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  1. Returning back to this Henderson set... I'm leaning toward passing on it as I've got about half of it and there doesn't seem to be much new material.
  2. Have and love all of those sessions.... I can't imagine that being re-released... All of those have been CD (17)... Adding in whatever else exists Mosaic would be looking at like at least an 8CD set... Can't see it.
  3. What the heck would be in it? I think I have all that stuff on CD already. You mean like all the BN sessions from that decade? I can't see buying that (as much as LOVE Morgan) unless there's a lot of previously unreleased stuff (and I don't mean alternates or incomplete takes).
  4. I'm confused. I just looked at the discography and looked at my own library. Mosaic's website has the following as having been released on CD previously.. CD: Kenny Dorham-Una Mas Blue Note 7-46515-2 (rel. 1987) Joe Henderson-Mode For Joe Blue Note 7-84227-2 (rel. 1988) Joe Henderson-Our Thing Blue Note 7-84152-2 (rel. 1989) Joe Henderson-In ‘N Out Blue Note 8-29156-2 (rel. 1994) Bobby Hutcherson-The Kicker Blue Note 5-21437-2 (rel. 1999) Joe Henderson-Mode For Joe Blue Note (Japan) UCCQ-5120 (rel. 2015) But.... I have Trompeta Toccato and Little Johnny C on CD... it was like a Van Gelder special release or something like that. Was this just an oversight? I'm trying to figure out how much of this I already have... Looks like about half...... Not sure what to do.... Count me in that category both the waffling and the ears.... Which Morgan are you talking about??? If it's the complete Live at the Lighthouse - I thought that wasn't out until June?
  5. Ok I know this may be heresy on this site.. but do we really NEED another Armstrong Mosaic? I'm frustrated as obviously Mosaic is releasing fewer sets but TWO Armstrong Mosaics in the same year, really??? Go ahead... @me....
  6. Roy Hargrove/Mulgrew Miller IN HARMONY, out in June

    From what I could tell at Resonance's website I believe so.
  7. Roy Hargrove/Mulgrew Miller IN HARMONY, out in June

    that's fantastic... can't wait... thanks.
  8. Anybody know where I can listen to some sound clips on this? I don't think Tum records does bandcamp. I need to give this a preview before I delve in... thanks.
  9. Thanks... my problem is that I'm completely uninterested in vinyl... I really hope this isn't a case where they are jus going to do the vinyl... That's becoming a problematic trend.
  10. I'm totally in.. but I'd love to know the label and a rough eta....
  11. Anybody got any update about the 8cd release? I would do it even though I have the 3cd set especially if the sound is better. Thanks. Which label is releasing this?
  12. RIP Chick Corea

    yea it sucks... Awful... Just makes this 2020-2021 shitty time a little worse...
  13. Yup.... and I would snap up unreleased Lee Morgan especially live... Is there any shot Mosaic is actually going to do this? On a related note, is the Vinyl Lee Morgan that's never made it to CD?
  14. Birdland is on the verge of closing.

    It was wonderful. I don't have a lot of cash but I had to give something. I'm hoping they will allow Youtube to replay it for a while. It had to last like close to 4 hours. It really was great. Hope you guys saw some of it.
  15. What's the second one? I know about the Armstrong (which I'll pass on)....