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  1. Palberta "Palberta5000" - had a nice review in today's NYT.
  2. 2nd Gentleman's kids named after Trane and Ella

    Naima was Trane's first wife
  3. Live Streaming Concerts

    Next weekend at Smoke (Chris Potter in two places at once): SMOKE SCREENS PRESENTS: THE JOHNATHAN BLAKE QUARTET FEATURING CHRIS POTTER, DAVID VIRELLES, & BEN STREET JANUARY 22 - JANUARY 23 / LIVE STREAMED / 8PM EST Buy Streaming Pass I noticed that about Chris Potter! One of these venues is NOT "Live".
  4. Live Streaming Concerts

    I planned to watch Thumbscrew but didn't catch either set. Fortunately I've seen them live a couple of times, and I'll see them again.
  5. Frankie And The Witch Fingers "Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters..." Interesting combination of psychedelic, hard rock, jam band, and a touch of jazz
  6. That's a great and creative collection. Some of his best BN work regardless of who's name was on the album cover.
  7. Live Streaming Concerts

    Another good one!
  8. Live Streaming Concerts

    I like Kris Davis. Will probably check that out.
  9. Blue Note's TONE POET series.

    The Select box is a good set. Worth having.