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  1. Big Ears Festival

    Hotel booked, but holding off on the plane to see if fares drop in the next few months
  2. Mo Ostin, R.I.P.

    This was a pretty interesting Obit, too
  3. Ozric Tentacles – Space For The Earth (The Tour That Didn't Happen Edition)
  4. That Clifford set has turned into a nice investment. Current value according to Discogs: Lowest: $80.99 Median: $140.00 Highest: $199.99
  5. How's the weather?

    We're doing GREAT here in SF
  6. I don't follow Formula 1, but does anyone here follow SailGP? It's the "Formula 1" of sailing. Extremely high tech sail boats 'foil' above the water allowing them to go MUCH faster than any existing sailing technology. Very addicting It's a Grand Prix concept with races staged all over the world and points are awarded depending on where they finish. Check out their website or watch the races which are archived on YouTube
  7. Wow! Interesting they seem to be emptying the classic BN catalog now. I might go for this one.