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  1. "Trane '63: A Classic, A Challenge, A Change"

    Also A Smash Hit 55 years After The Fact!
  2. Ravi Coltrane signs with Blue Note

    Apart from maybe Bobby Hutcherson, tough to make an argument much past about 1972. And a whole lot of rot had already set in even by then.
  3. Black Saint / Soul Note Box Set Sale

    Agreed. I also already own 22 of the listed sets, or else would have been ordering a lot more! I really like the mastering on these sets, in several cases bought the sets and sold/traded off my singles.
  4. British jazz reissues

  5. I have several hundred vinyl LP's that no longer have use to me (mainly replaced by CD). I have never really sold vinyl, so cannot quickly grade and price all of them. I am going to list out the Blue Notes and some of the other desirable labels, and if you have interest, please IM me, and we most likely should be able to work something out, either likely a sale or possibly a trade for CD's. I will describe condition when you contact me, All were good enough that they were in my collection, though most were purchased used. I am motivated to move these out, so will not be tough on pricing, though I want the exchange to be fair. Thanks. Impulse Brown ,Marion – Sweet Earth Flying Brown ,Marion – Vista Jones ,Elvin/Jimmy Garrison – Illumination! Rivers Sam – Dedication Series Vol. XII The Trio Sessions (2 LP) Sanders ,Pharoah – Village of the Pharoahs Shepp ,Archie – Things Have Got To Change Shepp ,Archie – For Losers Shepp ,Archie – The Way Ahead Tyner ,McCoy – Reevaluation: The Impulse Years (2 LP) White ,Michael – Spirit Dance White ,Michael -Pneuma White ,Michael -Father Music, Mother Dance Barbieri, Klemmer, Jarrett, Rivers, White - Impulse Artists on Tour Muse Bishop Jr. ,Walter – Cubicle Bishop Jr. ,Walter – Soul Village Cole ,Richie – Alive at the Village Vanguard Cole ,Richie – Some Things Speak for Themselves Earland ,Charles – Mama Roots Hardman ,Bill – Home Hardman ,Bill – Focus Hayes ,Louis – Breath of Life Heath ,Jimmy – Jimmy (aka The Gap Sealer) Heath ,Jimmy – Love and Understanding Jordan ,Clifford – The Adventurer Kenyatta ,Robin – Beggars and Stealers Kloss ,Eric – Essence Patterson ,Don – These are Soulful Days Patterson ,Don – Movin’ Up Schnitter ,Dave – Goliath Schnitter ,Dave – Invitation Tucker ,Mickey – Mr. Mysterious Tucker ,Mickey – The Crawl Vick ,Harold – Commitment Mainstream Land ,Harold – Choma (Burn) Land ,Harold – Damisi Miles ,Barry – Scatbird Terry ,Buddy – Lean on Him Terry ,Buddy – Pure Dynamite Terry ,Buddy – Awareness Yellin ,Pete – Dance of Allegra Land, Mitchell, Caliman, Terry – Jazz Arista/Freedom Bley ,Paul – Copenhagen and Harlem (2 LP) Brown ,Marion – Porto Novo Burrell ,Dave – High Won, High Two (2 LP) Cowell ,Stanley – Blues for the VietCong Rudd ,Roswell – Inside Job Taylor ,Cecil – Nefertiti, the Beautiful One Has Come (2 LP) Tolliver, Charles – Paper Man (aka All-Stars) Weston ,Rand – Blues to Africa Arista/Novus Abrams ,Muhal Richard – Live at Montreux 1978 Abrams ,Muhal Richard – Lifea Blinec Klemmer ,John – Nexus For Duo and Trio (2 LP)
  6. Black Saint / Soul Note Box Set Sale

    Pm sent on Dixon, Bill The Complete Remastered Recordings - 9 Cd BXS 1009 $26 Douglas, Dave The Complete Remastered Recordings - 6 Cd BXS 1020 $20 Hemphill, Julius The Complete Remastered Recordings - 5 Cd BXS 1019 $20 Lyons, Jimmy The Complete Remastered Recordings - 5 Cd BXS 1028 $20 Mitchell, Roscoe The Complete Remastered Recordings - 9 Cd BXS 1036 $26
  7. Black Saint / Soul Note Box Set Sale

    Some Great prices there. Wow.
  8. Branford slams Miles

  9. Branford slams Miles

    And that fraud Miles Davis, which surely didn't work out too well for anyone involved (if only the Marsali had been around to warn them).
  10. Branford slams Miles

    True there, supply-side economics presupposes some good-will human tendencies that do not exist. It's a great theory, but does not work in practice. You get the "miracle" of the jobless recovery, and you get the increased disparity between the 1% and the rest of us.
  11. Branford slams Miles

    cat·a·lyst /ˈkad(ə)ləst/ noun a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change. a person or thing that precipitates an event. "the governor's speech acted as a catalyst for debate"
  12. Charles Tolliver All-Stars vinyl and CD reissue

    Received my shipping confirmation earlier this evening.
  13. Branford slams Miles

    They often won't even sell a track that is 10 minutes or longer. Or making a great funny.
  14. Branford slams Miles

    There it is, another Russian plot to destroy us all!