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    I saw him a number of times with the Messengers. One of the more under-rated editions IMO, too: Bobby Watson, Valeri Ponomarev, David Schnitter, James Williams and Dennis Irwin.
  2. Now $94.04 pre-order on Amazon (today, anyway)
  3. JJ Johnson Small Group Sessions
  4. Big Ears Festival

    I went this year - it was AMAZING. And next year looks as good, or maybe BETTER. If you can afford to get the VIP pass, it's worth it. You get priority entrance to the venues and some of them have reserved, close-up seating, too. You won't be sorry any way you get there. It's very well run, and Knoxville is a nice, walkable small city.
  5. Charles Tolliver Music INC.

    All of Tolliver's Strata East output is great.
  6. Tomorrow: Cyrus Chestnut w/Buster Williams & Lenny White in SFJAZZ's intimate Joe Henderson Lab UPDATE: It was a nice show. Not especially "exciting," but well worth spending an hour+ with this group in such a small venue.
  7. Joshua Redman - Still Dreaming

    Saw them last night. Excellent!
  8. Saw "Still Dreaming" w/Joshua Redman, Ron Miles, Scott Colley and Brian Blade. Outstanding show. See them if you can.
  9. Chicago Jazz Fest 2018

    I was only able to catch the Louis Hayes show which was very good, but too short (not their fault, I'm sure). Abraham Burton's tenor was on fire, as was Steve Nelson's vibes work.
  10. The final night of John Zorn's residency over the past weekend: John Zorn's 65th Birthday Celebration: Masada and Bagatelles
  11. Mary Halvorson

    Code Girl is on the schedule for next year's Big Ears Festival. It's described as her ... "imaginative new band, Code Girl."
  12. Chicago Jazz Fest

    I'm looking at Nicole Mitchell, Matthew Shipp/Ivo Perelman, Chris Speed Trio, Muhal Tribute, Louis Hayes "Serenade for Horace" and Amina Claudine Myers Trio. Also, possibly "Dog/Day #6" Friday: Chris Speed Trio (@Hungry Brain), Kidd Jordan, M. Shipp, Wm Parker & Alvin Fielder (@Constellation) I have a ticket for Red Bull's "Round Robin @ Thalia Hall" on Thursday. Definitely will NOT get to all of them.
  13. Chicago Jazz Fest

    Chicago Jazz Fest 2018 Anybody going? Have recommendations? I've had this trip planned for a while, but didn't realize it coincided with the Festival. I won't have a lot of time to spend there, so I'm trying to pick and choose - preferably daytime shows.