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  1. Welcome to BFT208!

    Indeed. It's the last track from this. Great album, amazing label.
  2. Welcome to BFT208!

    Yeah, I was thinking it might be Stinks...
  3. Welcome to BFT208!

    Farrell was the other guy I thought of, but not aware of anything in his discography that would match. So later than Farrell, vibes player is post-Hutcherson, and it's something I should nail. Kenny Garrett? Steve Nelson? Mulgrew Miller?
  4. Welcome to BFT208!

    Same guy playing both soprano and flute?
  5. The label doesn't look very official/authorized, and they are expensive. https://discsjapan.com/eternal-grooves/
  6. Pipe cleaner.

    Great to see him playing at 86 years old.
  7. Welcome to BFT208!

    Wanting to think Sonny Fortune on #10, but can't place an album of him with vibes. Except for Roy Ayers albums, and this doesn't seem to track to one of them (though Harry Whitaker could fit).
  8. Welcome to BFT208!

    Duly noted - I will revisit!
  9. PM sent on JCD 5056 Moody, James Moody's Mood For Love $3 Weston, Randy Tanjah 314 527 778-2 rear insert trimmed $5 Clark Terry-Bob Brookmeyer Quintet Complete Studio Recordings LHJ10199 $3 The Happy Horns Of Clark Terry / It's What's Happenin' 06025 2780957 $4 Clark Terry - Live In Chicago - Vol. 2 MON 804 $3 Clark Terry - Mellow Moods PRCD-24136-2 $3 The Clark Terry Quintet - Live On QE2 CR(D) 365 $5 Clark After Dark, The Ballad Artistry Of Clark Terry 529 088-2 $3 Clark Terry - Herr Ober CD 068, NH CD 068 $5 7243 8 28243 Fortune, Sonny Four in One $3
  10. PM sent on Joanne Brackeen Trio - Power Talk TMCD.08 $6
  11. Someone really needs to rescue the Muse catalog and do an intelligent reissue campaign. I think Nippon Japan owns the rights at this point.
  12. I like the occasional Eddie Jefferson vocals on the 50's-60's James Moody albums. Find the Earl Coleman vocals with Sonny Rollins unfathomable. So it's a mixed bag.
  13. Summer of Soul on Hulu

    Well, Woodstock and Dylan suck is opinion, not incorrect fact. Summer of Soul needed an audio/video contract and release.. Wattstax was certainly not overlooked, because Stax got it out there. I do very much want to see Summer of Soul. Will immediately pre-order blu-ray when available and hope for hours of extras.
  14. Summer of Soul on Hulu

    I'm more sympathetic. He's calling BS on the whole "reels sat in a basement forgotten for 50 years" story, and I'm glad enough to have the hype called out. I do want to see the documentary and more
  15. CDJapan proxy shopping is absurdly expensive.
  16. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Thanks so much for sharing this great story!
  17. Dennis Gonzalez

    His recordings make him seem like a major guy to me, yet I hear little about him and his music shows up on these tiny labels, and yet he has a LOT of music out there, and has some really interesting names who record with him (yet he doesn't seem to show up much as a sideman). His music also feels "out of time" to me, in the sense that it feels more like it should have been recorded in the 70's than the current day (and I mean that as a compliment actually). Does he stay in Dallas by choice or by economic necessity? Thoughts and recommendations sought.
  18. Thanks, the price is great, much lower than I'm paying here ($23) but the postage would probably be a killer. All things come to those who wait....
  19. This is a desert island disc for me, gorgeous stuff from 1969, my favorite flute music ever, and worth the price of admission for Eric Gravatt's drumming alone (though there is so much more). I've had this on LP for 40 years, and it's never lost it's magic. Listened to the CD this morning, and it sounds great, full liner notes, etc. Asha on Amazon site
  20. Very nice. Amazon USA does not show Tori being released until September 30, so I am very jealous!
  21. Juni Booth (1948 - 2021)

    Thanks for sharing that. It's beautiful.
  22. Juni Booth (1948 - 2021)

    RIP. Appreciated his work with McCoy Tyner.