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  1. The All Things Van Morrison Thread

    I preordered the latest Van Morrison record project and it arrived today. I was anxious to hear it as I read read the commentary upthread and thought - how could it be that bad.... it's Van Morrison. So I played it, or at least tried to - this evening. I will never listen to this recording again. It is simply horrible in almost every way. On a positive note, Van's voice is in good form. That takes care of the "in almost every way" reference. But the songs suck - in every respect. Melodies, if you can call them melodies - suck. There is no creativity or passion - just disjointed crap. The lyrics - some of which come off as the rants of a psychopath - suck. The arrangements suck. The performances suck. The back up singers suck. The production sucks. It's almost like 28 different songs each of which has been designed to suck more that the others. I got about 2/3 of the way through it listening to the the complete songs and then skimmed the rest for anything listenable and everything sucks. Anything even barely listenable is not worth searching for because anything worth listening to is just washed away by a tsunami of suckitude.. All of this is coming from a huge Van Morrison fan. Someone who has found something to love in every album he has released - until now. I have loved Van's music as it has brought me joy and helped heal me when I needed it. It has energized me and calmed me. He's transported me away from my problems and helped me face them as well. His music has been a source of inspiration and enjoyment for me for years. So without further thought, or shame, or misgivings, or impact on my feelings about Van and all of his previous releases - I will take the discs out of my CD player, place them in their case and bury it somewhere in my storage area out of site where someday when I find it I will toss it in the garbage. I can't do it today because it's Van Morrison and ........ nothing else makes sense - so that's what I am doing. Some time in the near future, I will pull some of my favorite Van Morrison albums off the shelf, listen to them and try to forget that this ever happened.
  2. ??? Pre-Bop Blue Note CDs

    Thanks Was just going to ask about how much of this stuff Mosaic covered
  3. Imaginary Mosaics

    Thanks Lon. I did not know that. I'll have to stay alert for this release.
  4. Imaginary Mosaics

    Several months before his passing, I had suggested a Complete Blue Note Recordings of Chick Corea. As I imagined it, It would have include his dates as a leader and sideman. So: The Song of Singing The Circle stuff Complete "IS" Sessions Now He Sings, Now He Sobs Any other of the stuff from that era that can be associated with Blue Note or EMI. Is Tones for Joan's Bones one of them? I get confused. With Blue Mitchell The Thing To Do Down With It Boss Horn With Wayne Shorter Super Nova Moto Grosso Feio With Donald Byrd The Creeper With Elvin Jones Merry-Go-Round ( three songs, I think) The response I got was that while it would make an interesting set, Chick's recordings were readily available, So I guess they went with the Henderson? I'm going to order the Henderson, so I'm not pissed that they decided to release a Henderson set but I think that his stuff is pretty accessible as well. I do think they are missing an opportunity as I think the name appeal of Corea would sell a bunch of sets. Now that he' passed, perhaps more so. Plus in Mosaic quality remastering and a top notch booklet. But what do I know?
  5. Looking forward to getting this set, though I'll probably wait until after Father's Day, just in case. I have everything on this set except the few alternates, but it's Mosaic....... The Complete Joe Henderson Sessions title did confuse me. I thought it would either be all of the Joe Henderson albums from this time period plus any usable alternates - which would have been a very small set)or everything for Blue Note during this time period on which he appeared - which would have been a rather large set. I was also confused as to why of all the albums on which he performed were the Kenny Dorham titles included. Then I found this article which helped me understand: Joe Henderson and Kenny Dorham Having read this along with the fact that they had room to include Henderson composed songs from other artists as a bonus helped me to understand how the set came together
  6. I saw Hutcherson's name where Henderson's should have been.
  7. Not sure what the shipping would be from Europe, but it's listed on the Jazz Messengers site Dexter Gordon - In the Cave - from Jazz Messengers
  8. RIP Chick Corea

    My first look at the Di Meola site posted was that this is some sort of joke. But I guess it's not, right? I read the Di Meola interview posted upthread and could not believe what a self absorbed, ego driven douchebag the guy came across as, the scientology comments notwithstanding. I will admit to liking his work with RTF, but the solo stuff - after the first couple of solo efforts which were sort of cool back in the day just left me empty for the most part. I remember seeing him at a local club during the Cielo e Terra - World Sinfonia period which I enjoyed But the electric stuff he does just does not work for me.
  9. RIP Chick Corea

