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  1. Freddy Gambrell

    I thought it looked familiar: Gambrell alternate cover: Never heard of him, but I very much enjoyed listening to the entire album on youtube. Freddie's real name was Federico Cervantes, and lists only one other title under his name:
  2. Jimmy Heath presentation

    Fine work! Congratulations and thank you.
  3. Cassette tape production revival?

    Don't be a prick.
  4. Lee Morgan "Cornbread" @ HDtracks

    Yes, that's the blue note recording. And yes, it's odd that the 192/24 files are priced lower than the 96/24 files. But no more odd than the idea that someone would actually purchase 192/24 files. But that's just me. Go for it!
  5. I hoped that someone would make the "year of the rat" - Al Stewart connection. Predictably, it was your humorous self. Happy New Year.

  6. Happy Birthday Sonnymax!

    Thank you. No family member died on my birthday this year, so maybe 2020 will be a good one.
  7. Wild night for this fella.

    You can laugh now, but come January 25th you'll be scatting another tune. 2020 in the Chinese lunar calendar is the Year of the Rat!
  8. Art Pepper

    You can hear it on Spotify.
  9. Please go into my loft

    And a rubber doughnut to sit on?
  10. Those that have left us this year in the world of jazz.

    Bob Wilbur Arno Marsh Ira Gitler
  11. George Coleman's "The Quartet"

    No, that's not Big George in the photo. Physical differences aside, Coleman sported a mustache and big sideburns, not a goatee. Looks more like Chico Freeman or Dewey Redman to me.
  12. Hilton Ruiz - Ceora

    Would you please provide some more info on this release? I can't find mention of it anywhere. Thanks.
  13. Hilton Ruiz - Ceora

    Why do you say there are two? Who is the other Hilton Ruiz?