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  1. Just preordered on Looking forward to it.
  2. So let me see if I got this... Those who ordered the first batch (before the email went out) - you have received them? Those of us (including me) who ordered once the email was sent out are in the second batch? Which hasn't shipped... Is that right?
  3. yeah I just saw this... Caught me completely off guard... Gotta check which of the previously released material I already have but I'm going to get this one given all the new stuff!!! Very excited. I hope the set lives up to the concept. I've always wished Mosaic would do more live unreleased stuff.
  4. Lee Konitz R.I.P.

    I consider myself lucky to have seen him 2-3 times. I follow Antonio Hart on his instagram feed and he said it well.. Between McCoy and coronavirus I'm getting numb to these losses. Awful...
  5. Lee Morgan 60s Mosaic set

    Anybody got any info on what would be on this set and how many cds? I assume this will NOT duplicate any of the upcoming Mobley box, right? I thought I had all the Lee Morgan stuff there was... but maybe I'm wrong.
  6. I thoroughly enjoyed the set. More than I anticipated
  7. Just came across this upcoming release. Looks like a 3 Cd live set. If correct... I'm really looking forward to it. I miss Mulgrew.... Never have enough... Anybody got any more info????
  8. Chick Corea- ANTIDOTE new album is out!

    Completely agree... but I might grab this one in spite of her singing.
  9. I ordered a set, online last week and haven't heard back yet. Well said sir.
  10. Chick Corea The Musician

    Couldn't find anything about the length of the Bluray but here's the track/chapter info translated.... BRD: Full length Documentary A film as produced and retrospective of Amazing Chick's career, his life, and his musical collaborators. Directed by Arne Rostad, the basis of the film was over 300 hours of performance footage from a month long engagement at the Blue Note, NYC, Including performances and interviews with the musicians seuraavilla: 1st Intro From the second Miles Band Herbie Hancock third 4th \ "Chick \" Just A Nickname 5th Miles 6th The Five Peace Band 7th Gayle The eighth Chick Corea Trio 9th Next Generation 10th Return To Forever 11th Chick's Spanish Heart The 12th Chick Corea Elektric Band 13th Bobby McFerrin 14th Marcus Roberts 15th Gary Burton The 16th World Lift 17th Menu / Chick Corea / The Musician
  11. I've been seeing this on various sites but had a hard time finding any info. I wasn't clear if this was another compilation or something else. Happily it looks like this is a new release. As many issues as I have with Scientology, I do love Chick Corea. There appears to be both a 3CD edition as well as 3CD/Blu-ray edition. I'm inclined to get the 4cd set even if I don't have a Bluray player (yet:).
  12. Steve Schwartz, RIP

    I didn't know this. As a Bostonian for 25 years, Steve's presence in the jazz scene was well known and appreciated. RIP. I never knew him but I often saw him at various local shows and Newport. A big loss for the Boston jazz community.
  13. New Thelonious Monk album

    Do we have any ordering/release/online info? Found one... never mind...
  14. Oscar Peterson, Short List

    I concur especially on #1....