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  1. I don't think it's been officially announced but it's been closed since COVID and has not reopened.
  2. We will miss him here. Over the years WGBH kept cutting the amount of on-air time to jazz. I stopped listening at that point to move to WRTI and WGBO streams but I know he was a significant part of the jazz community here. Unfortunately with the Regattabar jazz club closing and Eric passing... things are getting weaker up here in Boston... Kinda sucks...
  3. Jeez... they really are shipping these quick... I really hope this isn't going to be another set that's gone within a month... I would really like to wait and get the JATP first then the Freddie (maybe)....
  4. I'm not sure if someone already posted this but I'm looking forward to it. Sounds like two 2-cd releases with a third forthcoming. Looks promising. Has anybody got any more info?
  5. Michel Petrucciani - Solo In Denmark

    Listening to it right now... I don't understand why he is so often forgotten???? My top 5 pianists (probably top 3).
  6. Forthcoming from Mosaic: JATP, Sonny Clark

    I'm totally into this JATP set... so do we know how much of this set has been previously released on CD in the US?
  7. Forthcoming from Mosaic: JATP, Sonny Clark

    Wow 10Cds.. JATP... okay I'm going to have to save my $ and hold off with the Hubbard to get that set. Who's likely to get the most tracks on this set??? Which of these has been on CD previously?
  8. Forthcoming from Mosaic: JATP, Sonny Clark

    I can't get to the web page for some odd reason. Can someone post a synopsis of the set(s)? Also, I've got a question for you guys. Since Mosaic has gone through this new process of announcing a set close to its shipping date, it seems sets sell out MUCH quicker. It used to be that a set could be on the website for 3-6 months. Now it seems like they're gone after a month or so. Do we have an ETA for the JATP set? Also how long the Hubbard set is going to be available? I'm slightly inclined to get it as I only have one of those CDs but cash flow is low this month...
  9. Michel Petrucciani - Solo In Denmark

    Hallelujah....!! I miss him. Thought the jazz world forgot about him. I'm there. Wish it was a boxed set though...
  10. Joey DeFrancesco RIP

    Christian McBride posted a long note about this on his Instagram page... Joey and a few days after Jamie Branch's death at 39... Not a good week,
  11. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    Glad to hear it. I received mine last week. Just haven't had the time and space to give it a listen yet.
  12. Head’s up Braxton fans!

    I've been wondering the same thing. I loved that last boxed set.
  13. Where? There's nothing on the website? How many cds? What period does it cover? The bands?
  14. Am I the only one who wants some unreleased live Betty Carter?
  15. 2022 Newport (RI) Jazz Festival Lineup

    Okay, so I'm going Saturday mainly to see Maria Schneider and Joe Lovano. Does anybody know anything about these vocalists or have seen any of them perform? Lady Blackbird, Samara Joy, and Melanie Charles? I used to like Esperanza Spalding but she's kinda worn on me... I did check out Holly Bowling (I know she's a pianist, not a vocalist). I liked her a lot...Looking forward to that set.