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  1. Indeed, it's hard to say how far these radio companies' rights went... would they have been allowed to issue Live LPs of the material in the US at the time? I somehow doubt it... then again, maybe nobody thought this far... The one contract I've seen (for the session behind Dolphy's "Last Date") is not terribly explicit, but the way I would read it, it seems clear that the Radio Company owns everything (and that Dolphy's contribution would be treated similarly to, say, a radio interview) from here
  2. Marantz amp problem, sudden "gargly" sound

    [after a more than a decade on the .org and a day of trying to make sense of some fancy ee papers:] sidewinder also has a reasonably fancy ee background
  3. this one here has a wonderful drummer and at least on there are some very good used deals
  4. Things Written On Used LPs You've Picked Up

    They don't look that young in their college yearbook... (search inside by last name..)
  5. First Concert

    According to Szwed's book, the Montreal band generally consisted of Walter Strickland (tp), Marshall Allen (as), John Gilmore (ts), Sun Ra (p), Ronnie Boykins (b), Billy Mitchell (dr), Ricky Murray (voc) most likely venue for medjuck's concert is "The Place, a coffee house across the street from McGill University" (alternatively the Mocambo on St Catherine Street - or anywhere else...)
  6. Jutta Hipp

    Katja von Schuttenbach, the author of that piece in Jazzpodium [as an aside: there's an English translation of the text at the end of the document] keeps a JH Facebook Fanpage with loads of fascinating stuff... one could probably ask her for the Tom Evered source... (I would guess that this was simply an email/word document he shared upon request?)
  7. Jutta Hipp

    I'm pretty sure I read that article, too... probably in the stack of recent JazzPodium editions in the Cologne public library... given that I was born 1981, this was certainly not before 1993, most likely 1996 or 1997... I don't think it really was an interview but just a biographic piece by a woman who had tracked her down and talked to her (an art historian from Berlin is what I remember - she didn't seem that young to me then) edit: completely misremembered, this is the article 2006 - but Jazz Podium articles are hard to place in your memory because their layout remained stuck somewhere in the late 80s for a long time...
  8. Is this legit?

    "there are countless examples of this on Blue Note albums. " is really the moment where I thought it probably IS legit but I'll leave the listening to others
  9. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    John Tirabasso Quartet - Live Jazz At Dino's part of an extended Frank Strazzeri listening program (but Gary Foster doesn't disappoint either)
  10. Eric Dolphy on flute

    while looking at the Dolphy site, I stumbled upon this really nice report on Dolphy's Dutch tour there's also a letter by Dolphy, written three weeks after the above recording (and probably delivered more or less on his final day...) "can [you] let me know what Han Bennink is doing the rest of the summer and how I can get in touch with him"
  11. Eric Dolphy on flute

    A better discography is the one by Alan Saul at least for most sessions you'll find track by track info on the instruments Dolphy is playing...
  12. previously unreleased Bud Powell

    and then sit back and let the leaks come in
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    wondering whether this is really Jon Eardley and Jacques Pelzer with Strings... it does sound plausible (and not like a high point of their careers)
  14. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Jon Eardley - Jazz from the States (not really from "the States" but recorded here in the Southern Netherlands)
  15. I guess I'm on ignore for previous misdeeds (which is fine with me)... but be that as it may: I think jsngry just wanted to underline/emphasize your question and did so with a funny picture... (I didn't get that joke either...) imho (and maybe I missed something) either "Edwards Mosaic" is a typo (most likely in "Edwards") or it means "Teddy Edwards Mosaic" which could be fairly exciting... (The legendary session with Don Sleet and Daniel Jackson playing Ornette recorded by Lenny McBrowne's wife ?!?! and more...). edit: the relevant portion of Lord's musicians list