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  1. Any recommendations for good used CD shops in Toronto for jazz? Thanls Bob
  2. Discogs Problem

    Hello. I bought a Dave Liebman CD from a seller on Discogs who listed the disc in NM condition and is refusing to issue refund as CD arrived with scratches. Seller will not issue refund and is threatening to return CD if I mail it back with tracking. Has anyone else experience this issue with Discogs seller and how best to go about getting refund - the Discogs site does not appear user friendly in navigating how to resolve issue- they just give a link to various articles and give and give a link to help center” which Again refers you to these articles. Thanks Bob
  3. SF Jazz Collectove

    Has anyone experienced difficulty obtaining SF Jazz Collective CDs through Amazon? i ordered one of their CDs, was given a tracking number and the CD never arrived . i emailed them through Amazon three times with no response and finally had to open claim to get my money back. Anyone know about the management and distribution of this grioups recordings ?
  4. Were there recordings of the Vienna Philharmonic New Years Concerts in 1984, 1985 and 1986? I know the first commercial recording was in 1979 with Willi Boskovsky and then Lorin Maazel did recordings in 1980, 81, 82 and 83. The next commercial recording I’ve seen is the 1987 with Herbert von Karajan and then continuing thereafter every year. Thanks, Bob
  5. Freddie Hubbard

    Anyone have a spare clean/mint copy of the Freddie Hubbard Live at Northsea Jazz Festival or Freddie Hubbard -Keystone Bop Friday-Saturday Night at the Keystone Korner on CD they would like to sell or know of any leads beyond the usual internet haunts of a copy for sale. Thanks Bob
  6. Classical CD Box Set Wish List

    A Charles Ives RCA-Sony Box would be great especially with the William Masselos 1st Piano Sonata issued on RCA and the John Kirkpatrick Concord Sonata issued around the same time in the late 1960s on Columbia Masterworks, that would make a great set as neither has been issued in CD before
  7. As the major labels have been issuing box sets of classical series previously issued on LP ( Columbia’s Black Composers Series which is available for pre-order) and performers (Andre Previn -Complete Columbia-RCA Recordings, a great set!) in the past few years , I’d like to propose some ideas for future box sets: The Complete Columbia Madterworks Musc From Marlboro Recordings - although many were issued in the early 90s on CD, there remains several recordings that deserve proper (non CDR) issues as well as the Hummel Septet which has never been issued on CD; The Complete Columbia Masterworks Modern American Music Series which would include recordings of Douglas Moore, Wallingford Riegger, Lester Trimble, Goddard Lieberson, Virgil Thomson, Roger Sessions... The Complete RCA Recordingsvof Jacob Lateiner. Any requests for other box sets ? Bob
  8. Has anyone experienced difficulty with accepting PayPal ? I won an auction for a CD in Japan and have been trying to pay for it on PayPal .When I attempted payment it says PayPal payment has failed. I have contacted PayPal and my account is fine. Thanks Bob
  9. Mosaic Wish List

    Now that would make a great set, I’ve been on the fence about getting the inexpensive set out of fear it does not have good recording quality
  10. I recall there being a thread several years back about what us jazz listeners/collectors would like to see Mosaic issue, and although the times may be changing for CD box sets, I’d like to start the New Year with sone wishful thinking... I picked up 4 Ricky Ford LPs recently and can’t get them off my turntable rotation which made me think of the possibility of a Complete Ricky Ford Muse Recordings, which would span at least 4-5 CDs. Any thoughts on this or other musicians that deserve a Mosaic set? Happy New Year to all! Bob
  11. Happy 50th B-day BeBopBob!

    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes- now’s the time for maintenance !
  12. Roy Hargrove

    One of the young lions that got me into jazz as a kid - a real loss. R.I.P. Roy
  13. Taking trip to Vienna and Budapest. While traveling, which I don’t do too often - that thing called work tends to get in the way- I always like checking out the local jazz scene instead of hearing musicians I can hear In NYC, etc From what I see, Jazzland in Vienna seems like a place to check out the more local jazz scene. Any other recommendations for jazz in Vienna and any recommendations for live jazz in Budapest? Any jazz musicians in Vienna- Budapest I should keep my ears open for - my ears gravitate to the bebop-post/hardbop sound - no Dixieland, fusion or avant- garde. Thanks for any recommendations. Bob
  14. Arrived home to find the Paul Chambers set! Thanks Chris - very happy with the purchase