thinking of trying to do a session to re-capture that feeling (have JD Allen ready to do it), though I just did one with Darius Jones and James Brandon Lewis that comes close. And what did Peter Handke call it? "A moment of true feeling."
  7. I never take offense at anything you say; I'm just glad you say what you say (these days I'm feeling a little critically tongue-tied) - the thing is that McCraven himself seems to buy into the "I must save jazz from itself" hype, as does Glasper. Those videos on his site about the music and about the band are full of socio-babble, I guess I would call it, and it is socio-babble that is not really borne out by the music. But I will check out the Chicago side, as I am interested - and I note, btw, that McCraven is clearly a superb drummer, it's just that the music in the clip I posted tends to be warmed-over ________(I will let someone else fill in the blank). And let me add that I never let myself get distracted by "save the jazz" movements, which are silly and pointless and usually speak, ironically or not, to the lack of historic consciousness of whomever is leading them. There are many questions to be asked about why we do what we do, but very few people (other than yourself) seem to be asking them. (and I will add that in terms of jazz being an "embodied system of rules and hierarchies" I also find it interesting and somewhat ironic that much of the current gathering of free players has started to turn themselves into something of a cult in which they have replaced, to my mind and ears, one system of rules and hierarchies with another)
  8. The Lost Tapes: Charles Mingus Live In Detroit

    well, as I've said, I heard those '70s bands a lot - I was friends with Neloms and followed him around - and, I heard the Dannie Richmond band a lot, which Neloms was still playing with after Mingus died, and which was really the same band sans Mingus. I haven't listened to Changes in a long time, will have to revisit. There is just something about those '50s and '60s units that has spoiled me, where it sounds like, on every tune, everything is on the line. Mingus even had Bluiett for a while, and though he tries to play chord changes, it ends up as just doing his thing over and over.
  9. The Lost Tapes: Charles Mingus Live In Detroit

    so, it seems Mingus agreed with me, according to a post elsewhere on this site from someone who witnessed this group around this time: "I do remember that Mingus was increasingly unhappy with his side men through the evening, including Roy Brooks (who was the only one of them I thought I remembered, so thank you for confirming). To the point where he scowled at them and told them all to lay out while he played a very extended bass solo."
  10. on the other hand there are musical moments on this; just nothing unusual, but competent (smooth jazz by any other name):
  11. yes, but who does Number 2 Work For? actually, I thought at first you were saying that he's an employee of yours. but the problem is - just another guy who talks a good game, but whose music just ain't happening. It's classic - all the videos on his site are full of talk. They are afraid to let the music stand on its own.
  12. New server and increased cost...

  13. Chris Albertson?

    I have not been able to contact Chris recently - not responding to my emails. I will try to call him.
  14. Is streaming technology saving the music industry?

    ok - I can find just about anything; partly because I have an unusually good memory, so I am lucky. Artist CDs are by genre and then in alphabetical order. "Various" cds are more problematic, but I have the blues/country/jazz separated by category. LPs are not in much order of anything, but I don't have that many left. It's a challenge sometimes, but I have already done 3 major projects with this collection,
  15. Is streaming technology saving the music industry?

    I send you into the stacks with a compass, 4 condoms, and three days worth of provisions.