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  1. previously unreleased Bud Powell

    and then sit back and let the leaks come in
  2. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    wondering whether this is really Jon Eardley and Jacques Pelzer with Strings... it does sound plausible (and not like a high point of their careers)
  3. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Jon Eardley - Jazz from the States (not really from "the States" but recorded here in the Southern Netherlands)
  4. I guess I'm on ignore for previous misdeeds (which is fine with me)... but be that as it may: I think jsngry just wanted to underline/emphasize your question and did so with a funny picture... (I didn't get that joke either...) imho (and maybe I missed something) either "Edwards Mosaic" is a typo (most likely in "Edwards") or it means "Teddy Edwards Mosaic" which could be fairly exciting... (The legendary session with Don Sleet and Daniel Jackson playing Ornette recorded by Lenny McBrowne's wife ?!?! and more...). edit: the relevant portion of Lord's musicians list
  5. Current Popularity of Jazz

    of course, my perspective is European and biased by the subset of the population I meet the most... and I wouldn't speak of increased interest... but I really don't think that there is that much of a difference between people born, say, in 1950 and in 1985 when it comes to interest in jazz... one way in which Spotify actually seems to draw some people to jazz is through the subgenre of "unobtrusive piano music for falling asleep" - put predictably this doesn't lead to much exploring (because people are asleep when the music worked out well for them), see here and especially here
  6. Current Popularity of Jazz

    I've heard that story "now that I have spotify I can really start exploring genres I never had access to" exactly once... the guy (around 30, indie background) was thinking of Mozart operas rather than jazz... that being said, most of my colleagues between 30 and 45 have at least some interest in jazz (I've been asked to explain concepts like "standards" [is it really unclear who is associated with what song?] and "improvisation" [is everybody improvising at the same time?] by different people in the last few months... when there are interesting concerts, most want to be notified). In contrast, most of the older guys (still working, so below 67) prefer rock to jazz... by and large, I don't think that interest in jazz has changed that much over the past four or five decades... how/whether people buy records has
  7. of course it's not a cause for the problems, it's just a strong indicator that they misperceive the problems... for instance: if you have a high quality product to sell (which they do) you don't advertise that one to me with a freebie that I could recreate in higher quality in 25 minutes max. I don't hate anyone and I actually like Mosaic quite a bit... I'm just trying to help, knowing that if I post something valuable here it will find its way... and if not, then I probably didn't.
  8. In last week's Sunday Gazette there were still two entries by MC (one referring to GoM's Nightlights, the other to Ethan Iverson's blog - nothing new there)... but: this Sunday, the Gazette seems to be delayed.... edit: but there is a new edition on their website, including more links set by MC... if he's the former president, that must be very recent
  9. Gene Ammons

    from lineups I've seen elsewhere plus what seems to be written there I would guess it's Ajaramu (aka Joe Shelton aka Gerald Donovan)
  10. whats the deal w/ clifford brown on 'A night at Birdland'

    Useful AB chronology by a long gone forum member apparently, there was quite some confusion after Mobley's arrest with Barney Wilen and possibly Jerome Richardson in the saxophone chair before Wayne Shorter took over... reads like Mobley was back for good but in deep trouble at the time... (My main take home message from this list is however that musicians really shouldn't be trusted for dating anything... )
  11. Apple Music/Spotify/Tidal

    in my case, I'm pretty sure that the occasional hick-ups are due to the Bluetooth receiver: I get them regardless of whether I stream directly from Wifi, or whether I download music into spotify to play it from there... And when I'm directly streaming music on my phone or laptop, there are no hick-ups... regarding streaming vs ownership: I view spotify more like a substitute for library than a substitute for my own music collection... of course, they don't have "everything" and sometimes stuff comes and goes ... but compared to pretty much any physical library in the world, they're doing extremely well: "Borrowing stuff" is much more convenient and the selection is far better... Of course, you don't get a sense of ownership - but given how vast their collection is that would be a bit too much to ask. The entire (?) Steeplechase catalogue is in there - but I would not even want to feel like I have it all in my apartment in physical form. Nevertheless, it's pretty cool that I can spontaneously start exploring Dexter Gordon's Steeplechase albums while travelling on a train...
  12. Shirley Scott questions

    Again according to the back cover (found on discogs under "more images"), the piano playing on Plays Duke is by Scott herself
  13. David Niven's jazz collection.

    Given the limited information it's hard to judge whether all of it or just most of it is commercially issued... Strange idea to digitize that collection! Then again, those massive private cassette collection were a big thing in their time (as is currently discussed elsewhere here)
  14. According to discogs, The River is a vibraphone-marimbaphone duo album... if that's the material on Side 2, the seller's description would be quite misleading... "comments: looks like an unreleased Dogtown LP !! matrix n° on side a is "dogtown 7"/side b "dogtown 8" (hand-written); very spare and out there music, one side it's under Byard Lancaster/other side by Khan Jamal. could be two different sets as i don't hear for example any vibes on the Lancaster side and viceversa (no sax on Jamal side) ?! unfortunatly not much info on who plays on it (it'd be a trio or 4et on each side ?!) and where it was rec. but without any doubts one of the rarest LP i ever offered for sale in the last 20 years, could easily be the only copy in existence."
  15. of course, it's not a problem - it's just an email. My point is that you can't credibly say "our product is really special" by delivering a freebie that any potentially interested party could assemble in higher quality in 90 minutes. Without looking desperate, that is. [in that respect the Gazette is not comparable to the old catalogue]