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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW? Horace Tapscott & the P.A.P.A. at the Geronimo Pratt National Black Human Rights Coalition (1980)
  2. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    thinking about what I wrote in the Baker thread, Baker's working bands and late albums, Köln concerts and me not being around... this album was recorded at a concert in Köln in 1981, four weeks after I had been born there... and in fact, we were living less than 3 kilometers from where the concert took place - so in a way, I kind of was around... the rhythm section is badly recorded and barely audible unless the horns lay out... what makes the album kind of work is that it combines three horn players with a really beautiful sound, Baker, Jon Eardley as second trumpeter (can't tell them apart) and Bob Mover on alto
  3. Chet Baker, misjudged?

    I wasn't around but it seems he was fairly low profile from the mid-60s to the mid-70s, with him being in bad shape and his music not fitting into the times that well either... in 1974 came the CTI album, and from there it took a few more years until he started to constantly tour Europe with surprisingly good bands, recording dozen of albums, many of which are great... and somehow, it's also not hard to see how Baker's brand of chamber jazz could work in a market where Jarrett's 1975 Köln Concert was a really big deal... (while Baker didn't really have an answer to, say, Bitches Brew). It's not so clear where to put the beginning of that late Baker phase but the 1978 band with Phil Markowitz feels like one logical starting date to me...
  4. Webster Young dies

    still kind of on the hunt for Volume 3... should play the other two again, I remember this as a really nice hard bop jam session but it's been a while
  5. No time to read this now myself but it looks interesting
  6. Great Finds

    envy you a bit for that Bechet record... last spring, I happened to walk into a really great record store, bought way too much, I thought (including most of my gaps in the Riverside New Orleans Living Legends Series), but also left quite a few records there that I really should have taken as well... including that Bechet album
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    That's the return of the LP... (Didn't like this album too much, even though I like most of the participants, but I didn't try hard)
  8. Wadada Leo Smith

    thanks for posting!
  9. Best Historical Jazz Releases 2021

    the secret tricks of those who want make sure they escape those types of lists in both 2021 and 2022... guess they can afford it
  10. Jutta Hipp artwork available

    Text is in German but in between are two of those drawings and here is one more of Horace Silver In there's also a photo of Hipp in the 1980s ... Can't say that I like those drawings much, think I prefer the music by far
  11. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    guess in retrospect it's not too surprising that the vaccine against Covid is more like a flu shot that has to be repeated regularly than like a polio vaccine... it's not "just the flu" because it's worse, but in some other ways, it seems to behave like it's distant cousin the flu... nobody can really blame it for that... I just hope that in the medium run we can go down to yearly shots...
  12. what are you drinking right now?

    Mostly still drinking regular beer, but also some nonalcoholic here and there... Some of the classic Belgian breweries (Leffe, Cornet, Brugse Zot...) have started to offer nonalcoholic versions... I especially like the Affligem Blonde in the nonalcoholic version... Another nonalcoholic beer that I like quite a bit is the nonalcoholic Guiness
  13. I guess a key piece of evidence is this album which features Maneri together with Hrant in an early 60s incarnation as ethnic clarinet virtuoso...
  14. Jimmy Smith "Plays Fats Waller"

    there's a Quentin Warren Solo around 7:30
  15. Moody modern piano stylings

    Indeed, Moran didn't belong into the list... and besides ECM, ACT deserves some recognition in your trend... regarding Nick Drake, holding the original against Mehldau's version of River Man was a defining moment in my own very short career as an aspiring artist