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  1. Woody Shaw "Tokyo 1981" (Elemental Music)

    Elemental Music presents a complete previously unissued quintet performance by the great Woody Shaw recorded live at the Foyer Stadttheater, in Basel, Switzerland, on January 16, 1980. This outstanding concert features Shaw in the company of saxophonist Carter Jefferson, pianist Larry Willis, bassist Stafford James, and drummer Victor Lewis. This gatefold edition includes rare photographs and special essays by famed jazz producer Michael Cuscuna and by Shaw's son Woody Shaw III. Features: • 180g Vinyl • Gatefold jacket Musicians: Woody Shaw Carter Jefferson, saxophone Larry Willis, piano Stafford James, bass Victor Lewis, drums Selections: Side A: 1. Love Dance Side B: 1. 'Round Midnight 2. Teotihuacan 3. Theme for Maxine Looks excellent!
  2. what are you drinking right now?

    can't really compete with that, it's merely the usual Dutch Dubbel here...
  3. Thanks! Indeed, when I see it here on its home turf, it usually wouldn't cost me that much... distribution and vinyl prices for things from the past, in particular the 70s and 80s are sometimes counterintuitive... for instance, as a cd buyer I never would have suspected how well-represented Ira Sullivan is on relatively cheap LPs... or how well-distributed Waterland Records apparently was...
  4. I see this one a lot and am always tempted... what is it like? Myself, now playing Santo Pecora - Santo and his New Orleans Rhythm Kings finally, after more than twenty years of listening to jazz, I have my first serious New Orleans/Dixieland revival phase... forgot what exactly started it but over the past few weeks I've ordered books, read most of Jeffcrom's blog, the usual... luckily, a lot can be found on spotify... but still, when I saw an original Southland album from mid-50s New Orleans featuring Harry Shields on clarinet and Lester Bouchon on saxophone I just had to have it...
  5. guess it'll come home with me the next time I see it at that price nevertheless... what I can say though is that the Beaver Harris album with steel drums and Andrew White is my type of free jazz album ... the tenor playing by White is simply world class and the steel drums add exactly the amount of color I tend to miss in tenor/bass/drums bands Russell Garcia - I lead a charmed life in contrast, this album here could not quite live up to the promise of Mike Wofford on Fender Rhodes and Teddy Edwards on Tenor.... I do like how the cover photograph suggests that Garcia is playing saxophone on the album... but then you look once more and realize it's really just a necklace
  6. Beaver Harris - Beaver is my name
  7. My personal highlight in that transaction was answering the seller's question about who McKusick was entirely in Dutch... next up is another of today's acquisitions, a Dutch organ record from the 80s with Herbert Noord playing organ and Paul Weeden on guitar...
  8. had that Loevendie/Dulfer in my hand today and skipped.. hmmm.... one that I did buy is now playing...
  9. If someone at your company helped someone fake their college diploma before hiring them, legal matters might be different, no? One aspect of this scam was apparently coordinating better SAT results for students by finding someone who took the test on the student's behalf... That must be illegal...
  10. Had that Waits cover picture on my wall as a child, next to this one guess I could still sing along with most of the album (Waits, not Cohn)
  11. Hale Smith 1925-2009

    It's a funny picture, the cigar is really just there, omnipresent, doesn't look like anybody is smoking it... but it's indeed right where Hale Smith was at this particular moment in time
  12. damn, I paid 3 for the Braff... now listening to new acquisitions from the 8 Euro bin: Nick Travis - The Panic is On Pony Poindexter - Poindexter the cover of the Travis LP is in pretty bad shape though - but it's such a great album...
  13. Ruby Braff s/t the Dutch edition of "Braff!!", the album with Coleman Hawkins...
  14. Percy France w Bill Doggett

    here's one more track (Real Gone Mambo) that someone digitized from a 78,
  15. Percy France w Bill Doggett

    Hot Doggett is apparently another (just googled a bit to get a sense of what you were asking), see the back cover of the French edition on discogs where he's mentioned (but I can't read the text)(this also includes a tune called "Percy Speaks").