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  1. Kenny Dorham photo on ebay- whos in it!

    Charles Davis on bari sax would have been my guess, too, and David Fathead Newman on alto... but these are pretty blind guesses... would also be interested in the location and a likely year...
  2. Percy France Discography Help

    Mario Schneeberger's document (solography) on Humphries (link) also just has this info... edit: fixed damaged link...
  3. Happy Birthday Soulpope!

    Happy birthday!!
  4. @jazzboIndeed! And I am also really fond of the Rampart Street Paraders on the album's B side...
  5. Yes! hadn't visited the jazz 45s corner of our local store in quite a while and brought back 11 new 45s... so far, the Edmond Hall one is the best... I also got one lp which is pretty wonderful, also featuring Hall on one side, Jam Session Coast to Coast...
  6. Edmond Hall in quartet with an Argentinian rhythm section... not a major investment but really nice...
  7. What music did you buy today?

    Great haul indeed! Kicking myself for not going this time... especially for CDs it's amazingly cheap (Randy Weston Select for 15 Euros last time...) and you get to see some pretty legendary records (at pretty steep prices though...) will certainly try to make it again in November...
  8. Stanley Turrentine - The look of love My only original Blue Note LP ... and it's better than one might expect...
  9. Apparently there will be Marte Röling Covers in the exhibition... (did she do anything beyond that amazing Fontana series?) ... will report back!
  10. so happy with these Philips covers!! Best thing is that I just discovered that the Philips Museum (which is not far from here) has a "Vinyl!!" exhibition until mid-July...
  11. Horace Tapscott Live at IUCC

    that is the reason I read somewhere (probably from Steve Isoardi)
  12. Rampart Street Paraders - Rampart and Vine Chu Berry and his Stompy Stevedores - CHU brought home on my way from work and they're both gorgeous, Eddie Miller on the first one I had never really heard up to now, I really like the covers, too... judging by their catalogue numbers (7080 and 7084) these two must have hit the market around the same time in 1955 but there's no indication that they're from the same collection...
  13. Record stores

    When I was in Philly a year ago, I went to a few stores, mostly those for used LPs within walking distance from the center... the one that I liked the most by a wide margin was Long in the Tooth, but also bought a few LPs near South Street where there are several shops (Repo Records is one of them but I forgot which ones were the best...)
  14. Woody Shaw "Tokyo 1981" (Elemental Music)

    Elemental Music presents a complete previously unissued quintet performance by the great Woody Shaw recorded live at the Foyer Stadttheater, in Basel, Switzerland, on January 16, 1980. This outstanding concert features Shaw in the company of saxophonist Carter Jefferson, pianist Larry Willis, bassist Stafford James, and drummer Victor Lewis. This gatefold edition includes rare photographs and special essays by famed jazz producer Michael Cuscuna and by Shaw's son Woody Shaw III. Features: • 180g Vinyl • Gatefold jacket Musicians: Woody Shaw Carter Jefferson, saxophone Larry Willis, piano Stafford James, bass Victor Lewis, drums Selections: Side A: 1. Love Dance Side B: 1. 'Round Midnight 2. Teotihuacan 3. Theme for Maxine Looks excellent!