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  1. Hello all, still looking for the old cd incarnation of the Hank Mobley Quartet 10" LP on the Japanese import cd CJ28-5128. If you have one please let me know and we can work it out I'm sure!! Cheers and thanks, Reinier
  2. As far as I know and can see it's never been on CD at the search is off (for now at least). A rip of the LP is the only way to go, I'm afraid!
  3. Well that's an area I don't know anything about, I'm afraid. Just like in the UK there aren't many cd shops around anymore. But there might be a specialized store for this kind of music in Amsterdam. Cheers and hope to see you someday in my store!
  4. You could always hop over to the Netherlands and visit our store in The Hague! We've had a few Londonners in the shop over the years and they all rave about our selection and lack of it in London! Even the guys from Level 42 visited us some years back and begged us to move to London........Cheers and all the best, Reinier (Jazz Center is the name of my store).
  5. LF: Dexter Gordon Steeplechase Box Set

    Hello FotB, I have a copy and can live without it. Cash or do you have something to offer in return. I have a lot already so guess that's going to be hard! But you can always try. Cheers, Reinier
  6. Hello Hank,


    kinda late but do you still have the Hank Mobley Quartet CJ28-5128 cd for sale?





  7. LF: TOCJ 5884

    I still have it but not for sale anymore........good luck searching!
  8. Newport in New York 1972

    Since it's Cobblestone originally it is most likely that Sony Music owns the tapes (if they still excist).
  9. Newport in New York 1972

    Well Ken...either your ears are deceiving you or your computer is blurring things because they are the real needle drop issue!! I've hear it on a decent audio set and they sound not good and from LP. But if you don't mind that it's the only way to get the set on cd for now.
  10. Too bad you can't order it outside the US/Canada........Or does anyone know a way around this!
  11. Is there a new Coupon for the Pop Market site? All the old ones are outdated. Thanks, Reinier
  12. Anyone else on backorder with Popmarket? I've ordered 2 trumpet cases which were in stock all the time and suddenly yesterday they became out of stock.......Maybe the offer was too good to be true after all!
  13. The new Vocalions are out!

    Does anyone know how the Michel Legrand titles are in the new batch of Vocalions?
  14. What to Reissue

    To add: the in the Vernacular was reissued on cd in Japan (of course where else) in 1999 (TOCJ-6305).
  15. The Sesjun Radio shows series

    The Blakey and Evans are also releases already in the Netherlands. The Blakey is typical Blakey for the time (70's) : hard and down to earth. The Evans has a duo set with Gomez and a trio set with Gomez and Zigmund (both great) and the second disc is with Johnson and LaBarbera (Toots Thielemans is a featured guest on 5 tracks). I don't like the lengthy drum solo's of LaBarbera but otherwise a nice enough set to listen to.
  16. To add to this: the tapes (owned by WEA) are also stored in California and they've used the Capitol facilities more in the past for remasterings.
  17. Old New Things

    Sounds great!! Who is your brother?
  18. Sonny Clark

    Yes it will be reissued on cd in Japan on April 20 (TOCJ50114). Don't know about the distortion but a lot of the Colpix master tapes are either lost or in bad shape (or badly recorded to begin with).
  19. More Original Vogue Masters

    I meant the Mulligan set!! But the Raney is more complete than I know of. My Japanese cd's have far less tracks than on this new 2-fer.
  20. More Original Vogue Masters

    Just noticed this reissue has also 24 tracks so it is a complete remake of the original reissued cd's
  21. CTI reissues: box-set, 1971 concert, single titles

    Are there any upcoming releases sceduled?
  22. Avid label (UK)

    Why are these labels always so secretive about their sources. Just mention transferred from LP or CD and all is fine.
  23. J.R.MONTEROSE - Straight Ahead CD on DIW

    Spinning the Japanese CD reissue (with the correct Jaro cover) from 1997 (Venus TKCZ-36020). It's stereo with some distortion on all instruments at times. Not that bad for the time. I've heard worse recordings from later in the 60's.
  24. CTI reissues: box-set, 1971 concert, single titles

    Did anyone hear the 3 Joe Farrell Wounded Bird reissue cd's already? I've heard Canned Funk and Penny Arcade and they sound very bad. Muffled and restricted as if they are transferred from bad LP copies. I remember the Penny LP to sound quite good.