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  1. Happy Birthday, Sonny Simmons.

    I think it's great but i just know it from youtube
  2. Clifford Brown

    I've been wondering about George Wright before, just a handful of credits, usually involving paintings... somebody's artist friend? My initial hunch before looking at credits had been Andy Warhol for the birds cover...
  3. BFT#220

    that guess got me curious... no, it's Chet Baker playing Sad Walk with Dick Twardzik...
  4. I don't hear much of a difference between Susto and One Way Traveller, neither quality- nor style-wise... I'd say they're good but not great... If you were always sad that Susto isn't a double LP, you definitely need One Way Traveller... Otherwise I am less sure
  5. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Roger Hamilton Spotts did all the arranging for Al Grey's Shades of Grey which is a great album imho
  6. Yes, Berlin is huge so it's always walking, walking, walking.... I don't like the city... But, of course, i still would have wished you a better time and better score.... Re the initial question, the memory that came to mind immediately was walking into a store in Rennes, France, that felt totally out of place... Turned out, the majority of the stock was the contents of a Chicago record store the owner had bought in full, loads of Argo, Cadet, Ammons etc
  7. Masayuki Takayanagi

    Looks like Mine to me around 2:30...
  8. pretty sure that's another Joe Kelly (younger, white, Chicago-based...even though that album with Johnny Board on tenor has been on my radar for a while). This Joe Kelly aka Joe "Red" Kelly played with Gerald Wilson's band in the mid 40s. The latest credit I can find quickly is this Peppy Prince album from 1958 (Horace Tapscott's earliest credit iirc). Peter Vacher's Central Avenue book has some memories of Kelly from John "Streamline" Ewing: Red Kelly from Peru, Indiana, was another very good trumpet player in the [Gene Coy] band . He had a style but he never did record anything, but he was different from any trumpet player I ever heard. He could play lead and could also solo. [..] He finally would up in the Post Office. [...] I think he still gigs around town, sometimes with Spanish bands.[..]
  9. Hank Mobley

    from the Philadelphia Inquirer, 23 October 1983... The continuation on page 24 is very brief: like you used to?" He smiled warmly. "It will probably happen." Then he pointed toward the sky and looked up. "If He let's me"
  10. Perception label - full-scale catalog reprint

    I want the Jimmie Lunceford...
  11. RIP Bernard Wright

    Lester Young, apparently this is the source: Lenny White apparently felt like he grew up in Lester Young's neighborhood and for the first few years he really did... and possibly he passed that spirit on...
  12. Jazz vinyl in Berlin?

    haven't been in Berlin in a while but remembered that someone asked that same question on another board recently, here (the posts from February 2022)
  13. Sonny Rollins

    this one, "Now's the time" indeed
  14. Alto Saxophone/Guitar Duos

    Subconsciously by Gary Foster, also on Revelation, has three more duo tracks with Budimir, but with Foster on flute and tenor, plus an as/g duet with Larry Koonse
  15. just realized that these sessions are described in the Dark Tree book (p. 236), apparently it was a planned album that wasn't released at the time, 68 minutes of music extracted from two nights of live recording with tracks including Ballad of Deadwood Dick, Motherless Child, Little Africa, Breakfast at Bongo's and Close to Freedom [of which the first three tracks make up 37 minutes of the CD in the book]... so if they stick to the album as originally planned (but not released because no label could be found) there will be 30 minutes of additional music... Intriguingly, the same paragraph also describes a sister album recorded a bit later in the studio where the band is augmented to an octet featuring Bobby Bradford... wouldn't be shocked if that is next on the list...