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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    glimpses of Rene Thomas, first in half of the tracks here Relaxez-vous avec Jack Dieval and son quartette and then as an unlikely "lead-guitarist" behind a spanish singer-songwriter here
  2. ECM is now streaming their catalogue

    that announcement is kind of cute but ECM was up for streaming in the early days of deezer, spotify etc... they must have stopped that around 2009 or 2010... so "ECM recommences streaming" would be more accurate...
  3. Corbett v Dempsey

    just ordered it, had been on the fence since the beginning and it seemed like it's time... here is a summary of what is known and a sample track
  4. Al Shorter

    Already on the trail... last session mentioned here the movie "Jazz is our religion" by John Jeremy ?!
  5. still playing, and: still playing with the very best younger musicians at 88 ... (at least, that's what I extrapolate from reading the name Lillinger in the line-up)
  6. ECM Press Releases for New Items

    Rather: ECM is back on Spotify and others after a 10 year commercial break. In the early days of streaming, they were available there just like the rest of the Universal catalogue....
  7. What music did you buy today?

    a lot... but it seemed outrageous to live within commuting distance from Utrecht and always missing the famous record fair The Bop Friends - Live at the Mozart (Vogel) Walt Dickerson Trio - Serendipity (Steplechase) Loek Dikker Ensemble - Summer Suite (Daybreak) Joe Diorio - Earth Moon Earth (Nocturne) Jon Eardley / Al Haig - Stablemates (Spotlite) Jon Eardley - Namely Me (Spotlite) Clare Fischer / Gary Foster - Starbright (Discovery) Dexter Gordon - Live at the Paradiso in Amsterdam Vol II (Catfish / Yes to Jazz) Al Grey / Jimmy Forrest - Out 'dere (Grayforrest) Hampton Hawes - Spanish Steps (Black Lion) Louis Hayes - Variety is the Spice (Gryphon) Gijs Hendriks - Dom Rocket (Timeless) Philly Joe Jones - Round' Midnight (Lotus) Paul v. Kemenade / Ron v. Rossum (BVHaast) Jimmy Knepper Sextet - Tell Me (Daybreak/Affinity) Keshavan Maslak Quartet - Big Time (Daybreak/Affinity) Don Menza / Frank Strazzeri - Ballads (Fresh Sound) Hod O'Brien - Bits and Pieces (Uptown) Horace Parlan Quintet - Frank-ly Speaking (Steeplechase) Ray Pizzi Quartet - Expressivo (Discovery) Frank Rosolino / Conte Candoli - Conversation (MPS) Ack van Royen - Homeward (Mood) Jordan Sandke / Jaki Byard - Rhythm is our business (Stash) Saheb Sarbib Sextet - Jancin' at Jazzmania (Jazzmania) Thomas Pelzer Limited (Vogel) Etienne Verschueren - Mr Blue (BRT) Etienne Verschueren - Early Spring (Jazz Cats) Vince Wallace Plays Vince Wallace (AMP)
  8. Overlooked pianists

    Here you see his army enlistment details from 1941 when he was in his mid-twenties. He lists "4 years of high school " as his highest educational attainment and musician as occupation... sounds like a GI bill story to me...
  9. Berklee in the News (and it ain't pretty)

    Greg Osby on these matters: it should also be kept in mind that this was not just some random interview conducted because he has, say, a new album out. It was an interview discussing how he lost his job due to "sexual misconduct"... He denies neither of the statements - and especially for the one about his girlfriend at the time, I find it extremely hard to even imagine a context where this would be ok.
  10. Overlooked pianists

    I looked a bit on, and the dates for Moer given on wikipedia seem plausible (i.e., there was indeed a Paul Moerschbacher with that birth year who was a musician, living in Florida in the 40s, and a Paul Moerschbacher with these dates in his death certificate)
  11. Greg Osby

    "My artistic life is very demanding and complicated, and I have so many projects that I’m involved in. When I make a commitment to something, something else usually comes up and many things have to be delayed. But finally this year my album will be done. I’m not going to accept any other jobs, before I finish this record. I’m very proud of it. All of the preparation is done, so I just need to book the studio and record it at this point. This record will show people, what I’ve been thinking about since the previous release 9 years ago. I was in no hurry." That's what he said a few weeks ago, the interview can be found here
  12. Fresh Sound & Lone Hill Reissues Discussion

    when I walk into a record store now (not your favorite little thrift store but the legit ones), first thing I see are those "18 albums on 3 discs Hank Mobley" things, and my first reaction is that 1) you guys should know better and 2) why am I even here and 3) nobody needs legit record stored anymore... independently of that, where I grew up there's no copyright on 1950s recordings anymore, and that doesn't sound unreasonable to me... I'm mostly buying used LPs these days [nobody but the seller earns] and I've found my way of rationalizing "if I'd known about the reissue that costs 3 times as much, I might have reconsidered"... then again, most of the time there actually is no reissue.. just playing an exception, Jiggs Whigham - Hope [excellent]
  13. Fresh Sound & Lone Hill Reissues Discussion

    on the one hand, I find that very convincing and funny... on the other, Lonehill doesn't feel like the same label to me... can't possibly put this into the right words, but what I mean is that it doesn't feel plausible that the same person would invent Freshsound and then would introduce Lonehill as the clumsier sideline... you can say all you want about the ethical side of Freshsound, about vinyl rips etc, but I always get the impression that the person in charge knows at least as much about jazz as I do - I don't get that impression from Lonehill [and if you know much more than me, this test will not work for you] regarding the topic of "selling it in Spain/EU is ok, but exporting to the US is not": Has the recurring question of "Doesn't the same apply to any reissues aimed at Japan?" ever been clarified...?
  14. for one thing, they're also buying (see above), which also gives feedback IIRC. for another, it is not a viable business model to just drive up prices... driving up prices (by faking overpriced sales) while selling is... plus: You wouldn't expect a bad rating from a buyer who paid an overly high buy-it now pric but received what he paid for. that said: I don't know what they're doing and I'm not in the market for overpriced Mosaics anyway.
  15. Everything Sonny.

    it's really too good to be true: google maps on Sonny Rollinsstraat at the crossing where the Ray Connifpad changes its name into Chris Barberpad (only to change its name again into Svend Assmussenpad a corner later when it crosses John Coltranestraat)... (I come to Utrecht from time to time but just spontaneously decided not to visit this neighborhood).