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    Anyone recently experience poor customer service at I returned a CDR burn of Pat Martino: Baiyina- listed as a CD- which they received on July 3, 2020 and still have not seen a refund after 3 emails and a phone call. Any similar experiences with Thanks, Bob
  2. Sony is releasing a 7 CD box set devoted to William Masselos in August which contains one of the Modern American Music Series LP- Music of Paul Bowles with William Masselos and music of Norman Dello-Joio. Masselos appears to be almost forgotten these days, but hopefully this box set will bring him and his recordings of Ives, Copland, Satie and others back into the forefront of some of the greatest solo piano music recordings from the Columbia Masterworks and RCA catalogues. As for the Modern American Music Series, I will take whatever Sony gives us, but hopefully one day they’ll devote a box to this great mid- 20th century series.
  3. Hampton Hawes - Jam Session

    Hope everyone is doing well - up for air on the Hampton Hawes on CD Thanks Bob
  4. Hopefully they’ll release the Pocahontas Suite when Sony issues the “Modern American Music Series” box set. The question remains when???
  5. Richard (Richie) Kamuca

    How is the sound quality on the Richie Kamuca - Roy Eldridge set? I see its been reissued on disc - looks like a CDR release - would like to hear if anyone has links to sample Thanks
  6. Shipping delays

    Any update as to when Germany will authorize shipping to USA? I placed an order from a German Discogs seller who advised that they will ship as soon as German mail can be shipped to USA Thanks
  7. Shirley Scott – One For Me reissue

    Thanks all for the recommendation- by far one of her best records!!
  8. Slowness of Mail Order

    I have had some slow (4+week) post order deliveries from DG, but the latecomers ultimately arrive -They always respond to email inquiries about delayed orders
  9. Shirley Scott- Soul Sister

    Exactly- The CD is described as having 2 LPs on a single disc with track 13 from a third LP- the copy I have however only has the 12tracks from the 2 LPs but is missing track 13- “Now’s The Time”
  10. Shirley Scott- Soul Sister

    Just found a copy of the Shirley Scott “Soul Sister” CD on the Prestige Legends of Acid Jazz Series which lists 13 tracks, the last being “Now’s The Time”. The copy I have only contains 12 tracks - anyone else notice this ? Anyone have a copy with 13 tracks? Thanks, Bob
  11. Anyone have a copy for sale or know of any leads other than the usual internet sites where I can purchase a copy? Thanks and stay safe
  12. Hope everyone is safe- I opened a couple of requests last week to obtain refunds on eBay orders from a seller that never showed up (not from any members here on the board- the CDs were purchased from a well known Japanese seller on eBay) and was told in an email response from eBay to wait until June 3, 2020 for eBay to “step in”. I waited until June 3rd and followed the directions eBay gave...go to “purchase history”- locate item- view request details and ask eBay to step in. The problem is that the CDs I ordered were from March 2020 and are no longer on my purchase history. Has anyone experienced this problem? Is there a telephone number to call. I emailed eBay customer service and the email came back undeliverable. I then logged into eBay and was directed to some service to pay $5.00 which I found completely incredulous. Very unhappy with what appears to be a lack of customer service with eBay. Thanks and stay safe Bob
  13. Should Mosaic venture into the Concord Vaults, Id like to propose: The Complete Emily Remler Concord Jazz Recordings The Complete Ed Bickert Concord Jazz Recordings
  14. Support for Jimmy Cobb

    What an amazing musician - heard him most recently with Emmet Cohen in Connecticut about a year a half ago - played as great as always -R.I.P. Mr. Cobb, you are missed
  15. Shipping delays

    Up for some air - has anyone received any CDs ordered from Japan from March 2020? Still waiting for arrivals to USA. Any word on when Japanese post office has or will resume shipping to USA? Thanks and be safe