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  1. I have Blue Autumn. I don't find it as satisfying as most of his other later quintet albums largely due to repertoire.
  2. It's a tough neighborhood, not for the faint of heart. We all find that out soon enough. But that also makes it invigorating if you are wired for it.
  3. I really like those Wolf and Muddy albums where Cosey lets loose. Some critics hate them but the point is they aren't blues albums per se.
  4. Much love for the Land and for the Griffin Tokyo set, and nice to see some exposure for the Visitors album.
  5. They did, the whole series is beautifully executed. My favorite is the Barbara Lewis set.
  6. Thanksgiving Dinner

    Just our household with a simplified menu. Just give me turkey, stuffing, gravy, then a nap in front of a football game, and I'm good. Still much for which to give thanks, even in 2020.
  7. I have the Ruppli Prestige book (and the 1988 version of the Blue Note book and the Verve Vol. 2 and the Savoy), and have the Japanese Riverside book. All worthwhile - I've spent many hours in the Blue Note over the past 25 years.
  8. PM sent on: Kenny Burrell Concord Jazz ‎– CCD2 2128 2 Stolen Moments ‎(2xCD, Comp) UPC punch/promo $2 FiveFour ‎– FIVEFOUR31 Gary Burton Quartet In Concert $4 SONNY STITT GH 66705 Sonny Stitt With The Jazz Organ Of Charles Kynard - My Mother's Eyes $7 - $4 = $3 GAMBIT 69212 Sonny Stitt, Bennie Green And Bunky Green - Stitt Goes Green ‎(CD) $5 - $2 = $3 JACKIE McLean 7243 5 24544 2 6 A Fickle Sonance ....RVG..... $3 7243 5 90844 2 right now! ....RVG..... $4 ART BLAKEY and Jazz Messengers CK65265 The Jazz Messengers ......... ......... $3 7243 5 32148 At the Cafe Bohemia Vol 1 ......... $3 7243 5 32149 At the Cafe Bohemia Vol 2 ......... $3 7243 5 32146 /7 A night In Birdland Vols 1 & 2 ......... $3 7243 5 92426 Free for All ......... ......... $3 7243 8 64474 A night in Tunisia ......... ......... $3 R2 75598 Jazz Messengers with T. Monk . Digipak..... $3
  9. The Blythe is a landmark album. Love the Freeman and the Coleman. Someone needs to rescue the India Navigation catalog.
  10. Pm sent on moacir santos suadade.
  11. Andrew White (1942-2020)

    I did, too. Great, very underrated drummer. Gene Rush played (beautifully) on the incredible early Lloyd McNeill albums, 'Washington Suite' and 'Aisha'. Not otherwise familiar with him.
  12. For that matter, I'm sitting here, working and listening to the new Mingus live 1964/1975 issue on Sunnyside, and realize that 'Changes 1/2' are also nowhere in sight on that 70's list. Another example of an excellent 70's ECM session largely overlooked (along with those Liebman/Beirach Lookout Farms) is Julian Priester's "Love Love", which is akin to and at least matches anything Herbie Hancock released in the 70's. I guess we could just do this on and on (for that matter, I'm game).
  13. Sign Up For a Blindfold Test in 2021!

    Looks like August, September, and November.
  14. Archie Shepp

    I like the title track of For Losers quite a bit. The rest of the album holds little appeal for me. The key cuts on Kwanza go down better as bonus cuts on The Way Ahead. IMO. They clash with the For Losers type outtakes which complete Kwanza. Yasmina is a winner.
  15. Weird crazy-high price. Why?

    The Hoffman Forum - where every issue of every recording ever made is a rare and precious treasure. BTW, the ebay listing is gone.
  16. Andrew White (1942-2020)

    Buck Hill also, right?
  17. PM sent on OJCCD-266-2 Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars Volume Three (Album) $7.00 OJCCD-154-2 Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars Volume 4, Oboe/Flute (Album) $10.00
  18. 9 of the 10 titles were on Columbia or ECM. Guess the critics never heard Charles Tolliver or Billy Harper.
  19. Ebay has some very reasonably priced. Great CD.
  20. Andrew White (1942-2020)

    And Lloyd McNeill.