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  1. Sexiest album covers

  2. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Well, the article does mention that "Jonathan Lamb described his father's Covid infection as "a spiritual attack from the enemy" to "take down" Marcus Lamb."
  3. From Mosaic: Over 2500 black and white and 300 color photographs by Francis Wolff have been scanned and now are on display on our website and available to license. Many of these photos remain unpublished.
  4. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    NBC News reports: Anti-vaccine Christian broadcaster Marcus Lamb dies at 64 after contracting Covid…In recent months, a number of prominent anti-vaccination Christian broadcasters have died from Covid-19. Conservative radio hosts Dick Farrell, Phil Valentine and Marc Bernier, who were unvaccinated, all died after they contracted Covid.
  5. Sexiest album covers

    The problem I have with your argument is that most of the cover art featuring men that has been posted to this thread is purposely the opposite of "sexy". Much like the posts of unattractive women, these contributions are not intended to create a more inclusive picture of what is sexy. They are juvenile, mean-spirited attempts to pollute the thread. I am not speaking about your latest addition. If you truly believe this is a "sexy" cover, then I'm cool with that. But if what you shared is not sexually appealing to you, then you should share the "troll" label that Jim has genuinely earned.
  6. Sexiest album covers

  7. Sexiest album covers

  8. Sexiest album covers

  9. The Prestige All Stars

    Howdy folks. I hope you're all doing well. I have a question that arose while I was cataloging some digital music. Specifically, I added the 1957 recording for Prestige entitled Olio. Different sources credit this date to Thad Jones, while other releases assign no leadership, listing all the participants (Thad Jones, Frank Wess, Teddy Charles, Mal Waldron, Doug Watkins, Elvin Jones) as displayed on the cover. Checking out, this title along with 20 others is credited to The Prestige All Stars. Some of these albums bear the TPAS name on the cover or label, like Wheelin' & Dealin', All Day/Night Long, Earthy, etc., but others like Olio do not. I'm curious as to how you might organize these titles in your collection. Would they be better placed under one artist's name, under various artists, or put them all together under TPAS as the Jazz Discography Project team does. I understand there's probably no definitive answer to this question, but I'm interested in others' opinions, especially the obsessive-compulsives among us. Thanks in advance.
  10. Oliver Lake corner

    Lake has a special affinity with Eric Dolphy. Two of my favorite albums:
  11. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

  12. A love supreme goes platinum after 56 years.

    What's more, ALS reportedly is the first jazz LP of the 1960s to achieve platinum certification by reaching one million album sales.
  13. Sexiest album covers

  14. Roy Haynes--People

    Streaming on Spotify. Also available for download on Amazon and other sites.
  15. Sexiest album covers

  16. Active Trombonists

    Add Jacob Garchik to the list.
  17. The Prestige All Stars

  18. Therapy.

    I wasn't aware of this fact. From an NPR story in 2015: Henderson ended up treating the jazz great Thelonious Monk as a patient, when the latter was struggling with his mental health. "They really didn't know what to do with this gentleman. He gave them a fit," Henderson says. "After they found out that I knew who he was, they allowed me to take him to his gigs. It was just a little bizarre; that's the best way I can put it."
  19. Therapy.

    Yeah, I can see how you'd make that assumption. However, consider this photo from the same shoot: Few, if any, therapists serve their patients ice cream. The description provided for the 1961 photo by Ted Williams you posted reads, "American jazz pianist and composer Thelonious Monk resting during an interview."
  20. The Prestige All Stars

    Thanks to all who replied, except those on my ignore list, of course.
  21. Here's an easier link metheny review Great to you see you post here, CJ.
  22. Congratulations, Pim. My advice is to continue playing the music you exposed the baby to in utero. The music will be familiar, while the sound will be improved given the new listening environment. Of course, don't be surprised if the baby's first words are, "Is that a remaster?"