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  1. Wadada Leo Smith's Great Lakes Quartet

    Anybody got a link for ordering or sound samples?
  2. Pat Martino RIP.

    This one sucks to me... I was lucky enough to see him a few times (maybe twice?)... Love all his records... His comeback was incredible... I hate this stuff... Thank you Pat...
  3. I'm looking foward to this set but I find it odd that Mosaic put up a set that's not even available for preorder. They could have at least told us when the preorders would start....
  4. Importcds is back online.
  5. Has anybody got an ETA on the preorder window? Also based on the broadness of this set, which of the existing Tristano releases do you think this most closely resembles if any? Thanks.
  6. I'm just about finished listening to this set. Overall I really like it. As previously mentioned my main pet peeve is the lack of audience response. Much of sounds like a studio recording (which would be fine) but if I didn't know better I would not assume this was recorded before an audience. My only other minor complaint is a few tracks (not many) just feel uneven. I can't really explain but that is what it feels like to me. However generally..... I'm a happy camper... On to Lee Morgan sometime later this week.
  7. Passing of George Wein

    Just heard he died... Sad... We owe that man a whole lot... As someone who's been to the Newport Jazz Festival for 20 years, I know Christian McBride took over a few years ago but George was still around a lot... RIP good man.
  8. Have to say I'm about halfway through and I'm loving it. My only annoyance is there seems to be very few tracks which include the audience response, which is frustrating. Wasn't all of this recorded live in front of audiences pre-COVID? Why wouldn't it be included???
  9. Michael Williams

    Where did you see the cause of death? All i saw was the announcement of the death?? Awful..
  10. I'm a couple of cds' in (probably 2 or 3). I'm enjoying it via small bites at a time.
  11. ABBA releases new album

    I happened to be bored and curious when it was live streamed and now 24 hours I have this stuck in my head... .....
  12. I'd be hyped about both... esp. Elvin...
  13. okay not to hijack this thread... but what would you consider the best 'Trane biography???? I find many jazz bios poorly written and too hyperbolic. I did love Robin Kelley's Monk bio...
  14. okay, now I have a few questions about this.... 1. Has anyone heard what Ravi has to say about this? I assume he knew it existed prior to Resonance reaching out to the estate. 2. Was there only one set that night? Doesn't it seem odd that 'Trane only played one set of this material? If he was performing it live it's hard to conceive that he only played it once - ever? - Okay I'm editing myself. How does this differ than the Deluxe Edition which had a live performance on it? 3. Why is this coming out now??? I know it takes a long time to get the rights and stuff.. but????