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  1. Charles Tolliver All-Stars vinyl and CD reissue

    Just ordered it. Had the vinyl forEVER, but will be great to have it on CD.
  2. Roscoe Mitchell - Littlefield Concert Hall

    Sorry, Chuck. Been off this site for a few weeks. Traveling. I'm pretty sure I "Liked" your FB post, though!
  3. David Murray

    Saw him with JD Allen in January at the NYC Winter Jazzfest. A real blowing session!
  4. NYC Winter Jazzfest 2019

    I remember seeing Kidd Jordan at the NOJF and he was great!
  5. NYC Winter Jazzfest 2019

    I would never diss NO, that's for sure. As for the juxtaposition of different genres, JazzFest is certainly that, but I think Big Ears beats it.
  6. NYC Winter Jazzfest 2019

    Cool! I went to the NO Jazzfest a couple of times in the late 80s. Lotsa fun, for sure. It's too big for me now, and I don't like outdoor music festivals anymore. I went to SXSW for ten years which was great and I like their model of shows in multiple venues in an urban setting. Much more intimate. Even with that, SXSW got too big and I now to go the Big Ears Fest in Knoxville and planning on another year of the NYC WJF.
  7. Art Ensemble of Chicago ECM box. New Directions - Live in Europe disk.
  8. NYC Winter Jazzfest 2019

    I'm ready!
  9. Saw them Friday night at Big Ears. Thought they were great! They played at the same hour as Comet is Coming (who my friends saw), but I think I saw the better show. Mats is a far better player than Shabaka. I appreciate what Hutchings is bringing to the jazz scene, but he's not quite "there" yet for me. Yes, I used ear plugs, but that wasn't a problem.
  10. Big Ears Festival

    Oh, nooooooooooo!!!
  11. Big Ears Festival

    Great festival this year! So many good shows, it's hard to process them all. Nice to meet and spend some time with Randy Hersom, Chuck Nessa and his wife, Ann.
  12. Allison Miller's Boom Tic Boom - Glitter Wolf

    Will definitely check that out. I wasn't familiar with her work, but saw her in January with Carmen Staaf doing ‘Science Fair’ at the NYC Winter Jazzfest. Very impressive drummer!
  13. Saw them at Big Ears. Blew the roof off of the Bijou Theatre! Pictured: Moor Mother, Don Moye, Roscoe