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  1. R.I.P. Pharoah Sanders

    I love ‘Live at the East’ as well. Probably the most expensive cd I’ve ever bought but well worth it. I also always liked this underrated Impulse! session:
  2. R.I.P. Pharoah Sanders

    Almost exactly the same experience here! I was 17 years old or something like that when I saw him perform at the Bimhuis. I had a copy of Black Unity in my jacketpocket I’m case I would have the opportunity to ask for an autograph. When I entered the Bimhuis restaurant I immediately saw Pharoah eating there with his band. I must have been standing there for 15 minutes considering if I would approach him or not. But he looked like he wasn’t really accessible with that grey beard and deep frown so I decided not to. I still regret it till this moment. But I’ve learned from it as I let Chico Freeman sign my copy of Spirit Sensitive 2 weeks ago
  3. R.I.P. Pharoah Sanders

    I saw him twice at the Bimhuis and he really kicked ass. He played the most intense version of his swinging You’ve Got To Have Freedom and danced on it with much joy. Pharoah has been accused of so many ugly things like being an angry player, not being able to improvise on scales etc. Awful. I love the guy and his playing. I still enjoy his contributions to Tranes and Don Cherry’s band so much. Karma and Black Unity are my two favorite Impulse! records and his recording of Ole on the Theresa Live record is nearly as good as the original by Trane (which says a lot). RIP mr. Sanders.
  4. Yeah I love these kind of LP compilations from the ‘70’s and 80’s. They are mostly pretty cheap and widely available for some reason and quality and music is great.
  5. Great to hear thanks! Hope my copy arrives coming Friday.
  6. Does Oscar Peterson get a bad rap?

    Honestly I do hear that. Apparently playing lots of notes could be fun. I also see it when he performs live, not only on his face but also on those of his companions. But hey we could go on endlessly like this. Enjoy all those other pianists. I will too and also enjoy some OP.
  7. Is it out there already? What are your first impressions?
  8. Does Oscar Peterson get a bad rap?

    Well my dad is a big Peterson fan and trough that way Oscar Peterson was one of the musicians that got me into jazz. Wouldn’t say I listen to him as much as then but I still enjoy quite some records. I like the Verve/Limelight/MPS stuff most and the early Cleff and later Pablo records least. So I could say the 1960’s is my favorite Peterson period. The stuff with Ray Brown and Sam Jones are great. I think the central point in Petersons music is joy in playing. No complex theory or philosophy behind it just: having fun playing with each other. And I like that. He has always seemed like a very nice and humble person to me. And what a life he had playing with so many jazz greats.
  9. the new Tone Poet. Didn’t own a vinyl copy yet so this was a pretty logical buy
  10. I’ll save a place for you
  11. It’s my ‘music room’. Very small but there’s no place I’d rather be after a busy day. Still can’t believe my wife agreed with it but won’t give it up anymore now all my records and my vinyl player are safe here in this room. I wouldn’t dare to keep them downstairs because of my two sons with their greedy hands… they are 3 and 1 years old and especially the youngest is of great danger for all my precious stuff…. When I am a single moment out of the room he gets his hands on my cd’s to ‘play with them’. Downstairs I still play a lot of jazz. My boys don’t really respond to it in a negative nor positive way. It’s mostly the wife who complains about this terrible loud unstructured madness I dare to play. But I am the one who gets up early with the kids and then it’s time for some jazz! You drink scotch, Belgian craft beers, wine or water?
  12. I’ve always had a feeling that if we might ever cross paths, get snowed in in some Austrian mountain hut with a huge jazz collection at our disposal, we wouldn’t really have to fight about what to play
  13. Theres really nothing like coming out of a busy day at work, taking a nice Belgian blonde beer and spin a record like this. No better medicine against a busy mind than Paul Desmond playing his alto saxophone.
  14. not a huge Jarrett fan but this remains an outstanding record. Also quite a lot trough the contributions by Redman, Haden and Motian.
  15. Does Oscar Peterson get a bad rap?

    Well I hope it dies soon but probably not . Some people have to repeat a thousand times about how they hate a musician. I cannot believe one actually could be offended by someone’s playing. There’s a lot musicians I don’t particularly like, both jazz and non-jazz but no one offends me. And if their music is a joy and pleasure to others, everything’s fine with me.
  16. Great to hear. Looking forward to it anyway. I’ve got pretty old parents (relatively) and always do these gigs with them. Will have a nice diner before. Always greatful I am still able to do these kind of things with them.
  17. Great to hear that. Must say I like his India Navigation stuff the most. Indeed the ‘70’s/80’s stuff. With these guys I always feel happy to be able to see them perform live. As a 31 year old, I’ve missed a lot of my idols You’ll here from me
  18. Yeah he did. Essentially a ballad album but a very good one he will be performing at the Bimhuis coming Sunday performing Coltrane tunes. Curious to see if he still has that tone.
  19. https://www.soundohm.com/product/complete-series-vol-1-2-3 this looks pretty interesting. Recordings with Clifford Jordan, Charles Tolliver, Joe Henderson etc.