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  1. no but I just bought the complete Beatles in mono, box - for $20. Included shipping.
  2. Oscar Pettiford Nonet | Big Band | Sextet 1955 - 1958

    though I do hate to give Sunnenblick any of my money (mentioning this here because he seems to monitor these discussions).
  3. Oscar Pettiford Nonet | Big Band | Sextet 1955 - 1958

    I need to pick this up, have an LP with only some of it. I am a big admirer of Gryce's arranging, and I assume he did a lot of the writing here? Also, I would assume Dick Katz is on piano on a lot of this?
  4. Happy 80th Birthday Archie Shepp

    Roswell Rudd told me, with amazement, that people in France name their babies after him, he is so famous there.

    was thinking that too, yes.

    What was he doing in YOUR pajamas? (sorry couldn't resist, given how you occasionally, on Facebook, like to point out awkward phraseology) -
  7. I hope that's the speed-corrected take (which was done by Doug Pomeroy); the original LP reissue had them playing in the key of B.
  8. actually, he's mean on the outside, but look under that rough exterior and he's.....still mean.
  9. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    I think a lot of it has to do with his time sense, which is more pre-bop.
  10. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    ....and if you listen through this concert, there are some amazing points - part Tristano, part Nat Cole, but very personal (even though his bebop is strange):
  11. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    that does remind me that the best Shearing I ever heard was at Newport, around 1975 or so. Nothing I have heard of him on record - or even live - since then comes close to his use of harmony on that gig (I remember a particularly amazing version of Django). Just in this sense I consider him one of the greats, and wished he'd opened up that palette on more public occasions. It's a real loss to jazz that there is so little documentation of this side of him. ....though interestingly enough, I do remember that my mother, a pianist, had a book of Shearing's arrangements of standards, and Over the Rainbow was quite amazing - somewhat related to Bud's re-harmonization but still quite unique. and holy moly, just in time for Mother's Day, here it is:
  12. I love that picture but I gotta say I hate that article, which takes its time in saying very little. It's a great picture because it is so damn touching - and it depends not on the art of its framing - I don't think technically it's a very good picture - but on its subjects. It's like if I took a random snapshot - and the subject turned out to be Bird. Anyone else would lose our interest - but it's Bird! so we are fascinated even if the pose, background, etc. are completely unremarkable, even banal (which, by the way, is very interesting to consider when we take up arguments of form and content, or when we battle over the question of 'pure aesthetics'). The picture is just amazing because these two musical giants so clearly love each other - and also, it helps to know (as Dyer appears to have no clue) that Webster was a great supporter of progressive musical movements (Dave Schildkraut once showed me a note, handwritten and signed by Webster, that had been passed to him in a club, that said something like "keep on doing it!").
  13. George Kelly Tenor Sax

    I knew him a little in my NYC days when I practically lived at the West End and saw him regularly (as a matter of fact I was the one who got Richard Wyands on that gig that led to the live recording mentioned above, though I am sure that if you asked, Phil would take credit). Nice man, played beautifully, solid, gruff tone; also a good singer. I know he's not around here any more, but I believe Joel Fass worked with him a lot. Glad to see Kelly's name mentioned, had not thought of him in a long time.
  14. really? Consider yourself lucky; but seriously, clearly an oversight. not to digress, but we are on a new promo program. Please message me your email.
  15. huh; no I have never gotten a word from them.