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  1. Interesting piece. I finally saw JD at the NYC Winter Jazzfest this year battling with David Murray. Quite a show!
  2. Saw them recently for the first time. Excellent show!
  3. I will always love YLT, but I DO like their early stuff better.
  4. Birth of the Cool ... AGAIN

    So between this question and the mention of being "pitch corrected," it would be nice to get a definitive answer about this release.
  5. Curtis Amy Select, Disk 3 (live + Katanga) - great stuff!
  6. It's great! Really captures their late-period live show.
  7. Seeing them on Tuesday. Always a great show!
  8. I never saw Miles until the Warner years (and glad I did!), but was never much interested in buying any of the albums. I should probably check out a couple of the ones suggested here. Picture taken at Berkeley's Zellerbach Auditorium Aug 1, 1982
  9. I don't see getting it, either. Never was very interested in the Warner years.
  10. Would love to get that Bee Hive set, but just too much (price and number of disks)
  11. I haven't forgotten. Love those guys! Mitch Easter put out a very good solo album about 12 years ago that worth hunting down for any Let's Active fan. Sadly, the drummer Sara Romwebber passed away recently.
  12. Dance remix of A Love Supreme!!!??

    A good chance it's these guys who are playing at SFJAZZ on Friday. A Love Supreme Re-Imagined THE MATTSON 2 W/ SPECIAL GUEST CALVIN KEYS