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  1. I've been listening to the 2 songs released from that album. Sounds great!
  2. Yes - a very talented singer, songwriter and musician in her own right. I never realized until last night that her instrument of choice is what she called an "Austin Mandolin" - it looks like a guitar, but has 8 strings. Maybe that's its real name? You would know, Lon.
  3. Saw Sarah Jarosz and her band last night. Outstanding! I'm not usually a singer/songwriter fan, but she's a little different and is somewhat uncategorizable as far as genre. Covers a lot of ground. Great band, too!
  4. BFrank

    Kip Hanrahan

    Had this for a LONG time, but never listened to it much. Threw it on the other day and realized that it's basically a Kip Hanrahan album - he produced it. Lots of Hanrahan-ish touches all the way through. Good stuff!
  5. Just skimmed through it once, so far. Definitely want to see as many Threadgills as possible. Tomeka, for sure. Lots of conflicts on Thursday, but Fri-Sun seemed a little more manageable. Looks to be a very satisfying year at BE.
  6. No doubt. But I never got that one. Will check it out.
  7. Phil Elwood was the regular jazz critic with the SF Chronicle and Examiner for many years. I would often see him at jazz (and some rock) shows.
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