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  1. Big Ears Festival

    Hotels and airfare are up to each one. You'd have to check. Most hotels don't look for payment until a day or so before check-in, though. United gave me credit for my flight to the 2020 BE Fest, so I used that for my 2022 flight.
  2. Henry Threadgill

    Got mine today, too. Haven't listened yet.
  3. Elvis took the backing tracks of This Year's Model and invited some Latin singers to reimagine the vocals in Spanish. Pretty interesting!
  4. Big Ears Festival

    Last year they refunded the ticket money for the 2020 BE Fest. BTW, the Premier Festival and Sonic Explorer Passes are already SOLD OUT for 2021, for anyone who was still interested.
  5. Big Ears Festival

    Sounds painful ... get OFF! Oh, and get a pass. Looks like a great lineup (to ME)!
  6. Big Ears Festival

    This is going to be a GREAT festival. Bought my pass today. Can't wait!!
  7. What's THIS? Be Bop Deluxe - Live! In The Air Age 1970-1973 (Ltd Edition 15CD+DVD Box) - I wasn't into them back in the day, but thought I would check them out recently. Then THIS was just released, and is available on most streaming services: 131 songs, 14 hours and 40 minutes of music
  8. I think if this was just a reissue of the 3CD set, then probably not worth it. But this set is more about all the additional tracks. The band was really on fire.
  9. Saw them in NYC a couple of times back in 85