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  1. Rauschenberg retrospective at SFMOMA. Covers a LOT of ground and I had to go a second time to see the whole thing. I'm not the biggest fan, but I have a better understanding of his work. Impressive no matter what you think.
  2. Great news! I've been needing a copy of the Thad/Mel booklet for years. I just emailed Scott.
  3. Big Ears Festival

    Saw that. I was wondering when that was going to happen - it's only a week and a half away!
  4. Jenny Scheinman

    I think she's really interesting, too. I don't have that many of her albums and have only seen her once, but I try to keep up with what she's doing. Will definitely see her at the upcoming Big Ears Festival in Knoxville.
  5. I know he's on FB. Maybe he gave up Org.
  7. New Jimi Hendrix

    "Both Sides of the Sky" arrived in the mail today. I like it, but it's a little rough in places and probably more interesting for 'complete-ists' than casual listeners. There IS one outstanding and unexpected cut that's almost worth the price of the album alone - a 5+ minute version of "Woodstock," and Jimi doesn't sing OR play guitar! Stephen Stills sings and plays B3 (in a sort of Lee Michaels meets Larry Young style), Jimi plays BASS (at times with Jack Bruce ferocity), and Buddy Miles pushes the trio hard on drums. The last 1:45 is a pulsating jam. It's definitely NOT Joni's or CSN's version.


    THOSE look interesting, too!
  10. Mosaic Open House

    I wish I lived closer. Would definitely check that out.
  11. Big Ears Festival

    SXSW focus has always been up and coming artists. So, it takes a lot of investigating to find shows that you think you might like. Sifting through the website in the weeks before help somewhat. There are always shows by more established artists, as well but you can't count on many that you're familiar with. There also happen to be dozens (hundreds?) of daytime shows that are largely free, but there's no central listing so you learn to be aware of the ones that feature bands you like, and are in venues that are interesting (e.g. back yards of bars, restaurants, parking lots ...). If you're going for the music, the only pass you need is the Music Badge which is about $800 this year. When I started, it was closer to $500. Still a lot of money, but they were also giving discounts to "alumni". Anyway, there have been fewer and fewer acts I'm excited to see, which is one reason me and my pals decided to try Big Ears.

    Whoa! Excellent!
  13. Big Ears Festival

    Me, too! Although compared to SXSW (which I've been going to for the past 10 years), this should be like a walk in the park!
  14. Happy Birthday Noj!