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  1. GOOD one! Haven't heard it in a long time.
  2. A very authentic sounding contemporary psychedelic album/group: Send Medicine "By Telepathy & Reputation"
  3. I've been saying that for a LONG time. There is a ton of great music from that label rotting away in someone's vault and only a small percentage has ever been reissued, mostly on 32 Jazz. Looking forward to Understanding. Had it on pre-order since I first heard about it.
  4. Joe Jackson: "Blaze of Glory" - Been revisiting this album lately. Could be his best album. Strong songwriting, performance and production.
  5. This 2015 box set is great! Most all of their studio recordings (including the 2008 re-assembled "2") and some great live stuff.
  6. You can never go wrong with THIS box! One of Mosaic's BEST!
  7. First album is still their best
  8. I wanted to stream that, but before the show it didn't look like that was an option. The next day I saw it, but it was only available for 24 hours and I didn't have time watch.