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  1. Mosaic partials ...

    My Elvin Jones Mosaic box came with two booklets - both numbered. If anybody needs one, I'd give it away if the recipient covers the postage.
  2. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Wonderful music in excellent performance and sound!
  3. Please post here to offer or look for parts of Mosaic sets: booklets, empty boxes, single discs ......
  4. Shorty Rogers Mosaic At Last!

    Okay, I will open such a thread, Post your offers or want lists of partial there. Go the Offering & Looking For Forum
  5. At the moment I'm reading books on the fringes of jazz:
  6. Shorty Rogers Mosaic At Last!

    How about a special thread to offer and look for Mosaic partials - I, e.g., have a second Elvin Jones Booklet to trade/sell/give away.
  7. Alice Babs & Duke Ellington - Serenade To Sweden

    Seems you did all right, but it will not work as usual. No idea why, but sometimes this happens, although the link works. BTW Peter Giger once told me he was proud to be on that record. He replaced Christian Garros on some tracks (no idea if it is in the album credits - at least it is now listed correctly in the Lord Disco). Kenny Clarke was not on this album!