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  1. Don Randi Curtis Amy Jungle Adventure

    I am wondering what those two Amy sessions are... "Sunrise, Sunset" appears on that tape, on the album and on additional singles, leaving relatively little room for additional sessions... There is Bongo Blue / Theme from Hot September which sounds better than Sunrise, Sunset and does come from a different session... Still I am puzzled: The lineup I posted above, is that in Lord? Are they maybe only responsible for part of the album?
  2. Don Randi Curtis Amy Jungle Adventure

    The lineup for the Amy album from here certainly looks good and doesn't include Randi: Curtis Amy soprano and tenor saxophones Warren Gale, Jr. trumpet Lester Robertson trombone Horace Tapscott piano Eddie Mathias bass Mel Lee drums Onzy Matthews arranger but the clips don't sound like what one might hope (this track seems to be on both LPs and on a 45...) no clue about the lineups for the Randi tracks - they might well include Amy, why not...
  3. Don Randi Curtis Amy Jungle Adventure

    I stumbled upon that LP on discogs recently when I looked into the origins of that great Lee Katzman album with Jack Wilson and Teddy Edwards... apparently Toots Camarata started two labels in the mid-60s, Coliseum and Palomar, produced a few sessions and albums but didn't quite live up to his original ambition... there's the Curtis Amy album on Palomar some of which I've heard and didn't particularly like, I'd call it overproduced and would expect more of the same on the Randi Amy LP.... there's on overlap in tracks between this LP and the Amy LP (e.g. Sunrise Sunset) so I'd guess this record is a compilation, especially given that Randi also recorded several times for Coliseum and Palomar (with more overlap in tracks e.g. Baby Elephant Walk) ... the Katzman album is a fairly straight Hard Bop session which I guess is the reason why it stayed in the can...
  4. So, What Are You Listening To NOW? Art Blakey with Freddie Hubbard, Nathan Davis, Jaki Byard and Reggie Workman live in Paris 1965
  5. Upcoming Uptown Records releases

    Some releases still came out after that, e.g. the Dodo Marmarosa double CD... but I guess there'll be a limit to how many projects can and will be completed
  6. Lee Katzman

    played this several times over the day, for me it's quite an amazing find... a classical Hard Bop session that almost nobody played in its first few years on spotify and youtube... imho it can really compete with similar albums from that period like those from the Carmell Jones Select... hard to go wrong with Teddy Edwards, Jack Wilson and Leroy Vinegar in 1963 I gues
  7. Lee Katzman

    Seems the session never came out there but since a few years it's up on spotify, apparently self-produced and imho it's every bit as good as one might have hoped edit: it's not just on spotify, also on youtube, most of it at least
  8. Sexiest album covers

    seems like a pretty clear case to me
  9. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    thinking a bit more simplistic - isn't he violating the "no politics" rule?
  10. Hi Nike,

    the Holman thread is continued

  11. Strange BN lp on ebay: re- John Patton

    one more that I just stupidly overlooked, McCoy Tyner's Extensions in the same series... This one was originally assigned catalogue number BST 84419 but then issued with a different number BN LA 006 in the US with a minor delay. This German pressing uses the originially assigned number on the LP but then has a US sleeve where the US catalogue number is corrected to BST 84419. This suggests that German production of BN albums was a bit ahead of schedule at this time - and it also explains why the Patton album comes without a sleeve, because they might have been waiting for sleeves to be shipped from the US. Those arrived for the Tyner (albeit with the wrong catalogue number) but not for the Patton.
  12. Strange BN lp on ebay: re- John Patton

    I looked at that part of the BN discography: BST 84413 Grant Green - Shades Of Green 1972 BST 84414 Elvin Jones - Merry-Go-Round 1972 BST 84415 Grant Green - The Final Comedown 1972 BST 84416 Bobby Hutcherson - Natural Illusions 1972 BST 84417 Hank Mobley - Thinking Of Home (not released) BST 84418 John Patton - Memphis To New York Spirit (not released) BST 84419 McCoy Tyner - Extensions (not released) BST 84420 Horace Silver Quintet/Sextet With Vocals - All 1972 BST 84421 Bobbi Humphrey - Dig This! 1972 BST 84422 Marlena Shaw - Marlena 1972 BST 84423 Gene Harris Of The Three Sounds 1972 And then I looked a bit into discogs... There is a German pressing of the Horace Silver album 84420 (next one to be released) that looks fairly similar to the one on ebay if I look at labels etc
  13. Max Roach live in Amsterdam

    The Max Roach Quartet played in the Bimhuis that day (they have a great archive) A JazzHaus initiative existed in (my home town of) Cologne in the 80s and 90s (and maybe still - but it's less high profile). All references to "Jazzhaus" in the Dutch press ( refer to that one (mostly in connection with reporting what's on German radio). All references to "Jazzhus" are to "Jazzhus Monmartre" in Denmark. And, finally, here, hope the link works, is an article about the opening of the BIM-huis in 1974, calling it the first Dutch "jazzhuis"
  14. Black Unity Trio – Al-Fatihah

    The boys in the band introduce themselves in this edition of cricket it's the seventh page from the end under the headline "Gossip". "We, the Black Unity Trio welcome a free exchange of ideas and will assist you in any way possible." Otherwise, Cellist Abdul Wadud is by far the best known member of the band with an extensive discography...
  15. Joe Castro Box Set on Sunnyside

    Just had a look at the discography section of the webpage for the older Joe Castro box there were quite a few sessions added recently with a code "Sunnyside SSC tbs" in the last column - which I assume is at least closely related to the stuff in the second box. The material from the old box has a "Sunnyside SSC 1391" there. No new material with Getz, so if I had to guess where the delay is coming from... Otherwise, it looks like sufficient material for more than one box set... there's a CD of 1956 Paul Bley in there (solo and in a trio w Hal Gaylor and Lennie McBrowne), some material by George Handy, and, predictably, a lot more Joe Castro... some with Teddy Edwarts, some where Castro sits in as the pianist in the Chamber Jazz Sextet...