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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    sorry Larry, I think you are lying about this whole thing. A New Yorker rude? Especially a hip music guy? (sounds like a scene out of High Fidelity; I am surprised they even let you into the Jazz Gallery).
  2. Art Pepper at Bourbon St. Toronto, 1977

    the truth must be told; I actually didn't put it out, just mastered it for a Japanese label, but the whole thing was a fiasco, as they lied about owning the rights, and so there's a whole lot of unsold copies sitting around (though I won't say where). However, he does play well on it. Because of the problems, however, there will not be a Volume 2.
  3. Art Pepper at Bourbon St. Toronto, 1977

    I spent one really strange day with him during the comeback period; incredibly nice guy, but also really concerned about appearing to be 'old hat' in that post-avant garde world. He need not have worried.
  4. Art Pepper at Bourbon St. Toronto, 1977

    I find it oddly frustrating; it's a great clip and only has only one little dip into the kind of faux 'free thing' which for me mars of lot of this era of his playing (here at about .35). Frustrating because it feels like he sacrificed the whole last act of this life chasing - well, not exactly Trane, but some shadow of Trane. Even his late '60s work (for me) is marred by this kind of silliness. Oh well.
  5. Hank Mobley In Holland

    what a wrong-headed review; just listening now, and this CD is a revelation; absolutely incredible work from Hank all the way through. Fascinating; thoughtful, intense, and, best of all, un-selfconscious. What I mean is that sometimes to me, on the Bluenotes, Mobley sounds to me like he is straining a bit, trying too hard to be 'contemporary.' His work here is great all the way, and his sound is just a little bit smoother yet incredibly muscular. These are 50 year old recordings and they sound like they could have been made yesterday, both sonically and stylistically.
  6. "Mingus Three" pianists

    Jim - if you want to hear the greatness of Hawes you need to listen to his earlier 50s live recordings. They are unbelievably intense and some of my favorite recordings. Here we go: or: he is playing patterns a bit, even back then - I had a long and interesting talk with Russ Freeman about this once - but there is a rawness that he lost (he did later said that he was a 'maniac' during this period, and that his playing reflected this). This, btw, is really where Oscar Peterson comes from, but I don't blame Hawes for that.
  7. The Bad Plus

    the point for me is that, as I was told by more than one women musician, they are generally not first call, and every one of them has had an experience of being called by a male musician for a 'rehearsal' that was really a 'date.' White males tend to hire white males; people tend to work with people who are like themselves. I believe in affirmative action and its principles. And I think one has to get beyond one's normal comfort zone. I have done this repeatedly over the years (I was a little frightened of Hemphill because of that bare-chested picture of him with the "I want to kill you" look. But I figured what the hell and just called him up). The best tenor player if have heard in 20 years is a 22 year old woman who works a full time job at Trader Joe's. My favorite baritone player is someone I would never have played with but for my active search for women musicians, and my favorite drummer was located in the same way. So, I am not pissing with anyone, just glad I did it and proud of the results.
  8. The Bad Plus

    interesting to me on a self-serving level, because I may be the only male bandleader who has specifically, and recently, done TWO major recording projects in which the political statement was made about the need for male jazz players to stop discriminating against women musicians and to start actually hiring them. TWO. But I cannot get someone like Mercer to pay attention. One project is out, the other some time later this year. And the point I make is that this was not tokenism but an understanding of my own personal need to expand my artistic horizons. So Vijay and Iverson - who have the advantage over me of money and actual bookings - could easily do same.
  9. RIP

    I just did the mirror test on myself. So far, so good.
  10. RIP

    if we stop letting Jim post his RIP threads, can I post an RIP thread for Jim's RIP threads?
  11. reading it now; I saw the Butterfield band in Central Park, maybe 1970, with Dinwiddie, Sanborn, and Phillip Wilson. That was a mighty band. Also, I am trying to picture Julius selling furniture.
  12. The Tastiest Oscar Peterson Blues Piano Lick

    kind of a Bar Mitzvah blues.
  13. Teddy Wilson Mosaic?

    thanks for the tip; just ordered the 10 CD box off ebay for $25.
  14. Teddy Wilson Mosaic?

    pray that they don't use the same guys for sound who messed up the Dials and the Savoys (which has really gross amounts of distortion even on the samples on their web site) - yeah, I know we're tired of hearing about this, but this is a serious malfunction (if you disagree with me talk to Doug Pomeroy, who was so upset at the Dial sessions that he wrote Mosaic a letter).