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  1. Great/Amazing Debut Recordings This was Hill's actual debut...
  3. John Coltrane: Technician

    It's been a while but, looking for information on Shafi Hadi, I just stumbled upon an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer of 7 June 1992 which included a conversation with that anonymous Philadelphia musician... [John] Glenn whom Coltrane credited with showing him how to finger as many as three notes simultaneously [..] explained that he himself had been taught the technique by Shafi Hadi [..]. looking for John Glenn then easily gives a Coltrane quote e.g. here
  4. Record Store Day 2021

    I have only one of the original LPs from the 50s (Vol 2 iirc) and like it a lot... very nice cool jazz / 50s mainstream
  5. Chris Woods

    Good question! there definitely is a St Louis connection between all three (Forrest, Nelson, Woods).... then again, Chris Woods is not a very distincitve name...
  6. Record Store Day 2021

    ok, so in on 1/2 there are well-known tracks from Jubilee and the Billy Berg's material which looks like this the session with Joe Albany and Miles which is also well-known (but a personal favorite) and 13 minutes from JATP in a quartet with Al Haig... here, at least Losin doesn't report a previous issue... and then on LP 3/4 there is the deluxe edition of the Zorthian material...
  7. definitely envy you for those memories!
  8. Frankly Jazz

    thank you so much, quite a bit of stuff I'd been curious about (like Bud Shank with Joe Burnett or that Frank Strazzeri Quintet with Mouse Bonati)
  9. Most-Recorded Jazz Drummers

    Bennink, not Bennick... and just imagine if he hadn't lived in Europe ... Happy I saw him live a few times in recent years, he's simply the best
  10. Frankly Jazz

    you could click here: btw, seeing Henry Grant on tenor in the lineup of the Gerald Wilson Band reminded me of this excerpt from Steve Isoardi's new book The Music Finds a Way (I actually bought the book after reading this sample... don't regret this at all but I should mention that the free sample is about 30% of the book though)
  11. even easier (but doesn't seem to work with my system)... they're definitely not trying hard to discourage downloading
  12. it's not rocket science, the filenames are of the form so if you want to download e.g. the track called "57 Improvisation 5" you just replace "241%20Revolution.mp3" in the above url by "57 Improvisation 5.mp3" at least this worked for me.
  13. Would you set the volume control at 13?

    of course not... in practice, I always have it somewhere between 32 and 48 with preferred values of 41 and 42
  14. Roy Brooks - Understanding

    thanks for posting!
  15. Freddie Redd (1928-2021)

    easy - everybody knows that Flea recorded with Ornette Coleman, and quick search of the board brought up this thread btw, if you check out his instagram, don't miss the clip of him and Chet Baker scatting Clifford Brown...