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  1. a big yes to Kelley's Monk biography and Szwed's books about Miles Davis and about Sun Ra. re TD: Isoardi has two books, a Tapscott biography (Songs of the Unsung) and a book about the scene around Tapscott (The Dark Tree). I have only read the latter and found it pretty good but not totally amazing... A distant cousin of The Dark Tree is George Lewis book about the AACM (A Power Stronger Than Itself) which I thought was better. Some more amazing books are Peter Pullman's Bud Powell biography, Ted Gioia on West Coast Jazz (a fairly broad image of WCJ that includes e.g. Ornette Coleman), Jeroen de Valk on Chet Baker (the most recent Dutch edition is more extensive than what's available in English iirc). Two books from the 60s that I find very instructive to get the spirit of the times are Leroi Jones "Black Music" (collection of essays on Coltrane, Sun Ra, Ayler, ...) and C.O. Simpkins on John Coltrane. In a similar vein maybe also Val Wilmer's As Serious As Your Life.
  2. There's a lot of material about Mulligan, the Maddens, Albuqueque etc in this dissertation about Mulligan's early years (free download):
  3. Two more Hank Mobley photos.

    I see what you mean, but: these nicely ironed trousers clearly make it 60s to me (Is trousers only British English and Americans would say pants? "Trousers" definitely is the word I learned in school.... )
  4. Eric Dolphy postcard.

    fwiw here's a 1964 letter by Dolphy to Paul Karting, from here interestingly, the writing style is very similar but the signature is totally different...
  5. My mother who grew up in Wuppertal in the 50s and 60s would inevitably point out Peter Brötzmann's place down in the valley at some point on that line (the other highlight is the factory Friedrich Engrls inherited)... many found memories of visiting my grandpa there who did'nt own/need a car because of that thing...
  6. 1974. Who would have been in Grant Green's band

    to me, it's pretty clear that the ad is from 1974 (and not 1963 which is the only alternative), see here further evidence is the location of the Jazz Showcase, the name of McDuff's band... Joe Dukes recorded as late as 1992 even though admittedly that seems to be an outlier... regarding the phone numbers (I had no clue), wikipedia claims that it took about a decade for the switch to become effective (1965-1975) and that even nowadays a few lost souls notate phone numbers in the old way edit simultaneous posting... this extremely trustworthy page confirms 1978 for Sam Rivers... and it would be perfectly natural to adjust the phone number at some point between 1974 and 1978 if you still used the old one in 1974 good idea to look for more Jazz Showcase Posters... in the top row, there's a Herbie Hancock Septet poster which has the same design as ours (including the DE7 phone number). I would see that as further evidence for 1974 (or 73 for the Hancock concert) vs 1963
  7. P Vine’s Black Ark Series

    there was a great article about this online some time last year but I can't find it... probably something by our own Mark Stryker... Strata East was modeled after Kenny Cox's Strata label/project in Detroit... many of the albums actually didn't appear in the day but only recently (like the Sam Sanders which I really like) edit: this is the thread we head last year (when the Mingus box came out) and this is the article about Strata I meant:
  8. 1974. Who would have been in Grant Green's band

    this information matches what's in the Oil Can Harry's liner notes pretty well actually (there, they claim that Gerald Izzard (percussion) had been with the band for about 8 months, so joined early 75, Ware had been with the band for about two years, Riggins was the constant in these years, Greg Williams had recently returned - so Riggins & Ware are the expected overlap). In one of the newspaper snippets, it also looked like there was a vibes player in the quintet, so the lineup matches pretty well (except there's one person too many - so maybe no extra percussionist)
  9. P Vine’s Black Ark Series

    a few of the albums from this list can be sampled on spotify, e.g., the Abdul Rahim Ibrahim (Doug Carn) album (not a favorite of mine), the Irvine, the Marcus Belgrave, and the Ron English (anything from this series on Strata is on spotify : )
  10. 1974. Who would have been in Grant Green's band

    actually, February 27 1977 was a Sunday... Wednesday February 27 1974 would be a possibility. Regarding the location of the the Jazz Showcase, it seems like it was opened at that address in the early seventies (late sixties was still North Park Hotel). Jack McDuff calling his band the Heating System also sounds more like 1974 than 1963... edit: can't access it but there's some stuff in the Chicago Tribune about this concert from 1974...
  11. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    A Han Bennink documentary from 1968 (after an amazing concert yesterday evening with Paul van Kemenade / Ray Anderson / Ernst Glerum / Bennink), around 14:30 you can see a minute of Ben Webster praising Bennink...
  12. 1974. Who would have been in Grant Green's band

    sidewinder's proposal above is the band from Vancouver 75 - which is already post-Bartee... read the liner notes to that one earlier today, Greg "Vibrations" Williams claims that he was with Green for 5/6 years starting around 1970 so if that's accurate he's out...
  13. inderdaad, dit afbeelding is pure socialistische realisme - en die bestaat niet meer... [ik won sinds 2016 in Nederland maar mijn Nederlands bestaat ook bijna niet]... now playing: Lubomir Maly / Libuse Krepelova - Rubinstein / Joachim, works for viola and piano
  14. Hungarian Chamber Orchestra - Mozart Symphonies inherited from my mother... even 50 years later, its impressive how they could make such a mess in the picture with just a single cable...