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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Oh yes, it is. I literally got home early from work today, and it was in my mailbox. So I'm not quite through my first listen - currently on track 4 of 5. Dex is in fine form and the sound is excellent, but my standards are not as high as some on the board. Sounds like you're right there hearing it live. Of course this is the viewpoint of a card carrying Dexter fan.
  2. Mosaic website

    Thanks for the info on the last chance page Hans. I was curious about that as I tend to pick up sets when they his that list.
  3. Hello


    I'm interested in the Miles Davis - The Last Word that you have up for sale




  4. I have the set and......... confession time......... I had never listened to it until today. Please don't ask me how that happened as I have no idea. I will say that when I opened it, got through the bubble wrap and finally listened to it - I was so thankful that I decided to respond to your post. This is a really nice set, As to your question - track 3 on LP 3, side B has the shorter, one piano chorus - then Zoot Thank you for helping me open this treasure chest that I knew I had, but had not yet opened
  5. Dexter Gordon - Willisau 1978

    Now available for pre-order on Amazon US - $16.99 Dexter Gordon - Willisau 1978
  6. The All Things Van Morrison Thread

    So twice over the last 2 weeks, I had an opportunity to take a long drive with one of my long time "friends". Part of the responsibility of my job is to be on site at a hospital that is about 45 minutes from where I live. So I decided to call upon my old friend for some company on the ride....... So you guessed it, my old friend is Van Morrison Two weeks ago, I chose "Poetic Champions Compose" and "Back On Top" Last week, it was "Born to Sing, No Plan B" and "The Common One" All I can say is that after those rides is that we're good. I might not like his latest record album in its totality, but upon second listen, there are a few tunes that are decent. Over the years, Van has helped me through some of the many life challenges I have faced over the years - divorce, marital issues, death of a pet, passing of a parent. I even played the "Beauty of Days Gone By" at my fathers funeral two years ago. He's also provided me hours and hours of enjoyment in happy times. One can't hold a grudge
  7. The All Things Van Morrison Thread

    I preordered the latest Van Morrison record project and it arrived today. I was anxious to hear it as I read read the commentary upthread and thought - how could it be that bad.... it's Van Morrison. So I played it, or at least tried to - this evening. I will never listen to this recording again. It is simply horrible in almost every way. On a positive note, Van's voice is in good form. That takes care of the "in almost every way" reference. But the songs suck - in every respect. Melodies, if you can call them melodies - suck. There is no creativity or passion - just disjointed crap. Almost every song sounds the same - and they collectively suck. The lyrics - some of which come off as the rants of a psychopath or a second grader stringing together sentences that end in words that rhyme - suck. The lyrics that do make any sense - suck. The arrangements suck. The performances suck. The back up singers suck. The production sucks. It's almost like 28 different songs each of which has been designed to suck more that the others. I got about 2/3 of the way through it listening to the the complete songs and then skimmed the rest for anything listenable and everything sucks. Anything even barely listenable is not worth searching for because anything worth listening to is just washed away by a tsunami of suckitude.. All of this is coming from a huge Van Morrison fan. Someone who has found something to love in every album he has released - until now. I have loved Van's music as it has brought me joy and helped heal me when I needed it. It has energized me and calmed me. He's transported me away from my problems and helped me face them as well. His music has been a source of inspiration and enjoyment for me for years. So without further thought, or shame, or misgivings, or impact on my feelings about Van and all of his previous releases - I will take the discs out of my CD player, place them in their case and bury it somewhere in my storage area out of site where someday when I find it I will toss it in the garbage. I can't do it today because it's Van Morrison and ........ nothing else makes sense - so that's what I am doing. Some time in the near future, I will pull some of my favorite Van Morrison albums off the shelf, listen to them and try to forget that this ever happened.
  8. ??? Pre-Bop Blue Note CDs

    Thanks Was just going to ask about how much of this stuff Mosaic covered
  9. Imaginary Mosaics

    Thanks Lon. I did not know that. I'll have to stay alert for this release.
  10. Imaginary Mosaics

    Several months before his passing, I had suggested a Complete Blue Note Recordings of Chick Corea. As I imagined it, It would have include his dates as a leader and sideman. So: The Song of Singing The Circle stuff Complete "IS" Sessions Now He Sings, Now He Sobs Any other of the stuff from that era that can be associated with Blue Note or EMI. Is Tones for Joan's Bones one of them? I get confused. With Blue Mitchell The Thing To Do Down With It Boss Horn With Wayne Shorter Super Nova Moto Grosso Feio With Donald Byrd The Creeper With Elvin Jones Merry-Go-Round ( three songs, I think) The response I got was that while it would make an interesting set, Chick's recordings were readily available, So I guess they went with the Henderson? I'm going to order the Henderson, so I'm not pissed that they decided to release a Henderson set but I think that his stuff is pretty accessible as well. I do think they are missing an opportunity as I think the name appeal of Corea would sell a bunch of sets. Now that he' passed, perhaps more so. Plus in Mosaic quality remastering and a top notch booklet. But what do I know?
  11. Looking forward to getting this set, though I'll probably wait until after Father's Day, just in case. I have everything on this set except the few alternates, but it's Mosaic....... The Complete Joe Henderson Sessions title did confuse me. I thought it would either be all of the Joe Henderson albums from this time period plus any usable alternates - which would have been a very small set)or everything for Blue Note during this time period on which he appeared - which would have been a rather large set. I was also confused as to why of all the albums on which he performed were the Kenny Dorham titles included. Then I found this article which helped me understand: Joe Henderson and Kenny Dorham Having read this along with the fact that they had room to include Henderson composed songs from other artists as a bonus helped me to understand how the set came together
  12. I saw Hutcherson's name where Henderson's should have been.