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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Last evening, In Memoriam: Right now:
  2. George Mraz (1944 - 2021)

    Oh ...... this is totally unexpected. R.I.P. The albums with Emil Viklicky are my favourites: Morava is absolutely beautiful.
  3. Mickey Tucker

    Quite a few 1970's Blue Note albums never were on CD. It all depends on the contract - there are so many variants.
  4. Okay, I gave in. My copy will be delivered on Tuesday ....... As Maupin is one of my favourites. I would regret it some day, I'm sure. Now what to do with the older triple CD?
  5. This tv appearance seems to be from the same tour: https://www.discogs.com/Art-Blakey-The-Jazz-Messengers-Tokyo-1961-/release/12353775
  6. Whither Allen Lowe?

    You know I'm almost continuously crossing my fingers that all goes well, Allen!
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Yesterday in the car: My own CDR of this with bonus cuts from Soul Street: CDR made from my LP with the other cut from the Tjader session: Today:
  8. Welcome to BFT 210

    I thought I'd try myself at guessing as I want to join in again in a few months .... Track 1 - reminds me of the stuff Don Cherry did with Balinese influences, but this track is not from any of the albums I have heard. There a re not many jazz musicina using Balinese patterns. Track 2 - seems to shift between 5 beat and 6 beat fast patterns - a bit too muddy for my taste. Track 3 - some post Freddie Hubbard - post Woody Shaw trumpeter. They sure got plenty of energy. Track 4 - I notice I do not listen to that kind of jazz anymore. So I don't recognize any players, and their energy tires me a bit, but thtat's me, they all are very good players. Track 5 - Sounds kind of European to me, reminds me of thw things some Bill Evans disciple would write. Track 6 - The trumpeter reminds me of Eddie Henderson in the early 1970's. Hubbard influence but a different style Nice how the cuica player interacts with him. The tenor shows Joe Henderson influences. I really wnat to know who they are. But I hate that bass pickup sound. Interesting use of percussiion. Track 7 - Oooh! That track sounds like the sun is breaking through the clouds! Piano and harp sounding almost like Kora chords. Beautiful. The horns are voiced perfectly for this. The pianist almost spoils it with his McCoy Tynerish runs. I wanna know who this is! My favourite track so far. Track 8 - Another dreaded bass pickup. No real bottom. Today's pickups a miuch better. More Tynersih piano,.After the violinist joins in it gets a liitle Balkanes. I ask myself If I ever had that feverish energy as a young musician. Many musicians in this BFT so far play like men posessed. That fadeout ending is strange, as if they didn't know how to end th piece. Track 9 - Indian style drones and string improvisation. Finally a calmer piece in a series of charged performances. Well, it morphs from somethings like McLaughlin di on My Goals Beyond into a Pharoah Sanders style collective improvisation. Again I'm curious who this is. Track 10 - This doesn't say anyting to me. Maybe I'm only a bit tired after so much fiery music. Track 11 - Who is this? Very nice. Richie Beirach and Gregor Hübner? More tomorrow. I need to go to bed .....