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  1. +1 Another good vibes record no one talks about is Terry Gibbs, El Nutto (Limelight), with Alice McLeod.
  2. Favorite Records by Living Pianists Since 2000

    Another +1 for Ran Blake! I haven't been keeping up with Slava Ganelin's more recent work, but I quite liked Birds Of Passage with vocalist Esti Kenan Ofri and Ganelin Trio Priority - Live in Germany. Saw the latter band in concert once--amazing concert.
  3. Favorite Records by Living Pianists Since 2000

    Steve Lantner had a couple of nice discs on Hat Hut: Given and What You Can Throw. Our own Alexander Hawkins has been amassing some great releases as a leader.
  4. What are your favorite jazz bossa nova albums?

    One of my favourites is disc 1 of the Onzy Matthews Mosaic Select. Can't believe that session (from 1963) wasn't released at the time.
  5. Here's a great article by Lewis Porter on the inspiration(s) behind John Coltrane's "Impressions." Porter touches upon this in his book John Coltrane: His Life and Music (great book by the way, my only criticism is that it's about 1,500 pages too short ), but this article is much more detailed: Deep Dive with Lewis Porter: The Inspiration(s) Behind John Coltrane's "Impressions"
  6. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Budapest Chamber Ensemble, Alban Berg's Kammerkonzert (Hungaroton). Great version from 1977 from top notch players. The Ligeti piece on side 2 compares nicely to the original. Edward Vesala, Heavy Life (Leo). Vesala's U.S. album, with an all-American band, aside from Stanko plus Iro Haarla on one track. It's fun to hear Vesala's music cross the Atlantic. Nice showcases fro Reggie Workman and Chico Feeman. Steve Lacy, The Forest and the Zoo (Base). Homefromtheforest's old copy!
  7. Tom Petty is gone.

    RIP. There aren't too many examples of rock and rollers who were so consistently good for so long as Tom Petty. So many great songs. Got to see him with the Heartbreakers plus a non-proselytizing Bob Dylan back in 1986.
  8. I agree--nothing amusing about hitting children. It's outrageous he didn't get his ass fired.
  9. Sad news. I'll miss her positive contributions to this board. RIP.
  10. I picked up The Magic City LP reissue by Cosmic Myth Records and it sounds great! Nice package with a foldout insert with detailed notes and session info. Nice to see the Sun Ra catalogue get this treatment. My Brother The Wind, Vol. 1 is out next month.
  11. Steve Lacy 1965-1972

    Fabulous news. Emanem has been releasing some great stuff lately.
  12. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Sal Mosca Music (Interplay). Great solo piano music from 1977.
  13. Thanks for the info. Glad to see Numbers 1 & 2 coming out in original form, though it is fascinating hearing the evolution of "Number 2" on the box and All the Numbers. Definitely a session worth having in many formats.
  14. I have a "blue/white" copy of Lester Bowie's Numbers 1 & 2 from that era with an oddity on Side 2. There's a pause following take 6 of "Number 2" followed by a reference or audio tone before the blowout from take 7 begins. I also have an earlier pressing (green top, pink/orange label, Madison address) where the transition runs smoothly.
  15. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Shorty Rogers, Cool and Crazy (HMV, UK) 10". Really nice charts and playing, featuring Art "Salt" on saxophone.