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  1. Dizzy Gillespie at 100

    Dizzy time. Saturday is the 100th anniversary of jazz trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie’s birth and last night Jazz From Blue Lake featured “the theoretician” (as Budd Johnson called Gillespie) in the first 20 minutes of each hour found here: . Saturday morning Jazz a la Carte will include plenty of Gillespie, too, from 7 – 10 a.m. and Sunday night at 10 Gillespie is featured on “Night Lights.” Please join Blue Lake Public Radio in our celebration of this entertaining virtuoso and ambassador of American music.
  2. THIS Sunday, 3 p.m., Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures in the Underground Music Series at LaFontsee Galleries! The new season of The Underground Concert Series opens October 22nd at 3 p.m. The band "Moving Pictures" includes Adam Rudolph: handrumset; Alexis Marcelo: Fender Rhodes, electric keyboards; Damon Banks: electric bass; Hamid Drake: drumset, percussion; Kenny Wessel: electric guitar, electronics; and Ralph M. Jones: c flute, alto flute, bass clarinet, soprano and tenor saxophones, husli, bamboo flutes. Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures just released its first new album in over five years, “Glare of the Tiger,” a perfect example of creative music looking to the future while expressing the sound of now. Says Adam Rudolph, “It is my feeling that to honor tradition, one should look forward and not backward. The tradition is to sound like yourself and create a NEW music that reflects the NOW. To put it another way, Yusef Lateef often said to me, "Brother Adam, we are evolutionists." This concert is presented by Adventure Music, Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door; $10 for students.
  3. Gjerstad Trio + Swell

    Thanks David. He was loquacious! Benny Goodman is free jazz. All right then. Thanks Chuck for putting up the photos. This broadcast is available to hear under "Studio Performances" at
  4. Gjerstad Trio + Swell

    Photos to large to share, I guess. Blue Lake Public Radio features a special in studio performance by the Frode Gjerstad Trio with Steve Swell this Thursday morning from midnight to 1 a.m. eastern time “Out on Blue Lake.” The saxophonist/clarinetist who considers all jazz “free” since a boyhood encounter hearing Benny Goodman jam on record, Gjerstad’s trio features bassist Jon Rune Strom (who in 2016 performed with Gjerstad’s trio at Mexicains Sans Frontiers in Grand Rapids, and with Universal Indians at the Summer Solstice Jazz Festival in East Lansing), and drummer Paal Nilssen-Love, the 49 year old who’s played with Gjerstad for 34 years. Trombonist Steve Swell is on his third tour with the Norwegian free jazz ensemble, finding an exciting rapport in the band’s spontaneous orchestrations. This program is heard over WBLV FM 90.3 / WBLU FM 88.9 and streaming over the web from
  5. Chu Berry

    Now at “Jazz From Blue Lake” featuring the music of tenor saxophonist Chu Berry, one of the great soloists of the 1930’s. Catch the program now, as it will be replaced tomorrow. Under programs click on “Jazz From Blue Lake.”
  6. Donny McCaslin

    Well, David Baerwald's lyrics nailed a mood, for sure -- McCaslin and Craig Taborn do, too. Can't play the vocal version of K.C. Blues, which is called "So Long," sung by Jeffrey Wright. But the writer finds a voice inside Bird. Might not be Bird's voice, but it's a convincing character. You know the last bit of theme on KC Blues...he gives it the line, " ain't gonna hurt me no more." There's this, too, "such a dynamite little be from." Goodness. I can't play it on the radio because it builds up to "fuck yoooouuuu Kansas City." "Moose the Mooche" is so right on. This guy dives into drug addiction from a hipster point of view, but it's not one of like "being hip," but just jaded, lost, above it yet consumed by it, and the singers, mostly, get it. Kurt Elling sure does. And so does this Jeffrey Wright. No, it's really something. Eerie. Uncomfortable. Welcoming. It may be a one off, but it's not a tourist point of view. Parts of this record crawl under your skin.
  7. Donny McCaslin

    Have any of you heard "The Passion of Charlie Parker" on Impulse?
  8. Sonny Rollins is 87!

    Heard him wipe everyone out at the Chicago Jazz Festival in 1988, taking chorus after chorus on "Red Top" with a raring to go Marvin "Smitty" Smith taking no prisoners behind him. Today at “Jazz From Blue Lake” features the music of Sonny Rollins in honor of his 87th birthday.
  9. Happy 75th Jack DeJohnette!

    I just requested that one. Going to play it on the radio!
  10. Donny McCaslin

    Who breaks singles of instrumental music on Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone? Donny McCaslin. Since saxophonist Donny McCaslin's band became "David Bowie's last band" for the album "Blackstar," McCaslin recorded and released "Beyond Now" in 2016 and played 80 concerts all over the world since. Jazz From Blue Lake features McCaslin's music in the first part of each hour found here:
  11. Happy 75th birthday to drummer/pianist/bandleader Jack DeJohnette featured on Jazz From Blue Lake here (click to listen):
  12. Tony Bennett at 91

    Tony Bennett's 91st finds the musician and painter keeping a promising performance schedule, including a concert at Ravinia in Chicago tonight and a celebration in New York on the 8th. Blue Lake Public Radio brings you jazz related recordings by Bennett during all five hours of Jazz From Blue Lake found under "Programs" here: (In concert photograph by William Ellis.)
  13. Percussion Bitter Sweet

    In August 1961 drummer/bandleader Max Roach represented the civil rights movement in sound with a band moving into a unique rhythmic soundscape – Eric Dolphy and Clifford Jordan on woodwinds; Booker Little, trumpet; Julian Priester, trombone; Mal Waldron, piano; Art Davis, bass; Roach on drums plus two percussionists and the voice of Abbey Lincoln. “Tender Warriors” is a lyrical, haunting, consonant theme featuring Dolphy’s flute. After an innocent sounding trumpet solo, Dolphy’s bass clarinet interrupts in distressing dissonance – youth and experience represented symbolically in sound. This classic recording is featured in the first part of each hour of Jazz From Blue Lake Lake found under “Programs” here:
  14. BassDrumBone

    I'd check out their touring -- they're coming across the big water this fall, I believe.
  15. BassDrumBone

    BassDrumBone is actually a trio of bassist Mark Helias, drummer Gerry Hemingway and trombonist Ray Anderson. Right now they're celebrating the 40th anniversary of creating music with a continent jumping tour. Starting in New Haven just after the nation’s bi-centennial, each member had early playing and touring experience with composer/multi-instrumentalist Anthony Braxon. A review at says of BassDrumBone’s music, “Variety is a predominant factor here.” Jazz From Blue Lake focuses on the 40th anniversary of BassDrumBone and their new double CD “The Long Road” under “Programs” found here today: