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  1. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Perhaps this helps - scroll down for the Danish releases_ https://www.jazzdisco.org/debut-records/catalog-lp-ep-series/
  2. Nice experience with the Jamal Mosaic set

    My memory could fool me - I'll dig up Fournier's drum teaching method in the basement to check his biography. And I must have an interview somewhere about his New Orleans influences. That happens to a lot of people, even some who post a pic of his drum book in the next paragraph. https://de.scribd.com/document/339823978/Vernell-Fournier-Drum-Techniques That guy, btw, seems to have an early manuscript version of the book.
  3. FS: Verve Stuff Smith Mosaic Box Set

    I found this commentary on discogs: " There was an issue with the licensing of this material and Mosaic's normal minimum 3 year access to the music was truncated and sales of the boxed set were halted. I don't know how many sets were sold,"
  4. The LPs were all over the place over here back then. IIRC Joe Haider was involved in the label. When the label folded, many copies where sold at low prices. I'd say they gave a very good impression of a vital part of the German jazz scene with the pool of players involved. I personally like the Fritz Pauer (Billy Brooks is great on it), the Vince Benedetti (an excellent example of the McCoy Tyner Quartet's influence on the local scene), and the East Of Isar LP best - although that latter band was smokin' a lot more when heard live. There's not a bad album on the label.
  5. Nice experience with the Jamal Mosaic set

    Vernel Fournier was much more than a New Orleans drummer, aside from the fact that his family moved elsewhere when he was still at a very early age - cannot recall exact details right now. How many drummer were out there playing more than 90% of the time with brushes? He had more ideas about that than all the other drummers together. And then there was Israel Crosby - a veteran bassist of the Blanton-Pettiford generation with a unique melodic concept, not just playing the changes. That gave Jamal the freedom to lie back and not having to display his technical prowess all the time, although he had plenty of that. One of the most unique group concepts in jazz piano trio history.
  6. What 78 are you spinning right now ?

    Not at all! It's a responsible attitude towards a part of our cultural heritage.