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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Desmond Live 1975 Toronto Recordings.
  2. Storing Mosaic Booklets?

    Thanks... I'm going to have to look into this...
  3. Storing Mosaic Booklets?

    Since I don't collect LPs I don't have/know what those are... Any suggestions?
  4. Storing Mosaic Booklets?

    The boxes take up a ton of space.....I'm mainly trying to preserve them as long as possible without wasting space. This is what I tried to do but I'm not happy with it. IMG_0367.pdf
  5. How do you guys store these? I purchased a vinyl box a long time ago and have about 50-60 sets/booklets but I don't think my setup is good for long term care. I know the booklets are valuable. Thanks,
  6. Interesting piece... I never heard of him before... the-solo-performances-of-hasaan-ibn-ali-expand-the-history-of-jazz
  7. Best Historical Jazz Releases 2021

    Which discs or sets are harder to hear?
  8. Katherine McKinnon

    It's such a bad commercial because she doesn't seem comfortable in the red high heels and it's been played like 1000 times in the last few weeks.
  9. Weird but pleasant news. I was checking my order status on this set which had still said "processing," when I got a text from UPS that my Mosaic records box will be delivered tomorrow... Interesting. A nice little Christmas present for myself...
  10. I get the frustration but I'm cool with waiting to see what happens with the shipping starts. I had kinda gave up hope a few years ago that Mosaic was going to put out anything other than Blue Note and Armstrong stuff. I've been thrilled with the Desmond and am looking forward to this Tristano release. Personally I'm just grateful they're still around turning out some good stuff. Now can someone get them to find and release some unreleased Betty Carter live please....
  11. I didn't get one either but when I look on their site under my order history it still says processing. I'm suspecting we won't hear anything until the12/26 shipping starts.
  12. okay, that is bizarre... I didn't get a notification after ordering but when I look at my account the order says "processing." Got nothing for ya. Sorry. I do have a feeling this one is going to go faster than other sets.
  13. Nice piece... I think something happened with their mailing list when they went to the new website. I was on the old one and routinely got the emails but somehow got dropped. No biggie though. I wonder when they did have the last open house?
  14. Wadada Leo Smith's Great Lakes Quartet

    Anybody got a link for ordering or sound samples?