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  1. Bought the box set and am digging in.
  2. Out on Blue Lake

    Me, too. Maybe you can check it on line? Great to have Josh in the studio.
  3. Out on Blue Lake

    On Wednesday, November 21, The Bridge, a transatlantic network backing public concerts in Chicago and the Great Lakes, brought an improvising trio to Blue Lake Public Radio’s Dave Myers Performance Studio for an hour long session of live music and conversation. Featuring Chicago’s Josh Berman on cornet and France’s Didier Petit, cello, and Edward Perraud, drums and percussion, the trio setting was a bit different than much of their tour, so the program found the music opening up as time went by. Tonight at midnight eastern time (same as NYC), we’ll hear the broadcast as part of Jazz From Blue Lake, the week night 5 hour jazz radio program that begins at 10 p.m. eastern every Monday through Friday. To stream the program live please click If you can’t make that time, there is an MP3 version of the broadcast available at our on-demand page, under “Studio Performances,” found Thanks to everyone for this creative opportunity. Here’s hoping you have time to listen and remember The Bridge #15. Lazaro Vega Jazz Director Blue Lake Public Radio Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp 300 East Crystal Lake Road Twin Lake MI 49457 USA
  4. Here's a link to the concert series opening this Sunday at 3 p.m. with Julien Labro and the Chanson Experiment.
  5. "Trane '63: A Classic, A Challenge, A Change"

    Did you include some of the Penn State '63 concert? Boot on Hi-Hat.
  6. Roscoe Mitchell Sextet, "Sound"

    Just opened a re-issue of this landmark recording that states on the cover "Original Analog Mix." Looking forward to comparing it to the previous nonpareil re-mix.
  7. Morgana King 1930-2018

    And the Muse records in the 80's.....
  8. So, in early August Blue Lake Public Radio aired these Grant Green recordings from Resonance, the second one, especially, is from around the time he was in Detroit kicking his habit, and I knew from conversations with the audience that he played around Grand Rapids at that time, but I couldn't remember the bar. So I just said he played at The Lime Light. Got a call from a listener who corrected me -- it was The Golden Globe Lounge on South Division in Grand Rapids, next to the Play House which was once The Blue Note and was right across the street from the Pussy Wussy. Had a nice talk with this gentleman. Turns out we were both at Grover Washington Jr.'s Grand Rapids concert in the 1970's (I was 16 or 17 and since it was at a college, I could go). He said, in a positive way, "Grover played me to sleep! I'd done a double shift and came right over to the concert!" That soul jazz vibe was a good fit for that crowd then. Also, in the past, I had a call from Wilbur Ware's son who lived in GR and said his Dad was here often and played around these clubs, too.
  9. Hey, thanks for bringing this up. Bob Stewart, the lone jazz programmer in Iowa, won in this category, which is called The Bobby Jackson Award. Thank you so much for thinking about me. The hub bub around this nomination has done a world of good. During the summer I'm teaching a class to Blue Lake summer school for the arts and can't get away in August. 28 campers every two weeks. Teaching the "Radio Elective," that is, how to program an hour long radio show of classical, jazz or broad way music. I may try and get to New York this January. fwiw I was recently interviewed for Ron Wynn’s column, “Giant Steps,” published by The Tennessee Jazz & Blues Society. Here’s the link:
  10. Newport

    Since 1954 the Newport Jazz Festival has welcomed some of the music’s greatest performers to one of New England’s premier resort communities, and fortunately for jazz fans, many of those great festival sets were recorded down through the years, as you can hear on Jazz From Blue Lake found here: Please join us for the music of Louis Armstrong, Jack Teagarden, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Miles Davis and John Coltrane, among others, recorded at Newport. (photo by Kevin R. Mason) #BlueLakePublicRadio
  11. Benny Goodman, 1935

    On July 1, 1935 the Benny Goodman Orchestra recorded a smooth, flowing version of “Sometimes I’m Happy,” a jazz classic, “King Porter Stomp,” featuring trumpeter Bunny Berigan, and Fletcher Henderson’s arrangement of Irving Berlin’s “The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” with vocalist Helen Ward. As Loren Schoenberg wrote, “Through Henderson’s extension of Louis Armstrong’s principles, and Goodman’s coaching of the band, they arrived at a swing that hasn’t dated in over half a century.” Please join “Jazz From Blue Lake” for the music of Benny Goodman in 1935 and 1936 in the first part of each hour found here: .
  12. Johnny Smith

    Jazz From Blue Lake is the name of the program, and it turns over every day, so it's under "Daily Shows." Since Johnny Smith we've done programs on Reggie Workman, Madeline Eastman and Tierney Sutton, with Friday night's program featuring Julian Priester. The program airs from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. eastern so the on-demand is for day people checking out Jazz From Blue Lake. But, it's radio, so it goes away.
  13. Johnny Smith

    ""The hardest thing to do on the guitar is to play a melodic chord progression in smooth, even fashion without leaving space between chords," he told the Colorado Springs Independent. "Then one day I noticed how an organist managed to keep a tone going between chords by holding down one of the notes of the chord while he pivoted to the next chord. I picked up on that and applied it to chord progressions on the guitar.""
  14. Johnny Smith

    Do you remember guitarist Johnny Smith? Please join Blue Lake Public Radio in appreciation of the musician who elevated the skill level played on the instrument while remaining a story teller with a listenable sound, and lovely chord-melody arrangements. Click on Jazz From Blue Lake here: