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  1. I reckon all British jazz fans voted against Brexit?
  2. Atlantic Discography

    Is there any forum member with a copy of the four volume Atlantic Discography by Michel Ruppli at home? I need a scan of a few pages. A local library has a copy but I cannot go there due to Covid restrictions. Thanks!
  3. Biographies, autobiographies, documentaries, whatever .... I took Pony Poindexter's memoirs out once again, and I am astounded/delighted what a difference thirty years of listening and reading make!
  4. Jerome Richardson

    And, although some here will not like it, there is a Fresh Sound twofer that includes a rare session some members of the Quincy Jones Orchestra made while they were in Belgrade.
  5. Rare Gerald Wilson rehearsal takes, PJ-100

    Not that sophisticated as you make pressing matrices for both sides independently. But costly if the number of copies pressed is low and it is given away free of charge, as you would expect of a promo.
  6. Rare Gerald Wilson rehearsal takes, PJ-100

    Would be interesting if these are different from the LP takes. Any chance to put these on Soundcloud?
  7. Pimuins Guide to Mal Waldron Records

    Just looked and found I have the LP - I'm relieved. Allen Blairman, btw, still plays regularly in the Heidelberg area where he lives. I hope the local jazz club survives where he had a monthly gig.
  8. Old Testament Basie: filling gaps

    I once had the two 10-LP boxes from CBS France but found it a bit too much of a good thing with its many alternates takes. Of course you want all the takes with Pres, but after he left .... I now have both the Mosaic boxes as well as the Columbia set King Ubu posted, and that seems to be right for me. I had the RCA set but it left me cold.
  9. Junior Mance RIP

    R.I.P. He must have been the last musician alive besides Roy Haynes to have played with Lester Young. Turns out I have quite a lot of his early sides with Pres, Jug, and others. Will have to give them a listen again.
  10. Your audio equipment?

    On Saturday this set arrived for my bedroom of 10 x 14 feet - perfect for this small room, coupled with a old turntable style Pioneer CD player. That miniature amp is great. I paid € 479,00 for it sans CD player, which is much less than what the single components would have cost me. Micromega MyAmp plus two Focal Chrous 760 speakers plus speaker wire of good quality. https://micromega.com/en/products/my-range/myamp/
  11. What about the albums of the band with Henderson and Kenny Dorham that were issued under Kenny's name?
  12. Ken Burns' "Jazz" seems pretty "Silly"

    I bought these when my wife asked if there was some jazz history overview on DVD. While we were watching I could not help but comment with different opinions on the topics. After a while she asked what was the point with so many questionable views in the documentary. It really was Marsalis' failed attempt to re- write jazz history.
  13. Wynton Kelly & Cecil Payne Live

    ..... and the tunes were re-titled to avoid royalties, or themes edited out. It reminds me of the way the Donald Byrd - Pepper Adams tracks recorded for Warwick were treated when reissued under Herbie Hancock's name to cash in on them.
  14. Sexiest album covers

  15. "New" Brubeck

    But it would have been a lot more work for tape researchers etc. the label does not really want to pay for.
  16. Woody Herman set on last chance

    Now that's pure luxury.
  17. Great articles! Thanks for linking. I need to pull out these albums again.
  18. Howard Johnson - RIP

    Oh yes. Same here. Sad news.