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  1. We really are in a new era of vinyl hype. That new type collector seems to prefer vinyl over CDs.
  2. For a limited 3 LP set the price seems okay to me - probably what they need to break even. Samples sound good.
  3. Chris Albertson?

    The last post on his blog http://stomp-off.blogspot.com/ was on December 31, 2016 -
  4. what are you drinking right now?

  5. Wolfgang Schlüter R.I.P.

    Saddest thing is, he was about to record a new album with strings - the samples on the first page of his website https://www.wolfgang-schlueter.com/ were very promising (scroll down). Or listen here:
  6. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    This is the CD reissue with the complete session, part trio, part with big band. Groove was a great fit with a big band.
  7. Wolfgang Schlüter R.I.P.

    One of the world'd best vibes players! And one of Germany's best jazz musicians. The news was in the radio today, which tells of his reputation - obituaries of jazz people are rare. R.I.P.
  8. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Hubert Hoffmann was the lutenist in yeserday's evening concert - surprisingly this beautiful music seems to be his only solo recording: p.s. just found two more that seem to be long out of print. What's available is a disc of Radolt lute concertos with Ars Antiqua Austria.
  9. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Preparing for the performaance of Ars Antiqua Austria tonight: ... better seen in the reissue:
  10. Tonight: ARS ANTIQUA AUSTRIA Gunar Letzbor, Violine & Leitung Magdalena Hasibeder, Cembalo Hubert Hoffmann, Laute/ Barockgitarre Jan Krigovsky, Violone Biber - Spaßvogel, Rebell und Zigeunergeiger Ein Künstler der keinen Respekt vor Traditionen und Regeln kannte. Er war der Erste, der die virtuose Technik der Zigeuner in der Kunstmusik salonfähig machte. Für seinen Dienstherren Karl Liechtenstein Kastelkorn, dem Erzbischof von Olmütz, schrieb er die berühmte «Sonata representativa», in der er tierische Laute auf der Geige imitiert (Hahn, Kuckuck, Wachtel, Frosch ecc...). Wer waren seine Vorbilder? - Mit Sicherheit der Wiener Hofkapellmeister H. Schmelzer, wahrscheinlich auch dessen Vorgänger A. Bertali. Der italienische Geigenvirtuose C.A. Lonati, lange Zeit Vorgesetzter von A. Corelli in Rom, nimmt in seiner großangelegte Sonatensammlung, die ebenfalls Kaiser Leopold I gewidmet ist, deutliche Anleihen bei den geigentechnischen Errungenschaften Bibers. Some great violin chamber music from the 17th century by one of the best historically informed violinist of this time.
  11. Shearing and the Adderley Bros. Newport 1957

    Contractual reasons?
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I usually avoid this label, but this disc collects some rare broadcast reordings from 1945-46 issued on a number od rare LP issues that are hard to find. Great music throughout. Plus, I got a new copy dirt cheap. https://www.discogs.com/Various-The-Lamplighters-Jazz-Sessions/release/2754639 Where else can you hear Stan Kenton with Ray Linn and Zutty Singleton (!) playing like in a Harlem bar impromptu session?
  13. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Yesterday: Especially the last one I listened to many times - an excellent sounding recording on a beautiful Ruckers-type harpsichord. This music goes back to 100 years before Bach but laid the foundation that he built on, and I think it should be mandatory listening for every Bach fan. These are not just predecessors but fantastic keyboard virtuosos leaving behind some very demanding music for the composer as well as the isteners. Bach studied these pieces whenever he got hold of some. The Yoann Moulin disc, btw, is the first of a series covering German harpsichord music between 1600 and the early 18th century - looks like some great anthology in the making.