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  1. Jerry González RIP

    This guy lead so many great bands and was part of a few other great bands. I became aware of him and his brother (and Oscar Hernandez, and Manny Orquendo and Chocolate Armenteros) through the band Grupo Folklorico Y Experimental Nuevaorquino and an album called "Concepts in Unity". A great album.
  2. Christmas Jazz

    Although not jazz Huey Piano Smith did a pretty xmas lp.
  3. RIP Fats Domino

    A few years back I almost got run over by him in his blueberry blue Rolls Royce. He was driving. It was in New Orleans and Louisana had decided to make the Cosmo Matassa recording studio an historic site and there was dedication ceremony that I attended . The studio was where a lot of New Orleans R&B music (including Fats) had been recorded. It had become a laundromat. The ceremony drew quite a crowd including me. I was forced to stand in the street which was where our close encounter occurred. He apologized! My brush with fame! I was very lucky to have heard him live a couple of times at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Fest. He was very good and so was his band. R.I.P. Fats
  4. Arthur Blythe R.I.P.

    At a Chicago Jazz Fest many years ago he was featured in a Horace Tapscott led reprisal of the Sonny Criss lp "Sonny's Dream ( Birth of the New Cool)". Arthur Blythe took the Criss role and was great. It remains one of the best sets I ever heard at the many Chicago Jazz Fests I attended. God bless Arthur Blythe. R.I.P.
  5. Dave Valentin passes away at 64

    He always had great bands with Bill O'Connell, Robby Ameen and Richie Flores. I liked his stuff with Manny Orquendo's Libre. I agree with StarThrower, in that his last years he served as poster child for our country's healthcare system with his family and friends going to social media to try and scrounge up money.
  6. Connie Crothers RIP

    I was lucky enough to hear her twice: in a solo set at the Hungry Brain in Chicago, and once in a duet seting with Max Roach at the New Orleans Jazzfest. A great musician.
  7. Eddie "Gua Gua" Rivera RIP

    The Orlando Sentinel website posted that Eddie "Gua Gua" Rivera passed away on Saturday. He was one of the most prolific bassists in salsa and Latin Jazz. He had an extensive resume recording with everybody from Tito Puente, Eddie Palmieri, Larry Harlow, Mongo etc. Odds are good if you have a few Latin Jazz records in your collection, Eddie Gua Gua is on one. He was with the best Latin Jazz band I ever heard live, Batacumbele.
  8. New boss ramps up jazz for Chicago radio station

    WNUR is an alternative to WDCB. Their jazz programming is on weekday mornings. Like WHPK and unlike WDCB their disc jockeys are not paid, A very small handful are actual [Northwestern] students. I particularly like the show on Mondays- "Writer's Block", a show that has a large variety of jazz.
  9. Christmas Jazz/Pop/Rock Albums You Would Recommend

    I like the Huey Piano Smith LP.
  10. Herbert Morgan RIP

    Was this the same guy who recorded with the Latin band Ocho in the 70s?
  11. Ken Chaney - RIP

    Awakening was a really good live band. It's too bad that for whatever reasons they were ignored by the jazz public.
  12. 2012 Chicago Jazz Festival

    One obvious thing is the animus he likely harbors toward the Programming Committee Chair Neil Tesser. Tesser sniffed Reich out early. I recall Neil stating on the radio (can't remember if was BEZ or his AM stint) that "He must be the world's greatest jazz critic because he works for the Worlds Greatest Newspaper."
  13. Von Freeman RIP

    I heard him dozens of times thru the years. He certainly made living in Chicago a lot easier to take.
  14. Jodie Christian

    I heard him live many times. He was for a while one of the house pianists Joe Segal used at the Jazz Showcase. I also liked his playing with the quartet he had with vibist Emmanuel Cranshaw. Larry Kart's right, he was a great guy.
  15. Clare Fischer RIP

    I loved his work on Poncho Sanchez's first record on the Discovery label. Gary Foster was on that LP too.