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  1. Jazz with Wordless Vocal Choruses

    And his Tryin' to Get Home. It was a BN thing for awhile. Journeyman - YouTube Freddie Roach, All That's Good
  2. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Bobby Hutcherson – Head On Extended Album (1971) - YouTube Listened to this yesterday while mopping the floor, and again right now. Lovely and would be a great choice to reissue in full on vinyl, IMHO.
  3. I didn't make out quite so well, but I did ok and I'm glad I took the offer. My condolences to felser, it's nice to have a choice in such a big life decision.
  4. Larry Young Mosaic.

    Bought when I really couldn't afford it. Never regretted.
  5. Now reading...

    And then nearly fell apart in its moment of triumph. RRs are not just a relic of the past, although they will never be as central as they once were. But they are very well documented (except maybe 'what were they thinking'), but all that data leaves plenty of room for interpretation. And they impinge on all other sorts of things. It's hard to not be nostalgic for a time when jazz was jazz, blues was blues, country was country, and the train went everywhere. I know better, but it's still hard. Just the sight or sound of a train makes me happy.
  6. Happy 91 Helen Merrill.

    It most certainly is, but only a small slice of her work. That goes right up t the line of melodrama, but not over it for me, YMMV, etc. Interesting, if not entirely successful - as if it was in a Kurt Weil musical.
  7. Now reading...

    Merging Lines: American Railroads 1900-1970, by Richard Saunders, Jr.. He does a good job of pulling an interesting narrative out of the sea of detail that is railroading in 20th Century America. Lots of maps and other facts and figures, but not overwhelmingly so. Surely the most thoroughly documented industry ever? Like baseball, it just seems to lend itself to obsessing over details and stats. My dad loved trains and so do I, so this renewed interest works for me on many levels.
  8. Blue Note Groove Things, imaginary box set

    What 'Thing', by whom?
  9. Blue Note Groove Things, imaginary box set

    The Jazz Crusaders Ooga-Boo-Ga-Loo - YouTube here's one Wilton's Boogaloo (Live/Digital Remaster/2005) - YouTube here's another, both with 'boogaloo' right there in the titles.
  10. Blue Note Groove Things, imaginary box set

    Yes, I only found a couple of Jazz Crusaders things I thought would work for my project, but I should revisit because my understanding of what exactly this thing is has shifted as I went along. As it should. A shuffle with a heavy backbeat doesn't necessarily qualify, unless it's got a latin-ish pattern bassline of built-in breaks that serve as a continuous vamp...then maybe.
  11. Blue Note Groove Things, imaginary box set

    All of those qualify, IMHO. I'm particularly fond of "Yes I can..."
  12. Blue Note Groove Things, imaginary box set

    There's some Jazz Crusaders that works for me, and since they are under the same ownership as BN now... I'd love to know what you put on it. All the more reason to finally issue that session on vinyl.
  13. Blue Note Groove Things, imaginary box set

    If you include Idris M's work for Prestige, kinda yes. If you make even a little more strictly Son of SW, then to a surprising extent no. At least not that I could find. And most of those records were BN connected in some way, like Harold Maburn's Greasy Kid Stuff.
  14. Blue Note Groove Things, imaginary box set

    I'm well over a 100 tracks on this, but it's not just 'son of' - more like son, grandson, dad, uncle, cousin.