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  1. Kraftwerk

    They're playing here in SF this week
  2. Frank Zappa

    I remember Dweezil was sort of ostracized for a while and he couldn't even use the "Zappa" name when touring and playing his father's songs. Apparently they worked things out somehow.
  3. A Random Gordon Jenkins Memory

    Gordon's son Bruce is a long-time sports reporter for the SF Chronicle. He recently retired from full time work, but still writes a weekly column. Very smart and funny.
  4. Never seen those 2 packaged together, but worth "coming back to" for SURE!
  5. The Leaders

    I'm not sure what a "successor band" is. They're not related, though. It's an all star band of hard bop veterans. BTW, I believe David Weiss occasionally drops by Organissimo.
  6. Their best album in a LONG time. As usual with them, it takes a few listenings to really get into it.
  7. The Leaders

    I like their albums. Maybe not as adventurous as you would think, but there's nothing wrong with them.
  8. Best track you heard all week

    Hadn't heard this in a long time. Great tune!