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  1. Now reading...

    A Visit from the Goon Squad
  2. What Are You Watching

    Fauda on Netflix. Powerful!
  3. John Dennis

    Late to the party but am enjoying listening to John Dennis - The Debut Sessions on Fresh Sounds.
  4. CONTEST - 2021 Grey Cup

    Hello all!! Winnipeg - 70
  5. Now reading...

    The Gentleman from Moscow
  6. Sexiest album covers

    wow! This thread is still going strong!!! Wow! This thread is still going strong!!!
  7. Happy Birthday BillF!

    Happy birthday!

    Hi guys! Hamilton 80
  9. happy birthday Bright Moments!!!

    Thanks Dan and hello Big "O" friends!!! I am pleased to report that i smoothly transitioned from my 50's to the big "6-0"! Enjoyed some jazz last night at the Olympia Theatre here in Miami. Life is good and of course - BRIGHT MOMENTS to all!!! Evan
  10. happy birthday Bright Moments!!!

  11. happy birthday Bright Moments!!!

    You are too kind Dan! I miss you all at the Big "O" - but i still lurk from time to time! I love my Jazz music and appreciate your thoughts and birthday wishes! Evan
  12. Happy birthday Aggie87!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  13. It's King Ubu's Birthday Today

    Happy Birthday!