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  1. Here's some things I am selling - please pardon the weird typefaces; when I tried to copy and paste here from a word doc, the site blew 'em up; I have no idea why. All will be shipped 1st class; check with me for shipping. My paypal is Frank Zappa And Captain Beefheart ‎– Providence College, Rhode Island, April 26th 1975 $30 Keyhole SEALED Captain Beefheart ‎– Plastic Factory GO Faster records SEALED $30 captain beefheart live at my father's place no company ID $25 captain beefheart full moon hot sun live in Kansas Keyhole $35 Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band* ‎– Live 1966-67 Keyhole $30 Chuck Berry His Complete ‘50s Chess Recordings SEALED hip-o-select Limited edition 4 cds SEALED $75 Sonny Rollins Complete RCA Victor Recordings 6 cds BMG $25 Mildred Bailey Complete Columbia Records Vol. 1 (3 CDs) Definitive $12 Mildred Bailey Complete Columbia Records Vol. 2 (3 CDs) Definitive $12 Johnny Otis Rhythm & Blues Caravan with Little Esther Savoy 3 CDs $14 Bud Powell Birdland 1953 ESP Disk 3 cds $22 Johnny Mercer Mosaic Select 3 cds $40 Miles Davis Complete Live at Plugged Nickel small rip and little dent on box 7 CDs $65 SOLD

    well, I mailed my absentee ballots to Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. Anybody know how things turned out?
  3. there is just this sense in all of these that Bird was a troubled guy who, if only he could have settled down like these other saxophonists, could have been a regular guy. I find this to be a very middle-class attitude. Bird was Bird, and he was what he was because of the way that he was. I mean, Bobby Watson plays great, but using him on this is a way of taming the craziness of Bird's work and life, to say "this is what Bird's music really means." But that' not right. I think it's crazy, because Bird's intensity was part of the life he lived, on all levels. Now there IS another side to this - Al Haig always said he thought that at heart Bird longed for stability, for a family life; Dave Schildkraut said the exact same thing. But if we are going to look at Bird's life, we have to show both sides and the battle between them. Instead, these documentaries are like someone trying to domesticate a pet.
  4. to me, if they were going to show Bird's importance through those that came after - well, there were much better ways to do it. I feel like all these types of documentaries, unlike Bird, just continue to play it safe. Bird was a musical radical, and they have turned him into a symbol of middle-class stability. He was anything but. Too much respectability.
  5. Focus on Barney Kessel

    people don't mention enough that the reason the older jazz guitarists sound so much better in purely sonic terms is the use of tube amps, which really breath, give a fatness to the sound and also reflect more of the string sound. Plus the CC's have a nice compressed sound to them that swells when pushed.
  6. Focus on Barney Kessel

    I don't know if anyone has mentioned it, but I believe Kessel (whose sound and playing I love; had a lot to do with those Charlie Christian pickups) played the screaming "rock" guitar solo in the Orson Wells movie Touch of Evil.
  7. I am going to nominate one from out of left field: one of Dave Schildkraut's favorite records was Coleman Hawkins with Strings. It was Hawk with big, syrupy arrangements, and it was quite smooth.
  8. End of Summer COVID 19 Poll

    as a fixed income social security recipient who had some good teaching/playing gigs scheduled for the spring, this thing has caused some financial difficulty, though it's been pretty much manageable. Actually, sales from the new book and historical cds were substantial and helped me put enough aside to pay my property taxes. the good news is that Lincoln Center expects to have classes in the Spring and wants my blues-history course. We will see how that develops. I am cautiously pessimistic. on the other side of things, my niece's father in law, mid-60s and a doctor, living in Texas, died of Covid last week. Was a wonderful man from all accounts.
  9. Dexter Gordon - Live in Chateauvallon 1978

    I have gotten in trouble in the past with this basic opinion, but I continue to avoid Dexter. He plays in these later years like his feet are stuck in cement.
  10. "God is an American." It's from the old Broadway show Red,White and Maddox, about the old racist politician Lester Maddox, that I must have seen in 1969 or 1970.
  11. me to, especially when I can color them in -
  12. well, believe it or not, this is a correct characterization of about 90 percent of what appears about jazz. So you are on to something.
  13. Jimi Hendrix on the LuLu show.

    interesting, because Hendrix's band was so much better than Cream.
  14. it is true I haven't read the book, but then, I haven't read Mein Kampf, but I have a pretty good sense of where he comes out on the issues of the day.
  15. I hope so; speed correction is very easy these days. There are some amazing programs.