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  1. Mood Records

    I only own those two and they are not essential ... the second is better than the first but I 've heard other albums w similar lineups which I like much better
  2. Randy Weston question

    More info in that thread, he's best known for composing one tune on Eric Dolphy's Out There
  3. Mal Waldron

    Mal Waldron, Terumasa Hino - Reminiscent Suite (Victor (J) SMJX-10155) Terumasa Hino, trumpet; Takao Uematsu, tenor sax; Mal Waldron, piano; Isao Suzuki, bass; Motohiko Hino, drums; Yuhji Imamura, percussion. Tokyo, Japan, August 14, 1972 Reminiscent Suite: Dig It Deep Down Baby Reminiscent Suite: Echoes Reminiscent Suite: One More With Feeling Black Forest that's the easy way...
  4. Willie Maiden

    Apparently, this is something of a sister session to the Bob Tulley Quintet recordings for Skylark from the same summer 1954, also with Willie Maiden as an arranger and also with Hank Milo on drums and Paul Binning on drums... note the praise for Maiden and his arrangements in the liner notes... recently issued by VSOP as streaming/mp3 only, here is more information
  5. Duke Pearson - when did he leave Blue Note?

    Thanks, that was a nice read!
  6. I've been a big fan of your previous work here for many years now (are there other sites I'm missing?) and thus really looking forward to this!
  7. well, according to what I read, Mutter continued the concert after the incident so nobody except for that one person was robbed of their $130, plus: people paid for seeing a diva so what did they expect, plus: I read elsewhere that the person was making a film recording, not just audio, which is something I tend to find distracting as a listener as well, this sea of phones in front of you, all preparing crappy films of the concert... I won't blame anybody for discouraging that type of behavior
  8. looks like you can get pretty close in there...
  9. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Eustis Guillemet Jr on drums? ... never heard of him but apparently he was a marching band bass drummer turned bass player as I just read in this fascinating interview
  10. Duke Pearson - when did he leave Blue Note?

    The latest BN production credit I can easily find is Saudade by Moacir Santos, recorded in March 1974 (There are other production credits from around that time, e.g., Moto Grosso Feio and Asante, but these were from albums that were recorded quite a bit earlier)
  11. yes, and also Rene Urtreger "Tentatives" (Minium) from 2006
  12. Not much to add, but: Michael Attias - Credo Julian Lage - Arclight Paul Motian - On Broadway Vol 5 John Zorn - Mount Analogue I've lived longer in this century than in the previous one, but even in my collection the majority of newish jazz is from the 90s
  13. For CDs and new stuff I agree re Concerto. For used vinyl, I tried out many shops a year ago. My favorite was Waxwell (Gasthuismolensteeg 8), followed by City Records (Geldersekade 100A). If you come to Rotterdam, don't miss vinylspot, and in the Hague don't miss the Jazz Center...
  14. Bought partly due to your constant endorsement... thanks!
  15. Ann Burton - Ballads & Burton glad I finally picked this up after seeing it so often in stores... I am not a big fan of vocal jazz normally but this one really works for me