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  1. Nat Pierce Quintet Featuring Anthony Ortega ‎– Chamber Music For Moderns
  2. nothing wrong with reading those 150 pages - but I thought you'd just use the search function to find the phrase "arthur lee" right in the middle of the document on p.75... I'd even say that this particular passage is a bit confusing and a casual reader could get the impression that Arthur Lee is Hamilton's son - even though this is clearly not what it says... so, while I didn't have any particular expectations, I did have the suspicion that maybe you'd read it before
  3. found the other Schoenfeld (split) LP earlier today and have it lined up for later this evening... Houston Person - Stolen Sweets now playing another of today's acquisitions... the cover is, well, very much of its time but with an organ band built around Sonny Philipps and Jimmy Ponder what could go wrong I thought...
  4. are you sure that Hamilton was Lee's uncle? For instance, here it would have been quite logical for Hamilton to mention this, when he's discussing how his son Forestorn Hamilton Jr was the manager of Love and the name Arthur Lee pops up...
  5. Sven Regner, singer and guitar player and front figure with a highly respected German indie rock bands of the 90s (Element of Crime), their German language albums starting with Damals hinterm Mond form one of the most impressive bodies of work within postwar German language popular music or something like that... just like most of my friends, I have heard their most popular songs hundreds of times and can easily sing along with something like this just like we could sing along with many Tom Waits songs... I guess the two have similar fan bases in Germany... at some point, Regner started to write novels, people were skeptical as usual but at least the first one turned into a bestseller, Herr Lehman, that was celebrated for it's portrayal of Berlin ca 1990... he also wrote a script for the movie version of that book, which was a highly successful movie over here... and like I wrote above, after all those movies, novels, audiobooks, rock albums, many of which were both brilliant and huge sellers... he had built up enough of a standing with his major label that he could release an awful album of jazz standards featuring himself on trumpet...
  6. This or That?

    Have you heard + Plugged Nickel John Abercrombie or Ralph Towner?
  7. Is this one good / what's it like? I've seen this many times but never knew what to make of it
  8. Paul Bryant

    Thanks Mike! I really like the album with Griffin which was my introduction but also the two in the Amy Select and Something's Happening... still looking for the rest...
  9. Found: William S. Fischer

    Duane Tatro
  10. LF "Ethiopian Jazz" Recs

    Gétatchèw Mèkurya is another of those legendary names, I think he's amazing... here you can also read a scan of the liner notes to his issue in the Ethiopiques series
  11. This or That?

    The Duke John McLaughlin or Stanley Clarke?
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Bassist Gary Mapp who recorded with Monk was also a police man (it's in Kelley's book) ... I like Oliver Nelson's playing a lot on some of his early recordings like the two Prestige albums with Dolphy (especially Straight Ahead) and also "Meet Oliver Nelson" with Kenny Dorham and Ray Bryant Don Patterson - Mellow Soul
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I'd been wondering what I could play to commemorate 60 years of the Berlin wall today... Might also go with Brandt later, right now I'm still in the Patterson Stitt orbit
  14. have played most of my records with Don Patterson in the last few days, including of course those with Weeden... Feelin's is fine (and indeed not hard to track down on LP) but my favorites are Boss Tenors in Orbit (with Ammons and Stitt) and Low Flame (with Stitt) on Jazzland... I have Low Flame on a twofer which combines it with another favorite Stitt album of mine, Shangri-La by Stitt/Patterson/James without Weeden