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  1. Milcho Leviev (1937 - 2019)

    Saw him with Don Ellis in the 70s. Haven't heard/seen him in years, though.
  2. NYC Winter Jazzfest 2019

    Huh. Interesting!
  3. NYC Winter Jazzfest 2019

    I wonder what they mean by "Other Revelations"?
  4. Frank Zappa

    YIKES! I was really excited until I looked at the track list of all SIX disks. WAY too many Alt Takes. It would make a nice 3-disk set, IMO.
  5. Good to know. I've been wondering about that set. There are also live cuts.
  6. She did a sit-down interview at City Arts & Lectures here in SF on Monday. I probably should have gone, but I've seen her speak on her last couple of book tours.
  7. Big Ears Festival

    Going to be another OUTRAGEOUS festival! I was able to get my "Sonic Explorer" pass yesterday, so ... can't WAIT!
  8. I watched CCR from the most recent re-release of the Woodstock video and thought their long jam on "Chooglin'" (I think that was the song) was excruciating. Especially since it was 90% Fogerty hogging the stage.
  9. The All Things Van Morrison Thread

    Yes. I think tix were around $200 when he played at SFJAZZ a while back, so not unexpected. I figured it would be more like $300-500!
  10. What music did you buy today?

    Kris Davis' brand new album. After seeing her with Terri Lyne Carrington and Val Jeanty tonight. Excellent show!
  11. I saw Gary w/Kahil El Zabar, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Robert Irving III at the NYC Winter JazzFest in January. [Not sure what happened to my photo. Here it is again.]