With the thousands of recordings in your collection, is there one you

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Monk In Stockholm, Solo Monk

Dolphy, Iron Man and Conversations

Marion Brown, s/t

Coltrane, Ascension

Mode For Joe, Joe Henderson

Stolen Moments, Oliver Nelson

A La Mode, Blakey and J/M

Something Else, The Kinks

The Other Side of This Life, Jefferson Airplane, live version

Grateful Dead, Anthem of the Sun and Live Dead and dozens of 1968-9 dates

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I think I'll make a shopping list of everything I don't have in this thread. :cool:

I tend to have favorites I listen to over and over on my iPod, but I love patrolling my shelves and seeing favorites. I'll pull them down and look at the artwork when one of the tracks comes up on random.

On rare occasions, I'll listen to a few individual CDs. Coltrane's Crescent and Africa/Brass are favorites. Larry Coryell Barefoot Boy. Wayne Shorter Night Dreamer. Lonnie Smith Live At Club Mozambique. Grant Green Feelin' The Spirit...More often it's just a totally random pick, like "wow I forgot I had this."

I rather like that my whole collection is virtually unspoiled and unscratched. The CDs almost all look brand new.

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Don Cherry: Brown Rice

Ornette: The Shape of Jazz to Come & Change of the Century

Coltrane: A Love Supreme

Coltrane: Interstellar Space

Andrew Hill: Point of Departure

Eric Dolphy: Out to Lunch

Jackie McLean: Destination Out! & One Step Beyond

Miles: Nefertiti

The Brotherhood of Breath: Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath & Brotherhood

Dudu Pukwana: In the Townships

Louis Moholo: Spirits Rejoice

Albert Ayler: Vibrations

Mal Waldron: The Seagulls of Kristiansund

Beatles: Abbey Road

Johnny Dyani: Song for Biko

Roscoe Mitchell: Nonaah

Reggie Workman: Summit Conference

Bailey/Bennink/Parker: The Topography of the Lungs

Air: Air Time

The Art Ensemble of Chicago: People In Sorrow

AEC: Les Stances a Sophie

Thelonious Monk w/John Coltrane: Carnegie Hall

It's a really slapdash list and doesn't even comprise the larger number of my favorites, but it's a pretty accurate list of the stuff that circulates back into my player with the largest frequency (especially post-burnout on new stuff). I guess this is "home" music for me.

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Return To Forever - Return To Forever/Light as a Feather

Teodross Avery - In Other Words

Dave Bailey - Complete 1&2 Feet In The Gutter Sessions

Tony Bennett - Perfectly Frank

George Benson - Other Side Of Abbey Road

Dee Dee Bridgewater - Love and Peace

Tina Brooks - True Blue

Roland Kirk - Domino

Nathan Davis - Happy Girl/Hip Walk

Hubert Laws - RiteD Of Spring

Dexter Gordon - Gotham City

Grant Green - Street Of Dreams

McBride/Whitfield/Payton - Fingerpaiting

Harper Brothers - Live At The VV

Freddie Hubbard - Red Clay/First Light

Ahmad Jamal - Rossiter Road

Carmen McRae - Carmen Sings Monk

Oliver Nelson - Blues and The Abstract Truth

Jessica Williams - Inventions

Art Pepper - The Trip

Heinz Von Hermann - A Taste Of T

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Heard John Bonham's intro to "When The Levee Breaks" first thing this morning, that is perfection.

I heard a 40-minute endless loop of those drumbeats in a record store in Philly. The clerk told me he told his DJ friend that "he could listen to those beats all day", so his friend made him a tape. After 40 minutes, a snippet of Jimmy Page's slide guitar drops in. It was a trancelike experience, I tell you (I was in the store the whole time).


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Some of these are the first jazz records I ever listened to so I they have a special place in my collection.

