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  1. I think she did that here with the start time, too!
  2. Frank Zappa

    Cost-wise, I noticed that Amazon reduced the pre-order price about 25% soon after it was announced. Still a little pricey for a collection of alt-takes, though.
  3. I saw one of Duane's last performances. A free concert in the plaza at UC Santa Barbara on Oct 10, 1971.
  4. Yeah, the film is very good. Obviously a little sanitized from the actual experience (very few crowd scenes, lots of overdubs in the audio), but it seemed to capture the excitement that the performers brought to the show. I'll let you know about PT (not P-Tree). Looking forward to seeing Gavin especially. Madonna should be a trip! I heard it was vintage Madonna when she played here a couple of months ago. Don't bring your phone - she doesn't allow them inside. Los Lobos always bring a good show ... ALWAYS.
  5. I don't wanna brag (Yes I do!), but I went to the "actual" Last Waltz. Needless to say, an experience I'll never forget. Tomorrow night: Pineapple Thief w/Gavin Harrison on drums. Looking forward to it!!
  6. I've seen plenty of videos and also previously live in '76 and '80 when he was REALLY on top of his game.
  7. I'll start by saying I'm not a huge Bruce fan. I don't hate him, but I'm not going to trash him, either. He obviously touches millions of fans and you can't dismiss that. One of the "problems" I have is that his strength is in his live shows and he's SO popular that the only way you're going to see him is either in an arena/ballpark or a wildly expensive Broadway theater (which is finished, anyway). IMO, to really enjoy him you'd have to be in a small/medium theater or club, which for most people isn't going to happen. I was lucky to see him close up in 2012 at SXSW in the Moody Theater, Austin; a venue of less than 3,000. It was a very good show.
  8. Early-70s Rod Stewart (plus the 2 Jeff Beck Group albums) is really the only stuff you need to try.
  9. Buddy Terry R.I.P.

    Great - THANKS! I actually went to Discogs, but didn't see that info for some reason.
  10. Buddy Terry R.I.P.

    I'm afraid this is the first I've heard of him. Not sure how that happened from reading about him now. Anyone have personnel info on: Lean On Him, Pure Dynamite and Awareness?
  11. Hilton Ruiz - Ceora

    Yeah. Unbelievable! BTW, ‘Amsterdam After Dark’ is a gem, for SURE! "(New) Arrival" from that album is on Hilton's "Piano Man" album, too.
  12. Hilton Ruiz - Ceora

    I saw him with George at least a couple of times. REAL sad what happened to him. His first solo album was very nice. Here's a track.
  13. Cream - Goodbye Tour 1968

    **Speaking of "Sections," guys ... how about taking THAT discussion over to the "Forums Discussion" section instead of this Topic about Cream. Thanks in advance ...