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  1. The All Things Van Morrison Thread

    There's a musician I befriended in college and have been facebook friends with for a long while. He has also been an anarchist, an anti-vaxxer and a Bill Gates conspiracy theorist for some time. I choose to disagree, but also choose not to cut of the communication line. He's also one of the strongest opponents of racism I have ever known, and it's strange to see him falling into agreement with the creeps that carried guns to the Wisconsin state capitol. He doesn't support Trump. I'll extend the same indulgence to Van, who has provided many musical highlights to my life. I haven't heard the songs in question yet, but are they really more offensive than Under My Thumb or Blurred Lines? Artists are allowed to be wrong. Artists can even have serious flaws and still bring value through their art. No boycott for me.
  2. BFT 197 Link & Discussion

    Joshua Redman has a new album with Brad Mehldau, Christian McBride and Brian Blade. I've only heard it once, but I'm liking that group for #10 given the other clues.
  3. BFT 197 Link & Discussion

    1. A nice florid solo piano version of In My Solitude. I'm guessing Earl Hines, from his two Duke volumes. 2. We aren't sure we're headed in a jazz direction from the vocal intro, but the music takes over and corrects that impression. With nothing to go on, I'll throw out Doc Cheatham just because I think he's a trumpeter who sings. 3. This one will probably surprise me. Chopsy solo tenor that's not afraid to show off a breathy tone. Definitely not off Sonny Rollins Solo Album, because both of the tracks there are side-long, and it's not considered among his best work. Still, I can't come up with a better fit than Rollins. 4. More breathy tone deployed beautifully, with piano to match. Maybe Don Byas? 5. Maybe the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis big band with Billy Harper and Roland Hanna? 6. The tenor's tone makes me think of Steeplechase era Dexter Gordon, but I'm not sure that the restless exploration of the rhythm section is consistent with that. 7. Could be Joe Henderson's Milestone period. Definitely feels 70s. 8. Is this McCoy Tyner's album with Mike Brecker? Was it called Infinity? we have definitely settled into a tenor groove. 9. Nice and atmospheric, could be someone not normally considered a jazz perfomer. I vaguely think I recognize the tune - Shenandoah? Two wild guesses. Bill Frisell or Craig Chaquico. 10. I'm a person who doesn't consider that an ECM reference is a bad thing at all, and this could easily be an ECM recording. Charles Lloyd maybe? 11. Nice groove, but not particularly jazz based. I'm guessing the violist or violinist is the leader. Regina Carter? 12. Calypso feel. I'll try Sonny Rollins again. Nice Bari sax too.
  4. HELP@ Whatever Happened To Jacy Parker????

    A Newspapers.com search reveals gigs from Trenton NJ in 1960 through LA in 1974 with stops in Chicago and San Fran and a lot of Van Nuys.
  5. RIP Art Hoyle

    https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/post-tribune/obituary.aspx?n=arthur-hoyle&pid=196306766 Link not behaving, so: Arthur Hoyle, renowned Trumpeter and musician transitioned on June 4, 2020 at the age of 90. Arthur received his first trumpet on his eighth birthday in rural Oklahoma. He moved to Gary, Indiana with his Mother at age 13. He began playing in local clubs and ballrooms at the age of 15. Arthur's excellence as a jazz trumpeter earned worldwide admiration. After a four year stint in the U.S. Air Force, Arthur joined the Sun Ra Arkestra. He next worked with the Lionel Hampton Orchestra, touring the United States, Canada, Europe and North Africa. Arthur's music career included the Art Hoyle Quintet and studio work as both a voiceover talent and musician on TV, radio, commercials and movie sound tracts. He has worked with some of the greatest musicians of our time including Lee Konitz, Gene Ammons, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Woody Herman, Billy Eckstine, Frank Sinatra and many others. In 2010 Art was the featured cover story artist in the July/August issue of the Chicago Jazz Magazine. Arthur was an avid reader and intellect. Arthur is survived by his wife of over 50 years, Ruth Hoyle, Godchildren, other relatives and dear friends. Funerial Services will be held Thursday, June 11, at St. Timothy Church, viewing from 10:00-12:00noon services at 12:00. In lieu of flowers please make donations to the Alzheimer's Association
  6. Bootsie Barnes RIP - Covid-19

    Part of Odean Pope's Saxophone Choir on Soul Note I believe. On The Saxophone Shop, but not The Ponderer.
  7. Ryo Kawasaki (1947-2020)

    His solo on Sunshower, from Tarika Blue - The Blue Path has always been a favorite.
  8. Big Ears Festival

    My attendance is now unlikely. NC has declared a state of emergency, and I'm in the age group that has been advised to reduce travel. For me alone, the risk versus reward is not unreasonable, but I can't risk bringing the virus home to my wife. I acknowledge that flu is a greater risk, but it seems reasonable to adopt a short term reclusive lifestyle to fight the spread while countermeasures are being developed. Perhaps the organizers and the musicians can get together and make performance video available to ticket holders, should the festival not be cancelled.
  9. Big Ears Festival

    They said there would be detailed schedules in Mid to Late February. Mid February has left the station and Late February is blowing the whistle!
  10. Big Ears Festival

    I'm in. Only sure of being there Thursday and Friday, but I waited for daily passes to go on sale and got the weekend pass anyway, just in case. I do have to be back in NC Saturday morning. Did anybody find a breakfast spot they might prefer to Tupelo Honey for a potential pre-concert get together on Friday?
  11. Lisle Atkinson: 1940-2019

