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  1. ebay usps tracking # not tracking?

    Agreed, this happens to me. Here's a recent example: "Jan. 2 Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item SEATTLE, WA 98134". Stayed this way for 6 whole days. Then, all of a sudden "Jan. 8 Arrived at USPS Regional Destination Facility SPRINGFIELD MA NETWORK DISTRIBUTION CENTER".
  2. Thanks, friending and mailing lists seem the way to go. I've known about the Lace Mill events plus the Senate Garage in Kingston (monthly, less free-type playing, but sometimes interesting), though not the others. Best to get advance notice / reminders.
  3. Many thanks! I have to keep up with the schedule at that venue. A little more than an hour away. I missed Ted Daniel in November ... met Juma Sultan in Woodstock a few months ago, would like to see him (and of course the others) play.
  4. The Falcon, Marlboro, NY

    Agreed, nice place. But it's a bit over two hours drive, too inconvenient to go as often as I'd like.
  5. Donde esta Scott Dolan?

    Unfortunately, it's not that easy. Posts from ignored members show up in other members' replies, and more unpleasantly, in the "Posts" column in the lower right margin of the main forum page. I was taking frequent months-long hiatuses from the forum because of the assholic screeds blaring from that "Posts" column.
  6. Thanks for posting this. I have a Mobley order in hyperspace. Was going to complain to Mosaic and post a rant on this forum, but will pass and give it some more time.
  7. Thanks! Spun this yesterday: And now this: An extremely funny Rossini opera. Though much of the music is taken from Il viaggio a Reims, Ory has independent value. I saw a memorable live performance many years ago.
  8. Listening on Youtube to The Rhine Gold from the Goodall (English language) Ring cycle. Really interesting...the English does not sound weird (as I feared), and Goodall's notoriously slow tempi seem to work. I'm not in the market for another Ring recording, but may buy one of the Goodall operas to listen in detail.
  9. The outfit doing the shipping is IMO not competent. I recall ordering the Mingus and receiving an Eddie Condon. Scott put it right, but I suspect it was his effort rather than the shippers'. I ordered the Mobley just 1 week ago. Got an order confirm, but no shipping notice yet. But I paid via Paypal and specified media mail, which I suspect are 2 "kisses of death" ( my bad): for Paypal transactions Mosaic takes the money right away rather than when the order ships, and the confirm warned that media mail takes extra time.
  10. Don Imus has died.

    RIP. Went through some big changes over the years. I became vaguely aware of Imus around the time of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, when he pulled some outrageous stunt (details of which I forget) at his Radio City (iirc) studio. He then came off as a wild substance-abusing madman. I became a fan for quite a while, starting in the mid '90s when Imus was on WFAN. He went serious to a degree and mixed legit discussions of books, current events, etc. with his patented outrageous shit (some of which was really funny). [However, even at that time I heard some detailed "insider accounts" of Mr. Imus's behavior that were far from flattering.] After I moved away from the NYC area in 2001 and lost that "NYC edgy attitude / energy" I quickly found his schtick less appealing. By the time of his assholic 2007 "nappy-headed ho" meltdown I hadn't paid attention in years.
  11. Berkshire Music Outlet

    I just found quite a bit of interesting classical and placed an order, breaking a long dry spell (at least 3 years, as best I can recall). The BRO website still sucks bad wind IMO, and required a considerable degree of patience to navigate.
  12. Deathtrap? I saw the Broadway play (by Ira Levin) c. 1980 and enjoyed it, but didn't see the later film. Doubt I'll watch Knives Out, either.
  13. Berkshire Music Outlet

    I was a major customer in the late '90s through mid -00s. Have not shopped there for at least 2 years because the new website (esp. search engine) was absolute dogshit. BRO supposedly fixed the search engine a month or two ago, and it does look better. I'm still on their weekly e-mail list, and my last few searches didn't find anything compelling, but I only looked for classical. [Added] Even in recent years, until the website went to pot, I found Berkshire a great source for recordings of Renaissance polyphonic music; they always have a great inventory of Hyperion CDs (and some more exotic labels if the search engine is up to snuff). Also a few UA classical boxes, e.g. Budapest '51-52 Beethoven quartets (OK, that was before the cheaper/better Sony box came out ).
  14. Classical music bargains

    This Poulenc box is tempting. Best prices seem to be from Europe, e.g. Presto (of whom I'm leery due to past credit card hack ) and Amazon UK.
  15. Sorry about image size, it's the only pic of this obscure release I could find.
  16. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    A good one! I have it as part of the excellent Black Saint / Soul Note box, from which the solo recordings are my favorites.
  17. A 50-year imbalance righted

    I saw that (German) documentary a couple of years ago. Definitely worth viewing. Strongly agree with your last 2 sentences. The film made it very clear that FZ really wanted to be viewed as a "serious composer". I attended a few concerts that included FZ's "serious" compositions and was a bit underwhelmed by them.