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  1. Ahmad Jamal: But Not For Me

    Listen to samples and look where they are coming from - if they are from the Yurpeeans, watch out! These are the reissues I was talking about: I have one set from the label of the last two boxes (Enlightenment - Ramsey Lewis) that really sounds inferior.
  2. Montego Joe

    Just pulled out this reissue twofer and listened - nice, but not overwhelming. There are more imaginative conga players than Montego Joe. Milford Graves plays some deep stuff in his solos. The role model definitely is Mongo*s band ....
  3. "They" are Craft in my post - I should have specified this.
  4. If they do it, it will probably be a vinyl box set.
  5. Ahmad Jamal: But Not For Me

    Same with my used LPs I once bought i Paris. Loved and played and played and played again. The Mosaic sounds great, except for the first album. Their source was a Japanese needle drop - my vintage US LP copy sounds much better.
  6. Montego Joe

    Can't grab his book right now. My basement is a mess due to some repair work etc.
  7. Ahmad Jamal: But Not For Me

    You never know. Some are cloning other reissues like the Mosaic, some are needle drops. In this case I would clearly recommend the Mosaic. I never regretted buying it. More than 20 previously unissued tracks that so far have not been cloned, and a more complete picture of the trio, e.g. a few Fournier solos. A real big lot of excellent music!
  8. Ahmad Jamal: But Not For Me

    There are some Spanish reissues doing just that ....
  9. Ahmad Jamal: But Not For Me

    ARGO LP667 was from the same session.
  10. A Random Gordon Jenkins Memory

    A friend of mine used to say that one of the best aspects of the modern piano is that you cannot produce a vibrato on it!
  11. Montego Joe

    I have his conga instruction book in the basement. Will dig it up tomorrow and lokk for bio.