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  1. ‘Miles Davis & John Coltrane – The Final Tour: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 6’ Out March 23 Available in 4CD boxset and digital configurations, Miles Davis & John Coltrane – The Final Tour: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 6 brings together, for the first time in an authorized edition with state-of-the-art production, five mythic concert performances as heard by lucky audiences during the epochal Spring 1960 Jazz At The Philharmonic European Tour. Showcasing the musical chemistry shared by Miles and Trane, The Final Tour: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 6 offers five of the best recorded shows from that pivotal 1960 tour (Coltrane’s last as sideman): two shows from Paris’s L’Olympia Theater on Monday, March 21; two shows from the next night at Stockholm’s Konserthuset; and one from Copenhagen’s Tivolis Koncertsal three days later, on March 24. Edit: Amazon link
  2. An Absolute Truth: On Writing a Life of Coltrane Interesting article on the man who wrote Coltrane: A Biography.
  3. Here Are Hundreds More Artists Whose Tapes Were Destroyed in the UMG Fire
  4. Alliance Entertainment owns DirectToU, which is the company doing business as Deep Discount, Import CDs, and Collectors Choice. I don't believe Movie Mars is part of that family, but I could be wrong. I've bought a lot from decluttr (and whatever they used to be called) over the years, and my experience is that the quality of discs has gotten a lot worse within the last 12 months or so. I think I am probably done buying from them for a while. Edit: DirectToU also operates the Popmarket site.
  5. J.D. Allen

    Release date June 28th
  6. Blue Note Lost Sessions CD

    Three recent sales on Ebay, $8, $15, and the one mentioned above went for some amount less than $12.06.
  7. Lenny Tristano?
  8. They will probably just do a few more Woody Herman sets then close up shop.
  9. Ed Bickert, RIP
  10. George Cables
  11. Wayne Shorter

  12. ECM Touchstones

    Looks like the 50 titles will be released in two batches. This site lists the other 25 which they say will be available in May.
  13. ECM Touchstones
  14. Jackie McLean

    Gil Noble also did a Max Roach profile on Like It Is.
  15. ebay madness re: vinyl

    Discogs Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold - November 2018 Miles Davis – The Complete 1963-64 Columbia Recordings Sold for $1500.00 Kenny Burrell – Blue Lights, Vol. 2 Sold for $1875.00 J.R. Monterose + The Joe Abodeely Trio – In Action Sold for $2392.00
  16. 21 CD box of Art Ensemble of Chicago on ECM
  17. The World of Pops
  18. "BBE Records will release a recording of an extraordinary four hour performance by an inspired Charles Mingus at the Strata Concert Gallery in Detroit in 1973."
  19. Roy Hargrove

    Roy Hargrove, Trumpeter Who Gave Jazz a Jolt of Youth, Dies at 49
  20. Roy Hargrove

    Roy Hargrove Memorial Broadcast Monday November 5th
  21. Sonny Fortune R.I.P.
  22. Sonny Fortune R.I.P.

    Sonny Fortune, Stalwart Saxophonist Of New York, Dies At 79
  23. Today's tenor players

    JD Allen. Big fan of his albums as a leader, especially Graffiti and Victory, as well as his recordings with Jeremy Pelt. Thread on JD Allen.