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  1. Album covers on fire!

    Good thing we don't have a "sitting on sofa" thread. You'd have a trifecta!
  2. Album covers on fire!

    Oops! A duplicate! Sorry.
  3. Help with my search?

    Was just about to send a message to the same effect! Check out this. It might be the same Danny Padmore: https://michaelbaldwin.bandcamp.com/track/night-dance
  4. Album covers on fire!

    Looks like they put the fire out! How did we miss this one?
  5. Album covers on fire!

    Good one. Here's another fireplace cover:
  6. Album covers on fire!

    Here's the cover I know:
  7. RIP Harry Harrison

    You've forgotten Scott Muni and Herb Oscar Anderson (HOA). They're both gone as well. I think Harrison replaced HOA.
  8. If you'll allow for a rare bit of self promotion, my show ("The Jazz Train"), which started with fellow board member "Salvatore Massaro" as co-host back in 1987, begins its 28th year today (Tuesday, January 21) on radio station WMBR in Cambridge, Massachusetts. You're invited to join me today for music recorded on this date in years past. If you're in the greater Boston area, you can listen live at 88.1 fm from 4:00 to 5:30 pm eastern standard time. The show is also streamed live to the web from http://www.wmbr.org/ at the same time (2100 to 2230 GMT). It should also be archived for a couple of weeks thereafter at the station's website.
  9. "The Jazz Train" starts year 28

    Still at it. The Jazz Train starts year 34 today. Today's program is music recorded on January 21 (today) between 1927 (Fletcher Henderson) and 1958 (Jimmy Giuffre). Thanks to board member Salvatore Massaro who was there as my co-host in the beginning (1987) and to Stereojack who brought me in and served as my initial engineer. The show is aired and streamed live (details at top of thread) and should be available for a couple of weeks thereafter at the station's archive at https://www.wmbr.org
  10. Three Jazz Boxes

    Sent PM a few days ago and again now.
  11. Savoy label question

    Chuck is right about gospel and Savoy. Some of the biggest sellers in the R&B genre for Savoy were as follows, with rankings within each year from the "Hot Chart" compiled by Big Al Pavlow in his "The R & B Book. A Disc-History of Rhythm & Blues." Based on this information, their biggest sellers in the pop field were likely Johnny Otis, Paul Williams, Varetta Dillard, and Nappy Brown. 1948: Hal Singer. Cornbread. #9 (#45 on 1943-1949 Top Records) Paul Williams. Thirty-Five Thirty. #33 Paul Williams. Waxey Maxie. #65 Brownie McGhee. My Fault. #79 Don Byas. September Song. #85 Don Byas. London-Donnie. #87 1949: Paul Williams. The Huckle-Buck. #1 (#4 on 1943-1949 Top Records) Big Jay McNeely. The Deacon's Hop. #15. (#81 on 1943-1949 Top Records) Billy Wright. Blues For My Baby/You Satisfy. #39 X-Rays. I'll Always Be in Love With You. #58 Felix Gross. Love For Christmas. #69 Hal Singer. Beef Stew. #83 Paul Williams. He lKnows How to Hucklebuck/House Rocker. #95 1950: Johnny Otis. Double Crossing Blues. #2 (#6 on 1950-1954 Top Records; #70 on 1950-1959 Top Records) Johnny Otis. Mistrustin' Blues/Misery. #8 (#36 on 1950-1954 Top Records, #135 on 1950-1959 Top Records) Johnny Otis. Cupid's Boogie. #12 (#60 on 1950-1954 Top Records, #193 on 1950-1959 Top Records) Johnny Otis. Deceivin' Blues. #30 (#131 on 1950-1954 Top Records) Johnny Otis. Wedding Boogie/Far Away Blues. #36 (#146 on 1950-1954 Top Records) Johnny Otis. Dreaming' Blues. #73 Johnny Otis. If It's So Baby/If I Didn't Love You So. #97 1951: Johnny Otis. Rockin' Blues. #12 (#45 on 1950-1954 Top Records, #158 1950-1959 Top Records) Johnny Otis. Gee Baby/Mambo Boogie. #22 (#95 on 1950-1954 Top Records) Four Buddies. I Will Wait. #27 Johnny Otis. All Nite Long. #49 Billy Wright. Stacked Deck. #80 Billy Wright. Heh, Little Girl. #89 1952: Varetta Dillard. Easy Easy Baby. #48 Johnny Otis. Sunset to Dawn. #89 1953: Varetta Dillard. Mercy, Mr. Percy. #36. (#137 on 1950-1954 Top Records) Emitt Slay Trio. My Kind of Woman. #62 1955: Nappy Brown. Don't Be Angry. #10. (#72 on 1955-1959 Top Records) Varetta Dillard. Johnny Has Gone. #41 Nappy Brown. Pidily Patter Patter. #59 1956: Big Maybelle. Candy. #74 1957: Jive Bombers. Bad Boy. #56 Nappy Brown. Little By Little. #72 1958: Nappy Brown. It Don't Hurt No More. #61