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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    memories... most of these names you don't read too often... Pospiech was conducting the university big band where I studied (Bonn) so his name was often on posters around campus, Bartelt was my saxophone teacher in those years... and, of course, I remember Oliver Leicht concerts and so on...
  2. Indeed! I miss jeffcrom, learned a lot from him, both from his posts here and from his blog... and yes, it took a while until I saw a copy of this album, and without this board I would never have known that this something I must have ...
  3. I for one am a big fan of Jouney into Nigritia...
  4. indeed, not the same anymore... unless they have found some additional material ... in fact a box containing just Mode for Joe, Inner Urge and the three albums with Dorham would be such an uninspired choice that I am refusing to believe that this is what Mosaic is planning... I mean, for one thing many people will have this material already, but for another, none of this material is hard to get, at least on cd...
  5. thanks, I just ordered... would like to add something to the jazz detective's new years' resolution...
  6. As a very very minor comment, one thing I learned in the pandemic is that everybody should have an app like camscanner on their phone... Makes it super easy to produce an easy to read pdf document rather than a sequence of photos...
  7. Pardon My Bop - Rob Agerbeek

    I am a fairly big fan of Ruud Brink and have his three cds on Blue Jack two of which are now reissued in Japan including the one you mention... he's something like the Dutch Zoot Sims or Stan Getz, so if you like those two he might be interesting... unlike them his discography is much smaller (basically just one slightly commercial album in his lifetime, very little nice small group stuff). I think the album under bassist Jacques Schols name is the strongest, cdjapan it's from the 60s when all concerned were in great shape + it's a great rhythm section... But I do think that the Agerbeek Brink album is a really nice one as well... everyone is great spirits that night with Brink imitating popular singers on one or two tracks and playing a really nice clarinet solo a la Goodman on one track (while exhibiting is trademark tenor playing everywhere else). Btw, former board member bluerein is selling off his stock of Blue Jack Jazz Cds on discogs and has very fair prices on some of them (the original issues, not the new reissues) including the Agerbeek / Brink one...
  8. Big John Patton Sighting? it's quite amazing what you can find out in a few minutes on your couch from thousands of miles away... here is a summary of what I found about Our Miss Brooks Ellen Davene Brooks, born 8 March 1937, and John Eugene Patton, born 12 July 1935 married 11 Jan 1964. Ellen Davene Brooks (and twin sister Evelyne mentioned in the liner notes to Pattons Oh Baby) born in Cross Creek to Roscoe Conklin Brooks Roscoe Conklin Brooks (b 1907 d 1990) was the son of Ellis Walter Brooks (*1881) and Delvie Mitchell (*1888), they married 1 Sept 1906, Ellis died 4 Oct 1941, was a Teacher, born 2 October 1880 in Woodsdale, Person County NC, his parents: Alex Brooks & Mary E Woods and about the saxophone playing Brooks brothers: Tina Brooks (Harold Floyd, born 7 June 1932), son of David W Brooks Parents of Bubba/Tina Brooks: father David W Brooks, born in Robeson County (Red Springs, North Carolina), age at Bubba's birth 29 (= born ca 1893), mother Cornelia McAlister b Fayetteville 1894, Address: 908 Robeson Street Grandparents: William H Brooks (* Dec 1853 in NC, parents already born in NC) & Christian Brooks in Red Springs NC
  9. Big John Patton Sighting?

    just to clear up the mystery I started there, I quickly looked throuh the ancestors of both Bubba / Tina Brooks and "Our Miss Brooks" and even though they come from similar parts of North Carolina, their parents and grandparents are distinct so if they are close cousins it's not via the Brooks side of the family...
  10. Big John Patton Sighting?

    I looked a bit in that thesis on John Patton but didn't see anything particularly relevant... I did make an unrelated observation though while reading here and there: The Harold Vick tune "Our Miss Brooks" is dedicated to John Patton's wife Ellen Brooks, "a fine pianist and artist" who was originally from Fayetteville NC... Now I just realized that Fayetteville NC is a less obscure place to come from than I thought... but still there's the possibility that she was related to Tina and Bubba who were also from Fayetteville... in other news, Patton does play keyboard rather than organ on that 1977 Johnny Lytle album
  11. Pimuins Guide to Mal Waldron Records

    thanks, had been impatient and read up already yesterday but I see there's again a new one... re promotion, a tiny thing that would have helped me yesterday: Maybe you could put the link to your blog into your signature (like HutchFan has it)? Don't know if that fools search engines... but at the very least it makes it easier for us to remember and find it with almost no effort
  12. Favorite ECM Records of the 21st Century

    that one is a big favorite over here... another one I like a lot is Masabumi Kikuchi's Sunrise - but I guess that is an acquired taste
  13. If it counts, I'd throw in this one Abraham Burton / Eric McPherson - Cause and Effect... they did come up through bands like Art Taylor's at approximately the right time but they are evidently not wearing suits... and Greg Osby's Banned in New York (not really a young lion, but clearly a postbop album), I also like some people from BIllF's list like Joe Magnarelli or Peter Bernstein... A postbop scene I really liked was the one around Luke Kaven's (original) Smalls Label released a bit later but still documenting a bop scene from the 90s iirc, some older artists like Gil Coggins or Frank Hewitt, some younger ones like Sacha Perry or William Ash... Ash's The Phoenix was a nice album for instance... (but Ash is otherwise a worse example than e.g. Perry because he's really too young) there are some old threads on this board re that scene
  14. Pimuins Guide to Mal Waldron Records

    I just found something on google books, an interview collection called "Living the Jazz Life: Conversations with Forty Musicians about Their Careers" where Waldron says he had to return to the US in late 1965 to finish the movie score (link, don't know if it works)
  15. Pimuins Guide to Mal Waldron Records

    Very nice project, looking forward to updates! One question / comment already: I am not convinced by the date given for Sweet Love Bitter... apparently the movie debuted in January 1967 so that would place the given recording date (March 67) after the release of the movie... If I had to guess, I'd say this date which is given as a recording date e.g. on wikipedia and jazzdisco is really the release date here... also, in Waldron's chronology it feels a bit strange that he would leave his European career for a moment to reassemble his old New York working band (Al Dreares on drums etc) and record a soundtrack after the release of the movie... seems more likely that Sweet Love Bitter belongs into 1965 or early 1966 ... but I can't find any hard evidence (copyright claims at the library of congress are from February 67)