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  1. I searched but couldn't find anything. No matter.
  2. I remember you posting this on another forum earlier this year. I'm unable to find any source for this interview. Would you please oblige? Thanks in advance.
  3. Nonagenarian Jazz Musicians

    nonagenarian: of the age of 90 years, or between 90 and 100 years old. TTK, you're wrong, plain and simple. And of course, your Alain Delon thread is in the wrong forum. Deal with, or wait for Jim to save your a$$ with an off-handed comment.
  4. New DONATE button

    Day 166. Total contributions: $405. Need I say more?
  5. News of the Day

    This company wants to pay you $2,000 to infest your home with cockroaches
  6. Bandcamp waiving fees on Friday

    Received this info in an email from bandcamp: Next Friday, June 17th (from midnight to midnight Pacific Time), we’re holding our third annual Juneteenth fundraiser, where we donate 100% of our share of sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, a racial justice organization with a long history of effectively enacting change through litigation, advocacy, and public education.
  7. News of the Day

    Florida man bitten by 7-foot alligator he mistook for dog
  8. Apple Music App

    Apple dropped DRM from the iTunes music library in 2009. For tracks purchased before then, there are ways to kill the DRM.
  9. News of the Day

    Man in wig throws cake at Mona Lisa in climate protest stunt
  10. Apple Music App

    Yes, and yes.
  11. Apple Music App

    You're a very forgiving person. Have you considered trying Plex?
  12. News of the Day

    Japanese man spends $15,700 on dog costume to fulfill lifelong dream of transforming into an animal
  13. RIP, Alen White.

    It's Alan, not Allen.
  14. News of the Day

    'How to Murder Your Husband' writer found guilty of murdering her husband'
  15. Norman Harris, founder of Norman's Rare Guitars, revealed he has a rare form of cancer a few days ago. According to his daughter Sarah, "Tuesday was my dad’s surgery and it was 14 hours long and included something called a chemo bath, which will HOPEFULLY help him avoid having to do chemo. On top of everything he’s been through with the surgery - two nights later, he had a widow-maker heart attack." For those unfamiliar with Norman's Rare Guitars, Harris opened his store in Los Angeles in February, 1975. While they also cater to beginner and student customers, Norman's is best known for its rare and investment-grade instruments and the professionals and celebrities who seek them out. I enjoy checking out their website to drool over the vintage archtops they have for sale, some of which are $38,000. Norman’s Rare Guitars founder reveals cancer diagnosis Norman’s Rare Guitars founder reveals cancer diagnosis