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  1. Terry Jones (1942 - 2020)

    John Cleese ended his tweet about Jones' passing with "Two down, four to go".
  2. Cassette tape production revival?

    Hence the popularity of restomods - you still get the looks and basic structure of a classic car, but with updated engine/suspension/brakes/etc. so you can actually drive it daily without experiencing many of the shortcomings you described. Reminds me of the people who continue to insist that cars of the 50s and 60s were safer than modern cars, because, well, all that heavy-gauge steel just gotta be better than these newfangled plastic shitboxes. When all other attempts to disabuse them of this notion fail, I like to point them at this video: Don't get me wrong, I love classic cars, but I'm also not under any illusions as to the compromises that are invariably involved when it comes to driving one on anything approaching a regular basis.
  3. Cassette tape production revival?

    Yeah, there have been a few people on Hoffman's Visual Arts subforum who have made this claim. Almost without exception, they have been a couple of tacos shy of a combination plate, and for plenty of other reasons in addition to seriously putting forth such a claim. The corollary to such claims is usually "you can only view analog video properly on a CRT". I still have a substantial number of laserdiscs, and given the limits of the format they are generally quite watchable on an HD panel as long as you're using a good scaler and a high-end laserdisc player, but there's no way I'd ever claim that such a setup can compare to a well-mastered Blu-ray played back with my Oppo.
  4. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    You must not be a Deadhead. Ever since Dead.net outsourced order fulfillment, their shipping has made Mosaic's in its current state look like Amazon Prime. As for Paypal, that's interesting, as it's been my experience that it's far more common for online merchants to charge Paypal immediately, instead of when an order ships. Import CDs, for one, does this. It's common enough to where I've seen many warnings that it's never a good idea to use Paypal to pay for anything that isn't currently in stock and shipping immediately (i.e., no preorders or backorders), for exactly this reason.
  5. Wild night for this fella.

    Pizza Rat: The Lost Years
  6. Return Of The Film Corner Thread

    Wow! That had to have been both intense and memorable.
  7. Jazz West Coast blog on Yahoo

    Do you mean the Yahoo Group? https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/JazzWestCoast/info Yahoo just shut down the web hosting aspect of Yahoo Groups several days ago - they are no longer hosting any Groups' content on the web, but the Groups' email functionality is still active. So if you were a member of a Group and had elected to receive all messages via email, you likely haven't noticed much difference. If, OTOH, you accessed messages via a Group's web portal, then you're probably wondering where everyone went, as all of the Group messages are no longer accessible via the web portal. Yahoo sent out several notices in advance of this happening, and provided functionality to obtain a download of the message archives for each Group (without any images that had been attached or otherwise included in messages) prior to the shutdown deadline. A lot of Groups were not happy with the changes and opted to move to other, similar portals like Groups.io, who provided what seemed to be a relatively painless method to migrate a Yahoo Group's archived content over to their site for a one-time $100 fee.
  8. Anna Karina 1940-2019

    Damn. RIP.
  9. Post a pic

    The rest of the story
  10. My own Hitler Reacts

    Yes - it's "Krebs". He's one of the senior officers that Hitler tells to remain when he orders everyone else out of the room prior to commencing his unhinged rant ("Keitel, Jodl, Krebs, und Burgdorf.").
  11. My own Hitler Reacts

    "And Vince Gill? He and Amy Grant always loved Bernie and Stalin!"
  12. Cover Art Books Jazz & other topics

    It's a wonderful book. Rodrigues was said to have the most comprehensive bossa nova collection in private hands, and it was that collection that formed the basis for the book. He passed away in 2010. If memory serves (it's been a while since I looked through it), although there are some covers depicting the well-worn tropes you mention, in general the cover selection is more diverse than you might think. I enjoyed it and found it to be a nice companion to my other album cover books, but my expectations may have been adjusted by the fact that the book was heavily discounted from the cover price. Your mileage may vary.