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  1. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    oh rad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! glad you like- its a very scarce cd
  2. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    in this house we believe the pre-OJC FCD series Japan-for-US CD is the best cut of this album. check it out!
  3. Louis Armstrong Hot 5 and Hot 7

    send the lp output over the air to period radio for maximum 20's audio effect
  4. Rodney Dangerfield Jams With Gerald Wilson

    wait hold on back up like ten steps: you were the inspiration of one of rodneys classic one liners? very impressive my guy. So you were not in the gerald wilson big band, but you were in another studio band, that was on his show one time?
  5. Rodney Dangerfield Jams With Gerald Wilson

    with that headline, i click. this is out of control which redd foxx show was this on exactly- was this a '78 TV special-
  6. Burton Greene (1937-2021)

    so were talkin now look ok i only know this guy from my ESP sampler lp. (great idea btw) but i did meet this bussiness dawg downtown years ago i mentioned in what are you doing today talk, i said seeing phaorah sanders or something like that and hes all, oh thats cool my dad was in his scene in the late 60s ny, also tenor saxohone and im all : and it turns out his dad is the sax player on the burton album, frank smith. The guy was the one person i ever met downdown who said something that wasnt BS. He said his dad was a dawg and im all "okay now" but then hes on my esp sampler record on the burton greene tracks next to sun ra, phaorah, steve lacy and bob james
  7. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    yy- sell the other one for sure
  8. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

  9. Junor Cook/Bill Hardman Quintet - Paris 1986

  10. Lloyd Price, RIP

    sounds awesome back in the day- looked up that place, and now its been redone as a super trendy fancy place
  11. Lee Morgan - Complete Live at the Lighthouse

    wait theres a legend of a Buddy Bolden cylinder? Is it supposed to be a privately recorded one, not a commerical one? tell me more! and Rabshakeh I hope you can have the chance to save it- with a new stylus, the last advancement on edisons original design- it will sound better than the day they bought it omg... so it sounds like it might of existed at one point but was thrown away. typical.
  12. Lee Morgan - Complete Live at the Lighthouse

    and he HATED jazz and blues- he said jazz sounds the same backwards as it does forwards. it first only got recorded when he was on vacation and wasnt around to approve discs- and later when his sons took over the phonograph divison edison strongly prerered recording the 1800s style parlor music of his youth
  13. Lee Morgan - Complete Live at the Lighthouse

    lolz, that would be a lot of cylinders not yet but im very much in the market for a crazy deal. Theres one lady i might pitch to but i still have to wait a few months at this point for disposable income to appear. And she'd have to knock two off and bring it closer to one at that- but the thing is its a tabletop model so its not taking up space like the Schubert was, the immediate need to have it out isnt there as much. Her price is in the "fair" range, shes not a monster. A lot of these people think they have the hope diamond and charging 10x value. Truth is you cant give these things away outside of the small crazy Edison collector subset, which is only slowly growing and rapidly declining. And my dawg the edisons are 80s!!!! Only the very last ones in 1929 were switched to 78.8 to match the edison needle types, at which point edison dealers were told to have their customers set their players at 79, as a happy medium between the old and the new.....
  14. Lee Morgan - Complete Live at the Lighthouse

    I look forward to buting this in 2045
  15. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    hmm- its not on the 2 volumes of Ellington / cotton club '38 i have on Jazz Archives label.....