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  1. Wynton Kelly -- Piano

    There's a JVC XRCD version of this recording that sounds quite good to my ears. There are also a few Japanese reissues that probably sound better than the OJC.
  2. Sexiest album covers

    Clothed or not, this isn't an album cover. Thinking XXX is a TV documentary about a photography book project featuring 30 adult actors. That's Jenna Jameson in the photo posted.
  3. Marantz update -- for Kevin B. in particular

    Let's hear it for Kevin!
  4. Sexiest album covers

    Hey look! They release vinyl singles as well.
  5. RIP - Hugh Hefner

    Personally, I find such comments distasteful and inappropriate in an obituary thread, especially when expressed by a moderator.
  6. I definitely think there's another side to this story. Take a few minutes to check out the jazz pages on the brewery's website, and watch this video of T.S. Monk at launch of Brother Thelonious ale.
  7. Gay rights pioneer Edith Windsor, whose lawsuit against the federal government helped pave the way for same-sex marriage nationwide, has died at 88. Windsor was thrust into the national spotlight after suing the federal government upon receiving a $363,000 estate-tax bill after the death of her first wife, Thea Spyer, in 2009. Her case, United States v. Windsor, went to the Supreme Court, which in 2015 overturned the Defense of Marriage Act and established a constitutional right to gay marriage. Former President Barack Obama was among the many people who reflected on Windsor's legacy following her passing. "America’s long journey towards equality has been guided by countless small acts of persistence, and fueled by the stubborn willingness of quiet heroes to speak out for what’s right," Obama said in a statement. "Few were as small in stature as Edie Windsor – and few made as big a difference to America." NBC News
  8. Sexiest album covers

  9. Saw this article about a guy who played his sax during surgery to help his doctors determine they were operating in the right area of the brain and had successfully removed the last bit of tumor. Interesting read: The article didn't mention what tune he played. "I've Got You Under My Skin" perhaps?
  10. Gambling: PowerBall Mania

    Of course, I wish you the best of luck, but you have a better chance of: 1. Becoming U.S. President (1 in 10 million) 2. Winning an Olympic gold medal (1 in 662,000) 3. Being killed by a vending machine (1 in 112 million) 4. Contracting ebola in the U.S. (1 in 13.3 million) 5. Being canonized (1 in 20 million) 6. Shooting 3 consecutive holes-in-one (1 in 156 million) 7. Having an IQ of 190 or greater (1 in 107 million) 8. Dating a supermodel (1 in 88,000) 9. Being struck by lightning, while drowning (1 in 183 million) 10. Dying from being a left-handed person misusing right-handed products (1 in 7 million)
  11. I just read that Dick Gregory has passed away. R.I.P.
  12. According to Wikipedia: The Haeco-CSG, or Holzer Audio Engineering-Compatible Stereo Generator system, was an analog electronic device process designed to make stereophonic vinyl LP records compatible with mono playback equipment. These recordings were intended to make the 2 channel stereo mix to automatically "fold-down" properly to a single mono channel.