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  1. He's having a sit-down discussion on Dec 17 at SFJAZZ. The Big Ears Festival in Knoxville was an eye-opening experience for me this year. They really stretch the boundaries of "new music" especially those from the jazz side. And it wasn't specifically focused on younger players.
  2. Joshua Redman - Still Dreaming

    I'm seeing this at SFJAZZ next month. Really looking forward to it NOW!
  3. Amarcord Nino Rota

    I still have the LP, but can't play records anymore. They're in storage.
  4. McCoy Tyner- lets hope hes ok

    THAT'S a good one! I have a Rova t-shirt I picked up a year or two ago at an Electric Ascension show. Not to mention a "NESSA" shirt that Chuck sent out with his Lester Bowie "Numbers 1 & 2" reissue a while back.
  5. Dave Holland - Uncharted Territories

    Rocket Science w/Craig Taborn, Evan Parker, Peter Evans, Sam Pluta at the Big Ears Festival in March.
  6. Dave Holland - Uncharted Territories

    I picked up the album recently, but haven't delved into it yet. I saw Parker, Taborn and Smith at the Big Ears Festival last March, but not Holland who was at SFJAZZ that week. Parker & Taborn played in a couple of different ensembles, and Smith with other groupings.
  7. For some free neighborhood local jazz and book readings, this is a nice little shop: Bird & Beckett Books
  8. Coming this Wednesday, Aug 8 to The Chapel in SF: Peter Brötzmann / Keiji Haino Duo
  9. Recently finished reading this. She led a pretty amazing life - not all of it good. Although born into extreme wealth it was a very dysfunctional family, which is what most of the first half of the book covers. After that it gets into her life in NYC and associations with Monk and other jazz icons of the day.
  10. Tomasz Stanko R.I.P.

    I don't know his music very well, but saw him at SFJAZZ a few years ago for the first time. Glad I did. RIP.
  11. I've had some good discussions with David Weiss over the past couple of years. Met Nessa at the Big Ears Festival earlier this year.
  12. Saw Ry Cooder last night. Good show and a packed enthusiastic crowd in the house. It was at SF's Great American Music Hall, which I think is one of his favorite venues.
  13. Yeah, it's good! I saw a LOT of shows there, too.