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  1. so where does the stuff issued on Savoy originate? I love that period.
  2. I heard Amram play a few times (he used to sit in with Joe Albany) - and listened to that album - I have no doubt he is completely sincere, but he's not in any real sense a jazz musician. He's had an interesting life, and I don't know his compositional work, however.
  3. what a brilliant pianist. A little wild and crazy. I wish I'd asked Bill Triglia about him. Btw there's a terrific interview with Tinney in some old issue of Cadence.
  4. Ahmad Jamal

    well, I hope so, because his playing drives me nuts. It's like watching someone paint, but not a picture, just a wall. Though I am running out of metaphors.
  5. Ahmad Jamal

    I get the same feeling from Jamal's playing that I get from Brubeck (though I hear far more possibilities in Jamal). I keep saying to myself "when is the music gonna start?" It's like he's got one foot nailed to the floor and he keeps walking in circles.
  6. Live Shows from the Past

    Percy was one of those guys who was determinedly "local," whatever that means in NYC. He went to Europe a few times, but also turned down, as I recall, a few more substantial opportunities.
  7. Books on Cassette - Percy France

    that's right; I would say yes on The Killing Man, but it doesn't leap out at me like the other.
  8. Books on Cassette - Percy France

    that first one is definitely Percy. and so is the snippet at the end. I am certain; his tone sounds sometimes like someone inhaling. That's him.
  9. Musicians as drivers

    not only was Powell's wife driving, but according to what Curley Russell told me, everyone knew she was a terrible driver and warned them not to let her take the wheel.
  10. just to mention, in regard to the casual put-down of Nat Phipps in that article as being middle-class/stodgy. Phipps is an absolutely great pianist. Really unusually good.
  11. Jazz Police, University Jazz Program Nightmare Stories

    well, my experience with academia is nothing but bad - the comments to an NEH proposal I wrote, reviewed by academics, referred to me disparagingly as a "hobbyist" because I had no PHD; last year I started attending some events hosted by the Yale Black Students Music Archives group, all of which appeared, in their promotion, to be public. Finally Daphne Brooks, a PHD fool who was running the program, asked me to leave. It was odd, because I never made a single comment but she knows me from some conferences etc and I have a feeling she was worried because I knew so much more about the subject than she did (I had attended one of her previous lectures in which some academic was speaking on gospel music and made such a bizarre and obvious mistake that I HAD to say something, though of course it did no good). At the various EMP Pop Conferences I attended the academics treated me like I was some kind of leper, so I stopped attending. My experience, when it comes to the history and cultural side of the music, is that academics tend to have an authoritarian mentality, meaning they do not believe in free speech or in academic freedom if it contradicts their own beliefs.
  12. Lesser-Known Leaders with Well-Known Sidemen

    since I am the least-known leader there is, my Knitting Factory recording with Doc Cheatham and David Murray probably qualifies -
  13. The USPS SUCKS

    I have the sneaking suspicion that all of this is happening as a job action. I sent out something 10 days ago to someone who has yet to receive it. I smell a deliberate slow down.
  14. Nobody seems to remember any more, but Harold Vick, who was a great looking guy, was in a commercial for a bank - can't remember which one - in the '70s. I remember seeing him one night and he was talking about how he was able buy a Mercedes with his earnings.
  15. The USPS SUCKS

    is all this crap a new trend, since out virus troubles started? Because in about 30 years of selling and shipping things I have had maybe 2 problems. As I have a new project that will go media in August, I am now very nervous. Since we know the p.o. is now having business and political problems. Oi.