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  1. Bill Frisell--Valentine

    Heard the preview on Facebook as well. Gorgeous music! Question: any additional tracks on LP vs. CD. Any reason as to why two vinyl records instead of one? Running time? LWayne
  2. New Charles Tolliver

    A fair review ! I would agree with ranking of "go to" recordings as well. But I will enjoy "Connect" nonetheless. LWayne
  3. New Charles Tolliver

    Alas, I was at the Saturday gig. Got to spend some quality time with Charles Tolliver though. Nice guy! LWayne
  4. New Charles Tolliver

    Agree with this review. Tolliver is solid throughout and I really enjoy the version of "Emperor March". Saw this group play in An Die Musik in Baltimore at the end of February and this new CD is very evocative of that set. Highly recommended! LWayne
  5. Happy Birthday, Kenny Burrell

    Happy Birthday Kenny Burrell and best wishes for good health! LWayne
  6. BFT 196 -- THE REVEAL!!!!

    Also LOVE Kahil El Zabar. Have seen him perform in many different groups. Never disappoints. Hard to categorize his style, but certainly enjoyable! LWayne
  7. New Charles Tolliver

    Looking forward for this to drop on this Friday. No legal snafus like Monk's "Palo Allto", so hopefully not delayed... LWayne
  8. LF Mike Reed Flesh & Bone CD

    Yes. Looking for something a little less expensive. Thanks, LWayne
  9. Looking for a nice copy of Mile Reed "Flesh & Bone" on 482 Music. Released 2017. Seems to be hard-to-find. Hoping a fellow board member might be willing to sell/ trade at a reasonable price. Thanks, LWayne
  10. Ahmad Jamal

    To me, a VERY major figure. Not to say I like everything he does, but I celebrate his style. Very idiosyncratic. Instantly recognizable from the beginning that it is Jamal playing. LWayne
  11. Bill Frisell - Valentine

    I don't understand why these major labels delay the releases. Given that there is not a lot on the market now due to the Pandemic, why not release it now rather than August? LWayne
  12. Paul Bley CD

    Saw an interesting posting for upcoming CD on Hat Hut LWayne
  13. Richie Cole RIP

    Saw him many times over the past 10 years as he made Pittsburgh his home. He was definitely a "cool enough guy" Will be missed. Was beloved in the community as well. LWayne
  14. Richie Cole RIP

    Just announced by one of his bandmates that the great alto sax player Richie Cole passed away. No other details are known at this point. LWayne
  15. Any URL links for sampling of the tracks? On the fence. LWayne