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  1. pete churchrs

    You look good for a dead guy, Pete. Don't forget this advice from Yogi Berra: "Always go to other people's funerals, otherwise they won't come to yours."
  2. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Don't know what to listen to? Any page of this thread always provides me with some great suggestions. Thanks to everyone who contributes! As for me ...
  3. UK jazz renaissance

    Yeah, those bums ruin it for all of us!
  4. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    The Red Sox beat the Yankees three in a row!
  5. Sexiest album covers

    Son, my eyes are too old to be trying to make out that itty bitty thing. Let's supersize it!
  6. Nancy Wilson - Infiniti
  7. Any guesses who is this woman with Sonny Rollins?

    I'm not Kevin, but here's how I do it: right click and save image to your hard drive go to google images search engine click on "search by image" and upload the image from your hard drive voilà! the results display web pages that contain matching images
  8. Frank Trumbauer

  9. Is it too much to ask you to go the Resonance website to read the track list?
  10. Who is with Sonny Rollins?

    Already solved.
  11. File format

    AIFF files are essentially the same size as wav files.
  12. Who is with Sonny Rollins?

    No. It's definitely you.
  13. Two Americans gored and hospitalized after Pamplona bull run Two Americans were gored in Pamplona, Spain, on Sunday during the annual Running of the Bulls festival — one of whom is now fighting for his life. A 46-year-old man from San Francisco is in grave condition after being gored in the neck by a bull, according to local authorities. The other American victim is a 23 year-old man from Kentucky. He's recovering from an injury deemed “less serious,” after a bull’s horn pieced his thigh, according to authorities Every year, Pamplona holds its annual event, famous for scenes of people sprinting through the city’s ancient streets chased by bulls. Two days into the festival, officials were already reporting injuries. On Sunday, Spanish authorities announced six people had been taken to a local hospital after the bull run, including the two Americans.
  14. Buying eyeglasses online

    You're right. I misunderstood you, thinking you might be spending significantly more time there, with the help of sales staff, etc. My apologies. As far as me in a clothes store, that only applies to women's clothing.
  15. Buying eyeglasses online

    I'm sure local businesses appreciate you're taking up their time with the intention of buying online.