    I'm almost regretting reading the last few pages of this thread that recount the impact of Scientology on Corea throughout his career. Like trane123 above, I discovered RTF while I was in high school. "Where Have I Known You Before" just might have been my first jazz album. Up until then, I was pretty much into progressive rock and the Allman Brothers Band. Listening to that album was a real breakthrough for me and really inspired me to begin exploring jazz and I've never looked back. Also like trane123, I noticed the acknowledgement of L. Ron Hubbard. I had no idea who he was, what he did or what he represented. It probably wasn't until a decade later that I found out and I had a hard time separating Corea the musician from Corea the cult member. In the end, I couldn't - and stopped listening to Corea from probably 1990 until about five years ago. RTF did a reunion tour of sorts with Jean Luc Ponty and Frank Gambale. I decided to go see them and as a result, began pulling out some of my old Corea stuff. I guess I sort of found myself able to ignore the cult and concentrate on and enjoy the music. Then I read the past few pages. I'll just say it brought back some prior feelings and exposed me to some new information.
  10. Jones/Lewis Mosaic

    The Eagle has landed! Sometime in the late 90s/early 2000s but certainly after the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Mosaic went OOP, I was able to pick up a partial LP set with box and booklet from Mosaic. 5 of the 7 LPs were present. Since then I have been casually looking for a complete set in either CD or LP. Problem was, that this set has pretty much maintained a pretty high price on eBay. Since I already had the bulk of the set, I was not super motivated to pay over $100 or so. I happened to check Discogs a couple of weeks ago and voila! - a complete CD set sans box and booklet for $50. I'm listening to it now. Sorry for resurrecting such an old thread. My other choice was one from 2005
  11. I am so saddened to hear of Henry Aaron's passing. I followed his career as closely as I could as a boy/adolescent living in Buffalo NY with no internet. Back then it was checking the box scores in the local paper and reading the reports of the previous day's games, subscribing to sports magazines like the Sporting News and Sports Illustrated and watching the baseball game of the week. However it came to be, of all the great players who played the game in my youth, Henry Aaron was my favorite - one of my heroes. I followed his home run course for many years before he actually got close and remember getting into quite a few heated debates about the merits of Aaron's pursuit of the Babe. Watching home run 715 that night in April of 1974 with satisfaction and happiness. Watching the call of the home run on the highlight posted upthread gave me goosebumps and a few tears. Thank you Henry Aaron.
  12. Woody Herman set on last chance

    I have the set and am really enjoying it. I remember that they needed a pre-book of a certain number of sets - 700 - before they would even move forward. Personally, I did not mind that concept and if it is needed to move other borderline sets forward, I'm good with that. Sound is great and there are plenty of vocals that I really like. There are a few novelty songs, but not enough to make me avoid listening to it. Like many of the Mosaic sets from this era, it helps to take my mind off things...
  13. The Desmond set arrived yesterday. It was a Christmas gift that came late. I listened to the first disc yesterday. Very, very nice. Seeing Ed Bickert in Toronto in '73 or '74 at a place called Yellow Fingers was one of my first exposures to jazz. Our family was on a weekend getaway to Toronto so it was my parents, sister and brother. It was at my insistence that we went, and obviously - it was quite memorable for me. Great music and nice venue as I remember it. My first jazz club Another highlight was my brother and I sneaking out of our Sutton Place hotel room some time after midnight and walking down and back up Yonge Street. Quite an experience of sights and sounds for a couple of kids who had never seen nightlife on a big city main street. One thing that sticks in my mind was encountering an open door and stairway up to upper levels above some business that was closed for the day. There were a few guys hanging out outside the open door, a speaker through which the sweet sound of Herb Alpert's "A Taste of Honey" was blaring. Sitting every few steps on the way up - women of varying ages. Scantily clad and at first glance, attractive. But we didn't exactly stop and stare. I was around 16 at the time. Memories.........
  14. Merry Christmas!

    Holy crap! Who knew?
  15. Merry Christmas!

    Seems like she must have bought it at an online store called Society6. Seems like the sell home decor items, furniture, household items etc.