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  1. if you scroll down to approximately the middle of this page you'll find a more detailed description starting with "Unissued session of March 6, 1963". This contains among other things the details on soprano vs tenor...
  2. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    before: Walter Bishop Jr - Bish Bash (Xanadu) now: Ahmed Abdullah and the Solomonic Quintet (Silkheart) that Ahmed Abdullah album is such a nice surprise - took it with me recently because you just can't let a Silheart CD lie around for 2 Euros... forgot about it for a few months and now had the hunch that this might just be the perfect music for, well, right now - and it is... wish that would happen more often.
  3. Benny Waters featuring Art Taylor - Ziging and Zaging my copy is signed by Waters and dated 23 May 1971 which was the Saturday evening of the first edition of the Breda Old Jazz Festival where Waters was one of the headliners (besides Jabbo Smith). Given that this is 15 minutes from where I found the record, I guess Waters signed it after the concert... (That's Waters on 23 May 1971.) I guess, starting a new "Old jazz Festival" was kind of anachronistic already in 1971... incidentally, I was at the festival's 47th edition yesterday afternoon, it's not only Dixieland but also some Swing, Western Swing, Blues, Rock'n'Roll... still amazed that even after more than 45 years they can still invite fresh "Old Jazz" bands from the UK etc to meet at a festival like this...
  4. Happy Birthday Soulpope

    Happy Birthday!
  5. really don't know how Steve could be misunderstood... in my view, the Savory set is far more attractive: Savory: this is core material to pretty much any jazz fan. Some of it was previously available in a format nobody prefers. Don't think there is a "download generation". There was only a short moment in history when record companies tried to get high-priced downloads to work before streaming took over. Beehive: I like what I've heard. What I've heard, I've heard from the original LPs which are usually available in the 2-6 Euro range (huge difference to the Tina Brooks BNs). Wouldn't even say that original LPs are my preferred format, but I do like to get to know the individual albums one by one. Plus: From what I can tell, these are nice albums but they're not Lester with Basie. They're not even Sam Noto Xanadus.
  6. Happy Birthday Niko

    Thanks guys!
  7. THIS!!!!

    there's more discussion of this series in this thread
  8. Maybe Giuffre with Django Reinhardt in place of Jim Hall? You can still hear a few tracks from the Spotlite album on Mike Zwerin's homepage ( if you click on Music and scroll to the bottom...
  9. read Zwerin's two autobiographies in the past few weeks - an amazing life story indeed - and was then very happy to stumble upon that album, being a big fan of Christian Escoude anyway ... actually, I maybe should have bought the other one with the Stockhausen piece, too, when I saw it on Friday... but Zwerin wrote that the Polish LP of the trio was the better one...
  10. uploaded by Al Francis himself it seems... he also uploaded a few live videos on the same channel and on another one sound quality is mixed (including cases where the sound is missing altogether) but sidemen include Cecil McBee or (here) Jack Walrath:
  11. some Sunday afternoon detective work led me to the conclusion that it's "Boccaccio '70" behind Booker Ervin in that clip... just went down this list... it's Nr 15
  12. And now more Richard Raux, "Feel Good At Last", with Alain-Jean Marie, Alby Cullaz and George Brown...
  13. In this household, Jay Migliori's "The Courage" has been in heavy rotation recently...
  14. Richard Raux - Hamsa Music