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  1. I actually have that CD of Ellington which they put out, from maybe '35? That was recorded in stereo. I guess it was '32:
  2. to me this doesn't sound like Trane speaking. Even if he thought it I don't think he would say it. Not that kind of guy,
  3. Woodstock - How Much Were They Paid?

    problem is, we'll never know.....
  4. Warne Marsh on Schoenberg

    I was playing a gig in Philadelphia in the early 1990s, a concert, with Jimmy Knepper, and my bass player didn't like a chord I'd written, thought the melodic line did not fit the harmony. We began having a friendly enough but slightly tense conversation about it. Jimmy leaned in, tongue-in-cheek, and said "what would Schoenberg say?" I look at him and said, 'the hell with Loren, this is MY piece." Jimmy laughed for about 10 minutes,
  5. How Tall Was Art Pepper?

    it was a very nice day; we talked about a lot of things, about jazz, Shelly Manne, Hampton Hawes, Stan Kenton, Dave Schildkraut. From time to time we would stop at an apartment building, he would run in, and come out fairly quickly. Finally he seemed ready and I took him back the hotel. We talked a little more, he gave me some record albums, thanked me for taking him around, and invited me for that night (The Jazz Workshop, I think). He played brilliantly that night (better, really, than on most recordings of the time); he even played a clarinet that someone handed him. End of night we shook hands, said goodbye. Last time I ever saw him. I really liked the guy, he was smart and funny; just not the most....settled or mature person I ever met.
  6. you wouldn't need much - the book can be printed for under $1000. Bigger job would be hiring someone to retype and format the ms.
  7. wasn't you, it was "I don't know if he was intentionally trying to pull a verbal sleight of hand but that's the effect." Veiled, but still an accusation.
  8. How Tall Was Art Pepper?

    I did spend a weird day with him, but mostly we drove around looking for drugs. But I do recall he was about my size, which is, as Larry says, between 5'7 and 5'8.
  9. I happen to know Zev Feldman very well and he is not only ethical to a fault, but one of the nicest people on the planet. Maybe they have Organissimo blocked. this is why they won't respond. Jeez. Basically calling them liars from the get go, without any real info.
  10. no one remembers but Harold Vick was in a Chemical Bank commercial - and I think calendar - in the middle '70s. I remember he drove up to one gig in a Mercedes and told everybody it was thanks to the commercial. Harold was a good looking guy.
  11. only oddity is in the recent NY Times article, which describes Cole as sounding like a 'stride pianist' in these years, which is crazy. Plenty of Earl Hines in his playing, yes, but that's a different thing altogether.
  12. File format

    huh, I was told otherwise. Let me check.
  13. File format

    I'm not really in this game, but how about AIFF? Lossless, takes up less space than waves. Sounds fine.
  14. problem is that in the book they are very uninteresting. To me at least. As for Jones, in those years (the '70s) friends of mine used to drop him periodically at NYU hospital in Brooklyn to dry out, but it never lasted. I asked Al Haig to come with me one night to hear Jones when he was playing, and he said he refused to be in the same room. Jones at that point was beyond just crazy, but a lunatic and occasionally dangerous.
  15. Who is with Sonny Rollins?

    it's not me.