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  1. Here's an easier link metheny review Great to you see you post here, CJ.
  2. Congratulations, Pim. My advice is to continue playing the music you exposed the baby to in utero. The music will be familiar, while the sound will be improved given the new listening environment. Of course, don't be surprised if the baby's first words are, "Is that a remaster?"
  3. Pet peeve

    Your kidding, right?
  4. Pet peeve

    Being obese is not the same thing as being overweight. When your medical provider expresses concern about obesity, she's saying you have a medical condition that puts you at much greater risk for diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The average person often shrugs off suggestions to "lose weight", but being diagnosed as "morbidly obese" carries a more serious medical prognosis. This is especially important when you're talking about children.
  5. Sexiest album covers

    Slightly different poses: More Cugat? Yes, please!
  6. Computer speaker recommendations
  7. Sexiest album covers

    In keeping with the "food' motif:
  8. crazy private press of some sort P. Rugolo 78 i just found

    Sounds like a job for the vinyl spinners. Why don't you create a thread there?
  9. Sexiest album covers

    This cover has me bewitched. Oh Rob!
  10. The Tenor Scene Prestige PR 7191 The First Set/Recorded Live At Minton's Prestige PR 7309 Live! The Midnight Show At Minton's Playhouse Prestige PR 7330 The Late Show Recorded Live! At Minton's Playhouse Prestige PR 7357
  11. Lennie's On The Turnpike in Peabody, MA: Jaki Byard Quartet Live and The Last From Lennie’s Illinois Jacquet With Milt Buckner & Alan Dawson – Go Power! There's also some bootlegs of Miles at Lennie's in 1971.
  12. Sexiest album covers

    one of my all-time favorites and another featuring a Hal Adams cover photo and last but not least Thank you, Mr. Adams.
  13. In classical music terms, voix blanche refers to a singing technique characterized by a higher-than-usual larynx position. This produces a lighter, more flexible tone that expresses joy, happiness, etc. Compare this to voix sombre with its lower larynx position, which creates a more powerful tone that is better suited to expressions of sadness and grief.
  14. Albert Dailey.

    If you told us what you already have, people wouldn't waste their time offering suggestions that aren't new to you.