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  1. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    The Dave Rempis releases on his Aerophonic label are all very good to incredible currently listening to ICOCI which is Dave with Jasper Stadhouders & Frank Rosaly pretty incredible how consistently great these recordings are. I’m sure Rempis is a good curator picking the best shows but the creativity of all the various small groups along with Rempis’ saxophone playing (as good a technical virtuosic player as exists in this idiom) is really astounding.
  2. Support for Jimmy Cobb

    RIP, Sir I'm imagining what he experienced - what a life
  3. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I want to get this one. I love Akira Sakata.
  4. Where Is Carlos Ward?

    Plus Paul Rogers & Louis Moholo!!!
  5. Where Is Carlos Ward?

    I hope you have the Dennis Gonzalez CD
  6. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Dave’s 34 is amazing. Bonus disc from the previous night (6/22/74) might be even better. The sound of the Wall really comes through. Phil is immense.
  7. Not Two but Twenty Orchestra

    I’m speaking for me as well as friends of mine who are regular attendees of shows that I see in NYC (or used to see). There is a depth to Peter’s playing due to his lifetime of music. It is there clearly for anyone willing to listen. However you are not alone. Many have moved on for the more traditional forms of post-Coltrane “free jazz” or the more historical “non-idiomatic” improvised music that people like Brotzmann, Parker, Schlippenbach, Guy et al are still practicing. Understood. I also am very interested in newer approaches that discard many of these more typical elements. fwiw the quartet with Trzaska, Mats, Holmlander & Mazur is very good with Mats in a mode somewhere in between his extremes. I also think Gustafsson’s later music is very much more interesting than what he was doing 20 years ago - bedsides The Thing which has never been what he does best.
  8. Not Two but Twenty Orchestra

    Just received my box yesterday wondrous presentation as far as Brotzmann I’m more thrilled to hear him these days than ever. He’s a treasure for many of us who hear in his voice on his various reeds a sound of love and maybe anger, the resonance of a passion from deep within. The 23 minute trio piece on disc one with Guy & Kaucic is everything I thought it would be and more. Sure it’s what we know they do but it’s so forceful and focused as Peter switches from his horns to the last passage on the tenor. Glorious. this is music made from a lifetime of playing and living.
  9. Henry Grimes RIP

    Saw him a few times since the comeback missed the incendiary trio with Dunmall & Cyrille from 2009, I think. It’s a very intense set - I missed it because I knew it was going to be very very hot in the hall and I understand it was even hotter!!! RIP to a true improvisor
  10. Lee Konitz R.I.P.

    Saw Lee in France (forget the City) in maybe 1994 with Reggie Workman and a drummer I was unfamiliar with. Lew Tabackin was in the audience. it was the first or second jazz show I ever saw. RIP, Sir!!
  11. Reflections on music in the time of COVID

    Took me ~2 weeks to listen to anything freely improvised - the stress level for me was pretty high although through my recovery process my wife and I are at a more peaceful place. Thank Jah for that. Over the past couple of weeks when I have listened (I’m very busy 8:30 to 6:00 during the week working from home) - and when I have I’ve been as moved by the current modern magical improvised and improvised/composed jazz & jazz related music as I ever have. Maybe I took it for granted. It’s a true golden age of avant-garde jazz/improvised music despite the almost complete lack of attention it receives. The last 5-10 years has been a gold mine of musical riches from both young and old - and from all corners of the world. I dearly miss the live shows and I’m devastated to think of the economic hardship of my current musical heroes here in NYC and around the world. I pray for my number 1, 2 & 3 - Mat, Randy & Tony - but of course for ALL of the musical warriors that have been at the fore front of improvised music while always knowing there would never be any economic reward - especially for the young dudes & dudettes, my heart is strong for all of you. still...... Coming Down the Mountain
  12. Not Two but Twenty Orchestra

    They might have used a sub title of “small formations” to describe the release. In any event we do NOT have live music to attend to and to support our heroes so this release for me is the closest thing to have something bedsides worry and fear and the unknown to look forward to. All of the great Guy boxes end with a medium length full orchestra (or almost full band) piece. The last one (probably the best of the 4 boxes, IMO) Intensegrity has the full length Guy composition on disc 5.
  13. Not Two but Twenty Orchestra

    Just released in limited edition 5 CD wooden box small formations then one 8+ minute full band piece if I can remember (it’s on the website) here are the musicians: Barry Guy Maya Homburger Joelle Leandre Agusti Fernandez Mats Gustafsson Peter Brotzmann Steve Swell Rafal Mazur Per-Ake Holmlander Mikolaj Trzaska Ken Vandermark Paal Nilsson-Love Zlatko Kaucic Without a doubt for me the most exciting upcoming release of the year - the combinations look very exciting. My guess is that the legends brought their A games to this mini-festival that led to this release. peace and blessings to everyone here in these difficult times