  12. Big Ears Festival

    They made their own map and emailed it, hope it translates:
  13. Big Ears Festival

    I have marked up a Google Map indicating many venues in red. It's too large for direct posting here. If anyone wants to provide the steps to host and link it instead or message me an email to send it to, I'd be happy to share it.
  14. Big Ears Festival

    Very disappointed that Wadada solo now overlaps Evan Parker after schedule revisions.
  15. Big Ears Festival

    Reservations for 6 (wild guess) made for 11:00 am Friday and 10:45 Saturday and Sunday at Tupelo Honey in the name of Organissimo Forum. My early thoughts: Friday 12 Fleck 1 Messthetics or David Torn 2 Larry Grenadier 3:30 Halvorson 5:30 Towner 7 Parker Schlippenbach 8 maybe Spiritualized 9:00 Absint 11:00 Fire 12:00 maybe Jlin Saturday 12:30 Columbia Icefield 2: maybe short visit to Berne 2:30 Wadada 4: maybe short visit to Avishai Cohen 4:30 Evan Parker 5:30 Carla Bley in progress 6:30 Thumbscrew (Halvorson) or Bela 7:30 Dejohnette 9:30 Makaya McCraven 11:00 Bill Frisell in progress 12:00 Sons of Kemet Sunday 1:00 Vijay and Craig 1:30-2:00 Richard Thompson 3:30 Nik Bartsch's Ronin 4-4:30 Bill Frisell 5-5:30 Gabriel Kahane or Brooklyn Rider 6:00 Wadada 7:00 Sun of Goldfinger (Berne) 8:00 AEOC 9:30 Maybe Harold Budd in progress
  16. Big Ears Festival

    Parker-Schlippenbach wins out over Rhiannon Giddens in the most unfortunate conflict. Overlaps mean I will see little if any of Carla Bley and Rob Mazurek.
  17. Big Ears Festival

    I'm driving in so that gives me some extra flexibility. By the way, when they ask who we want in 2020, let's mention Henry Threadgill. This year they have one I mentioned and two I would have if I thought about it! BFrank, are you interested a breakfast gathering around 10:45 each day at Tupelo Honey?
  18. Big Ears Festival

    I took a mystery hotel deal from Hotwire for Knoxville North listed at $42 each for Friday and Saturday nights and got Baymont by Wyndham Knoxville I-75 6712 Central Ave. Pike, Knoxville, TN 37912 total with tax and fees 106.56 for 2 nights.
  19. Big Ears Festival

    When we know who's in, I'll try to make resevations.
  20. Big Ears Festival

    Maybe something like 10:45 am daily at Tupelo Honey? I haven't been there but the web info looks pretty good. I'm planning on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  21. Big Ears Festival

    I'm very likely for Friday and Saturday, would love to add Sunday if I can. Having stood out in a cold rain last year while VIP ticket holders walked by to see Jason Moran and Milford Graves, I'll give some thought to the upgrade. I did get to see the end of that set, but missed a lot. The amount of musical options available makes it a whirlwind experience. If you plan to meet up with anyone there, best to arrange for text messaging in advance. I did meet Chuck Nessa and his wife but missed connecting with the other two Organissimo attendees.
  22. Mary Lou Williams

    In honor of the Asch Recordings (1944-1947) showing up on eMusic from Folkways, I thought it would be a good time to start a Mary Lou Williams thread. I enjoyed the Asch Recordings a great deal when they were issued on LP in 1977 and will be downloading them tonight. I believe Kool may be Kenny Dorham's first recorded solo. It's likely that the Asch Recordings can be ordered on CD now. Also newly appearing on eMusic is an album entitled Mary Lou Williams, whose first track is "Black Christ of the Andes (St. Martin de Porres)". This differs from the album "Mary Lou Williams Presents Black Christ of the Andes". It looks like "Presents" has four bonus tracks inserted just before the final track. Zoning is a fascinating modernist set from Mary Lou. Bob Cranshaw plays electric bass, but I find his playing appropriate to the context.
  23. Big Ears Festival

    I stayed in a Motel 6 about 5 miles north, you won't be in your room much and breakfast is cheaper away from downtown.
  24. Prestige is back.

    Having seen her live at the Coltrane Jazz Festival, I'm now a fan. Yes, she is harsher and less sultry than Betty on the Betty tunes she does, and it took me a while to warm up. She added in some lyrics about police brutality to Willow Weep For Me, and the stridency was right on target. That was the moment that everything clicked, she was winning the audience over even before I jumped on board, then the crowd stood almost immediately for Lift Every Voice and Sing, which medleyed into Moanin' as on the CD. I had listened on Spotify, but bought the CD there. She has a lot of technical facility for her scat passages, and I thought she made them work musically. Maybe 5 percent of the time Jeanne Lee is a better comparison than Betty, she can go a little avant. Remember that approximately 100% of the human race is less sultry than Betty Carter and you might join me in appreciating that a younger generation musician thinks she's an influence worth idolizing.
  25. Randy Weston - Thoughts and tributes

    Diane Reeves broke the news during her concert and sang a tribute, a Randy Weston composition I was unfamiliar with. I became familiar with him from the Carnival album, where he spoke the words "a great loss of the twentieth century" before playing a heartfelt solo piano tribute to Duke Ellington. One only needs to adjust the century to have a fitting tribute to Randy himself.