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  1. Great deal - highly recommended: John Scofield-3 CD set includes: Quiet- 1996; Works for Me- 2001; Enroute- 2004. Great compilation -about $15.00 for all three
  2. Steeplechase burn!!

    Just received my first Steeplechase CDR from Amazon - Frank Strozier Sextet -Remember Me- will be returning as it was not described as a CDR pressing but now Steeplechase is pressing CDR burns like OJCs have been for awhile. Any leads as to sites that are still selling authentic CDs of older Steeplechase and OJC titles? Thanks, Bob
  3. Mosaic partials ...

    With a Cecil Taylor box-and-book out there for sale, perhaps someone has an extra Capitol Jazz Sessions CD box-and-book they are willing to sell or knows of any leads where I can buy one. Thanks and stay well Bob
  4. Dr. Lyn Christie- R.I.P.

    It is with great sadness and heavy heart I read that Dr. Lyn Christie passed in March 2020. A medical doctor by training and profession earlier in life, Dr. Christie devoted more than the last fifty years to music performance and education but always kept his mind engaged in science and medicine while sharing his soul through the double bass. R.I.P. Dr. Lyn Christie- you are missed but will never be forgotten.
  5. Charli Persip

    Just heard Charli Persip has passed. Very saddened by the news - R.I.P. Charli Persip
  6. LF: Mosaic Larry Young box set

    Discogs is real hit-or-miss. Had a seller from Pittsburgh last year refuse to issue a refund on scratched Dave Liebman CD which was returned to him via tracking, then left me negative feedback claiming I was a horrible customer- very unpleasant and professional. Otherwise, many Discogs sellers are reliable and quick to respond in getting discs out while some tend to operate in a vacuum bubble taking their time... Good luck and hope all are well.
  7. Tik Tok and Concord Jazz

    Perhaps my eyesight is not what it used to be, but doesn’t the Tik Tok trademark look strikingly similar to the Concord Jazz trademark? Is Tik Tok taking over Concord-Universal Music Group??
  8. RIP Leon Fleisher

    He was such an inspiration to hear and a real gentlemen to see. Very fortunate to have heard him many times live in recitals and conducting, especially at the Marlboro Music Festival. R.I.P. Leon

    Anyone recently experience poor customer service at I returned a CDR burn of Pat Martino: Baiyina- listed as a CD- which they received on July 3, 2020 and still have not seen a refund after 3 emails and a phone call. Any similar experiences with Thanks, Bob
  10. Sony is releasing a 7 CD box set devoted to William Masselos in August which contains one of the Modern American Music Series LP- Music of Paul Bowles with William Masselos and music of Norman Dello-Joio. Masselos appears to be almost forgotten these days, but hopefully this box set will bring him and his recordings of Ives, Copland, Satie and others back into the forefront of some of the greatest solo piano music recordings from the Columbia Masterworks and RCA catalogues. As for the Modern American Music Series, I will take whatever Sony gives us, but hopefully one day they’ll devote a box to this great mid- 20th century series.
  11. Hampton Hawes - Jam Session

    Hope everyone is doing well - up for air on the Hampton Hawes on CD Thanks Bob
  12. Hopefully they’ll release the Pocahontas Suite when Sony issues the “Modern American Music Series” box set. The question remains when???
  13. Richard (Richie) Kamuca

    How is the sound quality on the Richie Kamuca - Roy Eldridge set? I see its been reissued on disc - looks like a CDR release - would like to hear if anyone has links to sample Thanks
  14. Shipping delays

    Any update as to when Germany will authorize shipping to USA? I placed an order from a German Discogs seller who advised that they will ship as soon as German mail can be shipped to USA Thanks
  15. Shirley Scott – One For Me reissue

    Thanks all for the recommendation- by far one of her best records!!