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  1. Big Ears Festival

    Saw Mary Halvorson with Thumbscrew (Michael Formanek & Tomas Fujiwara) last night. Great show - looking forward to seeing all 3 of them again next year with Code Girl!
  2. Three nights at SFJAZZ this week: Tuesday: Brian Blade Fellowship Band, w/Melvin Butler soprano & tenor saxophones, Myron Walden alto saxophone & bass clarinet, Kurt Rosenwinkel guitar, Jon Cowherd piano, Chris Thomas bass Wednesday: Broken Shadows, w/Tim Berne alto saxophone, Chris Speed tenor saxophone & clarinet, Reid Anderson bass, Dave King drums Thurs (tonight): JULIAN LAGE TRIO: w/Jorge Roeder bass, Eric Doob drums THUMBSCREW: Mary Halvorson guitar, Michael Formanek bass, Tomas Fujiwara drums
  3. UP -> Price reduced one more time before I put it on ebay. $70 plus $5 media mail shipping.
  4. Jon Hiseman RIP

    Big fan of Colosseum and Tempest. "Songs for a Tailor" is a great album, too! Oddly enough, he doesn't play on "Rope Ladder to the Moon," which Colosseum did a great job covering. RIP, Jon!
  5. UP -> Price reduced! $75 plus $5 media mail shipping. (or $80 w/free shipping )
  6. Lorraine Gordon R.I.P.

    I never met her, but remember seeing her running the business at the VV a number of times.
  7. Joe Pass Complete Pacific Jazz Quartet Sessions (5 CDs), #3982. $75 plus $5 media mail shipping. The set is in pristine, like-new condition. PM me if interested. PayPal preferred.
  8. Understandable! I avoid "big field" outdoor festivals, myself.
  9. Interesting lineup! Was that a festival? I've seen Patti a lot over the past several years, too. Always a good show.
  10. Johnny Marr last night at August Hall in SF
  11. Threadgill - disks 7&8 A LOT of gems in this set!
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Will do! Yeah, that was my impression, too.
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I need to listen to that more. Maybe it's the mix, but I always have trouble understanding what's going on.