Sonny Rollins - Saxophone Colossus

Bud Powell -- Blue Notes Vols. 1 & 2 and Interpretations (Verve)

Charlie Parker - Bird Symbols

Miles Davis - In a Silent Way (wanted to pick a Miles and can't really decide -- perhaps one of the ones with Wynton Kelly and Coltrane)

Monk - Brilliant Corners or Monk's Dream

Ornette Coleman - Best Of (Atlantic LP)

Mingus - Changes One, East Coasting, or Bohemia

Anthony Braxton - Five Pieces, Dortmund Quartet (1976), or Conference of the Birds (actually Dave Holland)

Ben Webster - Atmosphere for Lovers and Thieves
Ray Bryant Trio (Prestige)
Gene Ammons - Boss Tenor
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A few oldies that still restore and heal:

Oliver 1923

New Orleans Wanderers / Bootblacks

Morton Peppers

Armstrong Hot 5 and 7

Basie w/Prez; Lady w/Prez; other young Prez

Some revival recordings (Waters, Dallwitz, Morel) and other tracks (esp. one of the various Ellington versions of "Rockabye River"); Schubert 9th - Furtwangler; Sibelius Tapiola; Little Walter

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Great topic and nice to see this thread renewed.

For me these seem to be the records I spin the most over the years since buying jazz records back in 1991 or so.

John Coltrane "ballads", "a love supreme"

Ornette Coleman "shape of jazz to come"

Miles Davis "kind of blue"

Thelonious Monk "monks music"

Steve Lacy "morning joy"

Ralph Towner "solstice"

Terje Rypdal "descendre"

Jan Garbarek "Afric pepperbird"

Tomasz Stanko "balladyna"

Art ensemble of Chicago "people in sorrow"

Anthony Braxton "five pieces 1975"

Don Cherry "complete communion"

Jackie McLean "destination out"

Sonny Clark "leapin and lopin"

Edward Vesala "nan madol"

Kenny Wheeler "deer wan"

Sun Ra "jazz in silhouette"

Mal Waldron "Tokyo bound"

John Surman "such winters of memory"

Barre Phillips "mountainscapes"

Albert Mangelsdorff "never let it end"

Eberhard Weber "yellow fields"

Pharaoh Sanders "tauhid"

Oliver Nelson "blues and the abstract truth"

Charles Mingus "presents Charles Mingus"

Eric Dolphy "outward bound"

There's a lot more but off the top of my head these are probably the albums I have played the most out of my collection or the ones I usually pick if wanting to play an album by the artist in question.

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Mike Nock - In, Out & Around

Richard "Groove" Holmes - Soul Message

Henry Mancini - Music from Peter Gunn

Paul Desmond Quartet with Jim Hall - Mosaic box

Bill Evans - Village Vanguard 1961 box

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To take it back to the original context, ONE record that I keep coming back to is Vic Dickenson Showcase...


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Hmm well if I just had to pick one then I guess it would be "kind of blue". One of the first jazz albums I bought and now I have probably at least 6 or 7 different versions/pressings of it.

I know it inside/out and it still gives me pleasure when I play it.

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Kenny Burrell's 'Midnight Blue' ever since I got it from Petticoat Lane, London.

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Over the past few years, I find myself with these recordings often going into the player:

Fred Anderson, William Parker & Hamid Drake: Blue Winter

Louis Moholo Quintet: Bush Fire

Evan Parker's Foxes Fox with Steve Beresford, John Edwards and Moholo and more recently the newer live recording.

The Tarfala disc from Mad Dogs

The 2009 William Parker Sextet with Brown , Barnes, Drake plus Spauding, Bradford and Bang

The last is one of the great live sets put out on record that I've heard

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Few recordings have obsessed me in recent years. I'll list just one:

William Parker, For Percy Heath (Victo).

Never tire of it.

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It's a tricky question to answer accurately as I don't monitor what I listen to, but these are amongst the usual suspects

Adderley--- Somethin' Else (BN)

Monk's Music

Monk: Brilliant Corners

Ted Brown: Jazz of two cities

Lucky Thompson: Body & Soul ( Nessa/ Ensayo)

Cecil Payne/ Rolf Ericson: Transatlantic Wail (Pye)

AEC: People in sorrow (Nessa)

Lester Young- Jazz Giants 1956 (verve)

Herbie Nichols- ( anything)

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Love all the beauties being part of my collection, but this one has a special place in my heart.......

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I listen to "My Favorite Things" every New Year, so in response to the original question, it is the one record I listen to over and over. It's not necessarily my favorite record of all time, but it sure bears repeated listening.

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