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  1. Flip Phillips "Your Place Or Mine?" on CD

    I also found this misleading but if you read carefully... "This 1963 duet recording with guitarist Dell Staton was one of only 2 albums Phillips made in the almost 20 years period after JATP. " this refers to 1957 to 1977 so that it seems to be at least more or less correct.
  2. Lou Mecca

    re Cinderella: He released another album in 2002, see here which was apparently never really easy to get hold off, (reading my old posts it apparently had Gers Yowell on sax and Doug Yowell on Drums), by now, all or most of it made it to youtube (discogs also suggests that he played on quite a few albums as a studio guitarist)
  3. Milt Jackson 'Off Spring"

    a 13 year old thread... the LOC has a copyright claim by W. Milton (Milt) Jackson for a tune with that title from 1957... but, of course, that doesn't prove that this is what they recorded... (link)
  4. @BigBeatSteve: isn't that what the series of the Fremeaux sets does?
  5. "Mingus Three" pianists

    here is a more direct link (and that was the site)
  6. "Mingus Three" pianists

    there's apparently one more session of a similar band including Brigham, tracks 17-20 on the Crown Prince Waterford Classics CD (available on Spotify) 1949.06.04 -- US: California: Los Angeles - recordings for King - (Charles) Crown Prince Waterford, Harold Land All-Stars (Dave Froebel Brigham, William Doty, Harold Land, John L. Jackson, Stanley Joyce, Leon Pettis)
  7. Universal and Capitol/Emi are the same by now, right?
  8. ???

    once again with more time... Szabo mainpage: McFarland mainpage discographies mainpage the links I tested did work, but there are too many...
  9. ???

    Here's a copy of the McFarland discography from the wayback machine: combining the links here with the wayback machine, one can probably come up with more (but I didn't manage to get the Szabo discography, for instance)... looking at that list of links, it's sad how many of these pages are now gone...
  10. Mal Waldron - Meditations reissue

    until a few weeks ago, you could have ordered it directly from the label at a more than reasonable price (10 Euro incl shipping)... but with Terrones gone, I somewhat doubt that this is still possible (even though the webpage does not indicate anything...) At least, you can listen to a sample track there...
  11. Lucky Thompson - Star Chaser

    that's apparently the version from the 1956 Vogue Sessions
  12. Unissued/Unreleased Grant Green

    here are a few links regarding Rotterdam. This is not an explicit program so there is always the chance that nobody noticed Burrell and Green - but I am tempted to conclude that only Kessel was present (as part of the allstars) for this concert in April btw, the announcement had been Tal Farlow and Barney Kessel
  13. Les Liaisons Dangereuses

    I have no clou in any narrow sense of the word, but given that we are talking about a double LP. and that there's a second soundtrack album by Duke Jordan (no less) used in the film, the film would take forever if it used all the Monk music - and the vast majority of films are too long but they don't take forever
  14. Tony Bennett

    I just remembered that there exists an excellent online discography of Bennett: It's a bit outdated (2011) but certainly better than going by the information on Spotify and iTunes
  15. Tony Bennett

    The Beatles are not easy at all btw... the question whether Magical Mystery Tour is an album or a double EP that was later reissued in corrupted form is arguably the most contested question in discography (see e.g. an extremely long thread on the Hoffman forum)