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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Nice compilation of this wonderful singer. https://archive.org/details/cd_seems-like-old-times_thelma-carpenter
  2. The tracks can be listened to here: https://archive.org/details/sunra-JCR
  3. Sorry, I wrote too quickly 3 LP set meant the 3 set of LPs (with a total 66 LPs)
  4. Kenton Presents Mosaic

    For those interested, the set is available on streaming services, for example on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/1nEDR8wbM7F1SlrwH7QUQd?si=p1Fpm-2aQjKqKvUSRxFwmw&utm_source=copy-link No liner notes, obviously.
  5. Thanks for the info. I actually have the 3 LP set. Nowadays, I just like the convenience of having the tracks on my computer, that's all, but it does not stop me from listening...
  6. A little late, but I found this online discography: http://www.jazzdiscography.com/Artists/Commodore/CommodoreCDr.html The discography is larger than the Mosaic set, but it references those sessions included in the Mosaic set. I wish Mosaic would release that set in CD format.
  7. Tune that affect you emotionally.

    This track gets me every time Short but sweet.
  8. May I recommend the Internet Archive?

    Its nice to have the album cover scans to read the liner notes, something you unfortunatel lose with streaming for one.
  9. Studio Only Groups

    Thanks !
  10. Studio Only Groups

    There are three: - For Basie, recorded in October 1957 - Basie Reunion, recorded in September 1958 - Like Basie, recorded in March 1959 You are right, the first is Page's last recording. The second has Buck Clayton and Jack Washington added and is also very enjoyable, IMO.
  11. Studio Only Groups

    Was the Quinichette/Pierce Basie "reunion" group studio only?
  12. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    I pre-ordered the set. Fills some gaps in my collection, sound quality is always excellent, liner notes should be good, and I support Mosaic...
  13. Your audio equipment?

    Two cats and a girlfriend. Neither of them pay much attention to the speakers, which I keep stored in a corner of the flat and take out when no one is looking I will admit that they are "over the top", but the sound is really nice, even at low volume which is how I do most of my listening, to preserve my ears. I guess I would qualify as an "audiophile" - so a bit obsessive about the quality of sound "reproduction". We can obviously enjoy music whichever way it comes. I published a small interview with Jan Evensmo on an "audiophile" forum, and concluded by asking him about his equipment. He replied: "My audio equipment is very modest, just an amplifier, CD-player, turntable (with all speeds) and cassette player, all old stuff. Had to give up the reel player. And a pc connected to play all the music files I receive, plus spotify. I have never been very interested in sound as such. I noticed that people with expensive equipment always had very few records to play!!" I believe my interest in audio never comes before my passion for music, and this is why I am here (to discuss music, mostly) !