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  1. Lee Morgan Complete BN 50's, disk 3
  2. I got the replacement set already ... unbelievable! Everything seems to be there. I checked each cover to make sure there was a disk inside, AND that it matched. As to CJ's comment, the slip covers ARE very loose and the CDs can fall out easily. BTW this box IS numbered (3286), unlike the previous one. Maybe THAT's why the disk was missing?
  3. I just realized that I’m missing the Leo Smith disk (#5). The cover is here, but no disk. Amazon will send a replacement. Anyone else have this happen?
  4. NYC Winter Jazzfest 2019

    I was glad they finally posted the Marathon schedule, but it's not laid out very well for coordinating different show times/venues. I hope they publish some sort of grid or interactive version, too.
  5. Big Ears Festival

    Randy, if you can afford the VIP it's definitely worth it. As you said, the priority seating makes a BIG difference. There are also some bonuses like a Sunday Brunch and some other goodies. We'll have to make another attempt to meet up - Nessa, too!
  6. Enjoying this a lot more than I expected. There's a LOT more content than on that 2010 3-CD edition, and this one is remixed by Steven Wilson, unlike the earlier version. I still have 2 versions of Stand Up - the 'Wilson long box' and a 2CD/1DVD version, which I'm holding onto because of the live Carnegie Hall show (not on the newer release)
  7. Enjoying a lot myself, so far. GLAD I made the investment. As far as numbering, mine is like Felser's: " /6000".
  8. I ordered one over the weekend, too! It arrived today. LOTS of extras in the set.
  9. Wayne Shorter

    I was surprised when I saw pix from the Kennedy Center, too. I haven't heard anything either. The last couple of times I've seen him he has been playing seated, but he always walks out on stage. Have tix to see him at SFJAZZ in January.
  10. I got mine. It's budget all-cardboard packaging ... but considering the price, I'm not surprised OR bothered. Happy to have ALL these albums together!
  11. NYC Winter Jazzfest 2019

    Saw that, but bittersweet for me. I arrive that day, and already have commitments for Thursday night.
  12. One of the WORST Muse covers. This is the Moontrane cover I have on vinyl. The BEST one, IMO. Although the modified version isn't bad, either. The 32 Jazz version ...
  13. LF: Cecil Payne, "Zodiac"

    I need to dive into that Mosaic. I picked it up earlier this year, but have barely cracked it open.
  14. Anyone else enjoy Roland Hanna?

    I guess I did, HutchFan, but I actually missed the part of this topic being "side man" gigs for Sir Roland. So as you said, that's debatable for the NYJQ sessions.