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  1. Is the Chambers biography the one I should be reading rather than the Troupe book? BTW, I read "The Making of Kind of Blue" by Ashley Kahn recently, and enjoyed it quite a bit, probably more for what it offered on the process of making and marketing the album than for anything it revealed about Miles or the other musicians. The photography and layout were also very attractive.
  2. Is the Troupe a good read? I have had it for years after picking it up as a remainder, but have never gotten around to reading it.
  3. The extra tracks make it much stronger than the original 2 LP release. Flows much better. Still pass over "Moby Dick" every time. Life's too short to waste on rock drum solos.
  4. Great set if you are into RT. I am bigtime.
  5. Duke

    Wonder if our younger board members even recognized the thing, a "typewriter". I've had 30-somethings who have no idea what this is. BTW, it's to play these:
  6. I'd enjoy having it if not already taken.
  7. The Nutty Squirrels - Bird Watching (Columbia, 1959)

    @Teasing the Korean Very interesting back story. Thank you for sharing it. The context added greatly to the thread.
  8. Duke

    and he's typing left-handed while holding a cigarette. Would make a good dream sequence...
  9. I enjoyed their monthly catalogs and some of their reissues. I usually dropped about 100-150 on them during their annual January sales
  10. Percy Sledge - The Atlantic Recordings box set:
  11. Who's totally misreading the market?

    Why would they buy a Resonance Wes, rather than, say
  12. I agree that 98.5 is not good for a domestic seller. I tend to look for domestic sellers over 99.5. Importcds is 99.6 over the past 12 months. Interestingly, some of the worst performance comes from the big UK-based sellers,and I'm happy to find one of them running at 95% at any given time. The absolute worst is Momox out of Germany, 1/4 of the time their stuff never shows up or comes incredibly late. Domestically, Decluttr is the worst. The stuff comes on time, but you can never trust that they have graded condition properly or that they are sending the complete set or correct version (I'm not convinced they ever examine the discs inside the CD case. I'll buy from Momox or Decluttr only if the savings is outstanding compared to other sellers.
  13. Just saw this in a new releases column (theseconddisc.com). Do not understand who would buy these discs. Only the Truly Converted are going to buy Resonance issues, and only the Merely Curious buy jazz best-of's. What (if anything) am I missing?
  14. I've never had a problem with moviemars, have ordered probably 100 items (CD's/DVD's) from them over the years. I have had minimal (like 2 or 3) issues with importcds, always immediately acknowledged and addressed by them, and I'm sure I've probably ordered 1000 CD's from them, and they remain my go-to, either from ebay (best to bundle small items for their 20% offers) or directly from their web site (best for large items of $25 or more). I also did well with caiman.com back in the day. I guess we each have our own experiences, and understandably shape those into a narrative. USPS can make me crazy at times, but it all almost always works out with a little patience. Tell you who really makes me crazy, is US Customs, who sit on packages for a week.
  15. Phil Ranelin

    Looking forward to picking up that one in my next importcds batch!