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  1. Rest Easy Mom & Dad

    Just saw this, blessings and condolences. Very complicated emotions for you right now on many levels, I'm sure.
  2. Mint condition classic Lou Donaldson Blue Note RVG Mini-LP's "The Time is Right", "LD + 3", "Here Tis". $50 shipped in USA for all three or best offer or interesting trade or sell/trade separately. "The Time is Right" is the most valuable of the three. PM if interested.
  3. Great news! Blessings to you and your wife!
  4. In my prayers. Please let us know how it goes.
  5. Thanks, looks like a fascinating article which could end up costing me a lot of money!
  6. Also Mingus "Let My Children Hear Music" and Jarrett "Expectations" and George Russell/Bill Evans "Living Time" and Bill Evans "The Bill Evans Album", career highlights all (my very favorite Jarrett album). Then they purged all of them from the label, all at once.
  7. 50 Years Ago

    My parents still refer to me as Cookie Monster!
  8. David Roback (1958-2020)

    Love the Rain Parade albums he led. Like Mazzy Star quite a bit. ("Fade into You" is one of those out-of-time songs I discovered and fell for years later, as I had stopped listening to pop music in disgust by then. Others are "Under The Milky Way" and "There She Goes"). Have heard very little of the Opal material, which is not readily available to my knowledge, have not had opportunity to warm up to it. I belatedly discovered the whole Paisley Underground scene a few years ago and have become a big fan and semi-completist. Still a lot that needs reissued from then, including we need a good anthology of early Green on Red, when Chris Cacavas was doing his magic with them. Anyways, 61 is too young, and RIP to Roeback, who seemed like a troubled soul from my limited line of sight.
  9. Playing music in the car

    I also don't do jazz in the car, need something more immediate and shorter duration.
  10. Tower Records

    I guess I should do ancestry.com - maybe I'm part Japanese! Me too. I would go to a church meeting or visit my girlfriend (wife since 1993) in Philly, then go down to the store on South Street afterwards. South Street was empty that time of night, and I could literally park right in front of the store.
  11. I remember hearing that album for the first time my first year of college. The first cut, "Meeting of the Spirits", immediately blew my mind! I had not heard the Tony Williams Lifetime "Emergency" album yet, so absolutely nothing prepared me for the experience! 'Birds of Fire' would also have been a great choice, but nothing holds the shock appeal of that first album.
  12. Tower Records

    My first CD purchases were some Blue Note cutouts of classic titles from Tower Records in Philly in early 1988. I didn't even have a CD player yet. The thought of missing out on those BN titles drove me to finally jump into the format. My first non-BN CD was also purchased there, Teena Marie's "Naked to the World". Amazing music, and I still have that CD 32 years on.
  13. BFT 191

    Go ahead and give us a summary of which still need identified, and whatever clues you want to start with. Participation level in BFT's is often very disappointing. Those of us who present them understand your feelings.