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  1. Jacques Loussier (1934-2019)

    I remember when people used to ask it you dreamed in black and white or colour. Maybe because I was studying with McLuhan at the time, I'd always point out that nobody asked that question before the invention of photography.
  2. I think they've done the most with Miles and Dylan.
  3. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    He's got a small part in Stormy Weather. Many (but not all) of the Jubilee shows are on-line. I downloaded 142 of them.
  4. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    So these are from AFRS Jubilee shows?
  5. There was once a discussion of this here and as I remember it the songs musicians didn't want to have to play were "in the Mood" and a slow instrumental blues I can't remember the name of. Any one remember (or any guesses)? BTW I think the rock equivalent is "Mustang Sally". The drummer in my wife's bar band just refuses to play it.
  6. Roscoe Mitchell Targeted for Dismissal at Mills College

    WTF! My kids went to NYU and Stanford for about half that a few years ago. And before Stanford my daughter went to McGill for about 10% of that.
  7. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    There was an early cd release of Plays W.C. Handy that contained several cuts that were not on the original Lp (and left out some that were). That cd was soon replaced by another one with everything from the original Lp and some extras but not everything on the first cd. it would be interesting to see what else is in the vaults. (BTW there's also a great cut of Pops trying to get Lotte Lenya to syncopate Mack the Knife on a Lotte Lenya cd. I presume this will be included if Mosaic does do this box set.)
  8. Happy Birthday, garthsj

    Happy B'day Garth! (Are you still with us? Both on the board and elsewhere -- at my age I find I have to ask. )
  9. Ed Bickert, RIP
  10. I may have missed it but I couldn't figure out who they actually pay. Record companies? Artists? And do they pay composers?
  11. Andre Previn (1929 - 2019)

    i've been trying to figure out via the internet which came first: jazz, classical or film music. But looks like he was a prodigy in all of them fro the beginning. (I first noticed him as the pianist on Shelly Mann's My Fair Lady.)
  12. How? Where? I'm presuming you mean I'm wrong and you're probably correct about that but what are the new laws and contracts?
  13. What a great story. I hope your parents were suitably impressed.
  14. Surely it's important that the new laws pay something to performers (or at least their record companies) for streaming, unlike over-the air-radio which only paid composers.
  15. The All Things Van Morrison Thread

    BTW When I saw him at the Santa Barbara Bowl he began Moondance just as the full moon appeared over the stage. Coincidence? Or, despite appearances, does he have a sense of showmanship?
  16. The All Things Van Morrison Thread

    I've seen him live about once a decade since 1970 or so. Last time I saw him was a couple of years ago and he was great. (He dos seem to tease the audience at the end-- walks off stage and the band vamps for about 10 minutes looking offstage as if he might return but he doesn't. Though I do think I have seen him play encores a couple of times. )
  17. The All Things Van Morrison Thread

    There are some good concerts at Wolfgang's Vault or whatever it's called now.
  18. Moanin' with the bonus tracks. SMH issue

    I think the same is true on the domestic regular cd. What makes for the time difference?
  19. Alexander Hawkins - Iron Into Wind

    Nice review of an Alexander Hawkins piece here:
  20. Sun Ra: "SPACE IS THE PLACE" - 30th Anniversary

    Part of a book being done about 2 Toronto music promotors called The Garys. I saw the band during that engagement.
  21. The Searchers

    One of the great American movies. Maybe Ford and Wayne's best. BTW The Searchers like many British groups seemed to get songs from American composers before US groups. E.g. When You Walk in the Room is by Jackie de Shannon.
  22. Everything Sonny.

    Nice. Here's the front page obit from the LA Times: And I won't repeat the story of how I once mistook Newcombe for Newk in a club.
  23. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    I'd pre-ordered before they sent this. (And I'm not even as big a Hank fan as most of you seem to be. However that meant I didn't have most of these records.
  24. Don Reed, Rex Hollywood 27015

    Do you know which Jubilee broadcast this is on?