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  1. I was in a Strat-O-Matic league a long time ago - with the cards. It was a lot of fun!
  2. Should be in everyone's collection
  3. BN has been doing so much reissuing lately, they should think about putting together other packages like this one.
  4. Good luck finding one! You won't be sorry. It's one of my favorite Mosaic boxes.
  5. Yes, it is! Unusual that it includes both leader AND sideman dates. Although on BN, no one's really a "sideman." Part of what makes it great, though.
  6. Music documentaries available for streaming

    There's a nice one about Peter Green that also gives you a good background on the early days of Fleetwood Mac. I found it on Prime.
  7. Recorded during their final 2008 tour with all the original members. Sounds great!
  8. Did you see the Peter Green doc that's on Amazon Prime? Pretty good background on him and the early days of Fleetwood Mac. That album is really good, BTW. Arthur Brown is on FIRE (pun intended) on Green Manalishi!
  9. Big Ears Festival

    I just don't see how a slow-moving, invisible threat like this will go away quickly. Maybe if someone comes up with a new method of protection.
  10. Johnny Marr - Comet Tripper, Live At The Roundhouse
  11. Big Ears Festival

    I would say definitely May, and June is a definite possibility. Beyond that anything's possible!