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    Unknown studio, Stockholm, January 15, 1964 Kenny Dorham (tpt) Bertil Löfgren (tpt) Sahib Shihab (bs) Lars Sjösten (p) Bjørn Alke (b) Bo Skoglund (d) Short Stay (K. Dorham) 10:36 I Concentrate on You (C. Porter) 7:35 Not Yet (S. Shihab) 10:10 Golden Circle, Stockholm, 1964 or 1965 Kenny Dorham (tpt) Göran Lindberg (p) Göran Pettersson (b) Leif Wennerström (d) Short Story (Dorham) 6:53 Dorams Epitaph a.k.a. Extension (Dorham) 7:02 For All We Know (Karlin, Wilson, Griffin) 7:00 I Had The Craziest Dream (Warren, Gordon) 6:25 Skandia Skies (Dorham) 7:44 entire album on Spotify
  2. Mosaics on Spotify

    Do a Spotify search using keywords "Capitol Vault" and you get these additional results: Hank Mobley, Johnny Mercer, Gene Krupa/Harry James, Andrew Hill, Bobby Hackett, Art Pepper, Bobby Hutcherson, Bob Brookmeyer, Paul Chambers, Big John Patton, Don Pullen, Dexter Gordon, Bennie Green, Randy Weston, Dizzy Reece, along with several compilations. Too many to post links, or I'm just getting old.
  3. Book on Ornette due next year

    You may be able to order it directly from the publisher, Equinox Publishing.
  4. I understand your position. I don't feel like I'm "settling", however. My new car doesn't have a CD player and I don't miss it. The clock is ticking.
  5. Brach's Halloween Candy

    I'd trade all my candy corn for some vampire fangs.
  6. I'd be happy if they would sell hi-res or standard, uncompressed downloads. Those who prefer a CD could easily burn one. Additionally, they could offer files with extensive notes and hi-res cover art. C'mon folks, it's almost 2020!
  7. Why on earth would they do that? It's not like APO or Steve Hoffman do a half-ass job on any project.
  8. Eric Kloss

    Not to my knowledge. I managed to get the music on both albums from friends. Sharing is caring.
  9. Dire sound quality of C. Baker Prestige reissues

    I think Larry is referring to the 3 two-fers below. I wonder if the fact that these sessions were produced by Baker's manager, Richard Carpenter, had anything to do with the subpar sound?
  10. Larry Willis, RIP

    Has anyone read a verified account of Larry's passing?
  11. Ira Sullivan practicing at home

    He sure is! Have a great time.
  12. It appears that dropping the price $1 every couple of weeks isn't very enticing. Perhaps a more substantial reduction or a willingness to consider a "best offer" might do the trick.
  13. TV Memories and Highlights

    8pm NCIS - Gibbs and his team investigate the murder of a marine.